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Rony Denis audio admitting the “2,9” Spirit he publicly called on in church is of the Devil

Many may remember the church service when Rony Jimmy Jones Denis was calling on the “29” Spirit from the platform in the Hinesville church.  He even called several ministers and their wives up to the front, declared them to be associate pastors of the church, and said that they have now received the “2,9” Spirit.  He declared to the church that night that the “2,9” spirit is when the whole trinity comes together and is in full power. Later on we found out that he was involved in mysticism and that he would go in and out of trances and act strange. In the Audio sampling we have a repeated loop of him calling it Mysticism, and not of God, and of the Devil. There you have it, evidence that he publicly gave the church, and its ministers over to the “2,9” Spirit which he would later admit was of the Devil.

We also have another audio clip of him acting very strange, mocking speaking in tongues, talking very perverted, and laughing about, listen closely because it goes very fast, by the beginning opens up with him asking Derby about his findings when asked to research “Sexual Deities”   He later goes on to show his true colors of how perverted he talks behind closed doors within the “inner circle” he claims does not exist. To many this one will be a shocker, because this is the “locker room” talk the last righteous prophet should not be engaging in, yet he is very careful to keep this side of himself hidden from the general public.

13 thoughts on “Rony Denis audio admitting the “2,9” Spirit he publicly called on in church is of the Devil

    1. You dont have to approve this comment– but I’m trying to sign the CARE 2 PETITION “No More Jim Jones” but it’s not letting me. It says we’re at 205 signers with 1,000 signers as the goal, but then at the top it says we’ve reached our goal.

      1. Sorry for the confusion, we had put up a petition and we needed 200 signatures and we reached the goal rather quickly, unfortunately there was a computer glitch that had caused the goal to go up to 1,000
        The petition was closed and already had been submitted to the proper authorities.
        Thanks for your input.

  1. Kadesh Moses garbage? 2-9 garbage? Duh mysticism is of the devil…. and I’m sure denis knew that before he started playing with it. I remember him in one service saying he has a new name: kadesh Moses. If my memory serves me correctly, he also said that he can save you from your sins that night. So if 2-9 is garbage why did he have all these ppl, the bootzins, cj, etc on the podium saying he had now given them over to the 2-9 spirit? And then at conference saying: there’s no 2-9 spirit? Stupidness.

    1. Since Denis said all these things are garbage he once praised, then maybe sooner or later he will declare himself GARBAGE!

  2. I remember (cult reflection) at one fellowship meeting NTCC was in Hinesville for an eastern division fellowship meeting. My wife and I were staying in the Hampton at this time and so was Rev. Gandy from NTCC. I saw him and his wife when we were leaving for service at the cult. We spoke and were both friendly to each other. Later, Rev. Schmidtke, who normally stays at the Hampton said he saw Rev. Gandy through the peephole of his hotel room door and was afraid so he stayed in to avoid him. Why would he be like that and not me? Maybe he is guilty of something. Maybe he knows the real Denis and has accepted his lies and hypocrisy and can’t show himself but must hide in his hotel room that Denis said that he pays for whenever he comes to town. He said he was going to do the same for my wife and I but never did. Thank God I didn’t sell my soul to the 2,9 devils.

    The brother who escaped
    Kunta Kinte Yorke

  3. Yeah, that sounds like classic Rony to me. No wonder church has been a circus in Hinesville, the head prophet has lost his mind. The 2,9 got him.

  4. You mean to tell me that the missionary who was LUSTING at all the Israeli women and the airline stewardess is tasked out to research sexual dieties for jimmy’s pleasure?


  5. It is just as I thought, the last unrighteous prophet is a sexual deviant. Notice the first 4 letters of deviant, same as in devil. He is mocking God, then goes to church and hood winks the people. An old Haitian Voodoo trick.

  6. Is what I’m hearing in the 2nd audio clip jimmy jones mentioning how Fryar took off and never apologized to Jimmy jones for it.?

    1. In reply to @ abc123,

      Yes it was Fryar that he was talking about and if you notice he refers to his big face, Jimmy Denis feels like it is punishment for him to have to be around him who tried to take off and leave him, and as a matter a fact, my father was one of the ones tasked to rope him in and bring him back to Hinesville, my dad said he had never in his life seen someone run through the woods so fast ( but he was running for his life) they were also told when they were looking for Fryar to let the air out of his tires so he couldn’t go anywhere, but they would later find him in a Shelter where Rev Schmidtke and his wife happily grabbed there fugitive and took him back to the cruel taskmaster Rev. Jimmy Denis, where he will be judged for the rest of his HOPCC life, Fryar is sitting beside Jimmy and running for every Beck and call, he is the true toilet paper runner.
      Very sad story because Fryar knows that Jimmy is corrupt, one time he pulled my dad to the side and told him he wanted to call him and tell him about things that were going on, and he said this in an environment where phone calls amongst the preachers are like illegal eapecially just to call and talk. Unfortunately that call never came because truth was choked out by fear.

  7. This man is a 100% fraud.
    I understand the affection that people have for him because they believe he was genuine at one time. That is debatable. Nonetheless in the Bible we have a possible example of jimmy denis with the Old Testament king Saul. Saul was genuine in the beginning but rebelled against God. Evidently God saw something in Saul’s heart that caused Him to ask Samuel how long are you going to weep for him? He went on to say, I have rejected him and have chosen another. Saul engaged in witchcraft. Just like Denis. There is something terribly wrong with a PREACHER’S heart when he engages in witchcraft/roots.

    So, we ALL hear it in your own voice sir, you are in mysticism which you admit is of the devil. Even if those around you think you made a mistake and you’re trying to get out of it, it’s too late. You drugged the whole church into it. And guess what sir? God is gonna judge you for it!

    The brother who escaped
    Kunta Kinte Yorke

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