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Victory After HOPCC


Do you have a victorious testimony after leaving HOPCC?

Have you found a church that is preaching the full gospel message?

Have you experienced Love, Joy, and Peace after leaving HOPCC?

Let’s share our testimonies on how good God is despite the hurdles and difficulties that we had to overcome to get us to where we are today.

It was grace that lead us safe thus far, and grace will lead us home.

48 thoughts on “Victory After HOPCC

  1. Isn’t something how history repeats itself? Even church history repeats itself. A brother reminded me the other day about a man named Marcion and another man named Polycarp. Polycarp, you may remember, was the last one of those who had been personally taught by the apostles according to church history. Marcion was one of the leading Gnostics of his day. Gnosticism was the heresy which claimed that Christ never dwelt on the earth in human form. Church history cites that Marcion was a wealthy man who gave large amounts of money to charity. But Marcion also propagated a heresy concerning Jesus and gained many followers among the members of the church in Rome. While Polycarp was visiting Rome he happened to come across Marcion on the street and was going to pass him without speaking. Marcion and Polycarp were well acquainted with each other. When Marcion saw Polycarp he stopped him and said, “Don’t you know me anymore, Polycarp” “Yes,” answered Polycarp, “I know who you are. You are the first born of Satan.” You can find this information in a book titled The Church in History by B.K. Kuiper.
    I shared this to illustrate to you how Rony Denis and people like him are no different than Marcion. A man who uses his money to influence people to go the wrong way when it comes to serving God. Rony Denis has gone so far in his heresy that he has made some of the most egregious and proudful statements imaginable. Statements such as his prayers are better than yours, that he has power to divorce you from your spouse, he can clear you before God, and that he can change the scriptures. This man is very dangerous and is shipwrecking the faith of many by teaching them heresies that will ultimately damn their souls if they believe and follow such nonsense. Can you imagine men like Arlen Bradeen and Hugh Virgo submitting and forfeiting their salvation to a little Haitian man. There are eyewitness who saw Denis jump into Virgo’s face and intimidated him into saying that he would disagree with God if God said that Denis was not of God. And there are also witness of people hearing Bradeen under the direction of Denis denouncing his salvation. People have suffered underneath Denis’ interrogation of their past life of sin and when they cited the blood of Jesus as what has washed and cleansed them he has said that wasn’t good enough. People, this man is a peddler of false doctrines.
    Polycarp was also put underneath an enormous amount of pressure to deny the Lord as well. His answer was that he has served the Lord eighty and six years and that the Lord had never done him wrong. He professed to be a Christian and died a martyr faithful unto the end. He overcame the Devil by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of his testimony, and he loved not his life unto the death.
    Jude exhorted us that we should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. He speaks of ungodly men creeping in and turning God’s grace into lasciviousness and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Rony Denis is one of those men. Marcion was one of those men. Are there any Polycarps today? Are there any Peters or Johns out there anywhere? Those men are gone to be with the Lord. It is not another one of them that is needed but the Spirit of God which led these men. The Holy Ghost working in you will stir you to keep the word of God and contend for the faith! I can’t be selfish when I know of the great wickedness that is going on. I know Rony Denis, I have met him personally. I have eaten with Rony Denis, I have heard him speak many times. This man is no good. I also know the people that he is holding bondage. If I was held in bondage I would love for someone to try and get out to safety, wouldn’t you?

    Ray Yorke

  2. Someone requested prayers this morning in service for someone who was done wrong by Hopcc and has gotten bitter against all churches. This is a sad possibility of what can happen to people who experience hardships in life whether it came from a church or not. A lady was brought to me years ago who had lost her child as well as other hardships and she was very bitter at God for her calamity. She told me that she is not Job, so the endurance and patience of Job was not what she wanted to hear. Normally people who are bitter have a bad attitude especially if they are reminded of what causes them to be bitter. If we can be consistent in showing the love of God hopefully some will soften up and pull through.

    Good Day!
    Ray Yorke

  3. One day closer home, one day further from Jimmy. Life is good outside the cult! Thank God that there is still HOPE outside of Hopcc! The gospel is still being preached! God is real!

  4. The other day Rev. King brought up how while on the phone with cult master,Rony Denis, that Denis told him that he has taken care of Rev. Irwin’s bills since he left Hopcc. Later we find out the other side of the story that Denis didn’t pay his bills from the houses that they put in his name causing him to file for bankruptcy. This is how Denis operates. A real man of God or fraud? Thank God we fought back to free Rev. King from the cult master. His Hinesville plantation is filled with many slaves being promised a slice of the pie in the sky. Unfortunately, when they find out that it was all a lie some will grow bitter, but others will seek to know the true God beyond Rony’s lies. All of the exposing is worth it all if only ONE soul makes it to freedom!

    Rony is still an ABC man – Attendance (how many) – Buildings (bigger barns/church building even when not needed) – Cash (filthy lucre).

    Thank God I moved out to a brand new life!
    Brother Yorke

  5. I heard some real Holy Ghost preaching at an old-time tent meeting. So different than the praise father Jim (Rony Denis) meetings we were made to endure. All the hopcc Pharisee praying gets you no where. The fault finding hypocrisy is staggering. Thank God we can pray real prayers of seeking God’s grace and mercy instead of thanking God that we are not like the people they spy on through Facebook.

  6. It was in the wilderness where God proved Israel to see what was in their hearts. It was in the wilderness where Jesus was also tempted and prevailed. It is in the wilderness where we stand or fall.

  7. I certainly appreciate reading the different testimonies of those who took and are still taking a stand for Jesus. The gospel message is so powerful that we don’t need to change it to fit our pride or our desire for sin. It is encouraging to hear and know that the gospel is still being preached. Even though many may be falling away into the devil’s camp there are still those who are holding on to Jesus. When I say holding on to Jesus I mean holding on to His love and mercy, not the legalism of the pride of man’s heart. There is also a wave of people excited about God. The true love of God is found in obedience to his word, which enables us to love God and others. Whoever heard of a person sending out people to spy on other churches and people in order to report back that they are the only ones right with God? Our relationship with God is individual. Rony Denis said that God gave hopcc amnesty. That kind of language is not biblical. It is true that Denis and his people of hopcc who have bought in to this foolishness are aliens from the common wealth of God’s kingdom, but salvation must be provided through the Blood of Jesus! Not some type of amnesty. The Blood is what cleanses you from your sins. It gives you a new heart. It transforms you into a new creature. Rony’s amnesty claim bypasses Jesus and suggests a “clearing” of illegal activities to be continued.

    I thank the Lord for delivering us from such a place of judgmental hypocritical Pharisees. I pray for the sincere ones to find their way out. They would do better to just have prayer meetings at home with a few who love God even if it’s just their own family. I thank God for my family. It’s been good to escape the terror of Denis trying to destroy my family. He plotted against us by trying to use my son through one of the main cowards, Gerard Robertson, but thanks be to God it didn’t work. Robertson knows deep down in his heart that what Denis is doing isn’t right. I pray for Robertson to grow a backbone like Samson’s hair growing back and to ask God to remember him once more.
    It is a new journey now to actually follow the Bible and true Holy Ghost conviction and not man made traditions. I understand that many talk a good talk but when it comes to living it we find a different story, but I am here to say that you can live for God in a real way with truth in the inward part instead of all of the judgmental hypocrisy ingrained in us by being wrapped up in legalistic elitist cult church groups. There’s no way that I am going to trample underfoot the blood of Jesus and go back to the sins of the flesh. If you have found yourself in that predicament I encourage you to get back to God, repent, He STILL LOVES YOU! It’s not too late to give it all to Jesus. It is still TRUE that Jesus is COMING BACK! Will you be ready? You can be!

    Brother Yorke

  8. I just wanted to share something. In hopcc there are a few decent folks who are trying to be christians. However, denis has deceived them. There are/were a couple sisters in the dayschool with a heart to love and teach the kids but ultimately they must follow the rest of the crowd there. During my time there I began to realize that though I was constantly trying to help my children develop decent character and understand basic concepts such as: taking responsibility for their own actions, being honest, thinking critically, I was getting no where. How am I sitting in a so called church 24/7 and my kids can’t pick up on basic moral principle? How are they coming home from dayschool with worse character than they had while in public school? I found myself arguing with them about scripture, because denis had said things contrary to scripture, so now those scriptures mean nothing. I had to get my kids away from there. I wasn’t about to let hopcc destroy their outlook on God and religion. And since we have left, they have been making so much progress. Making things right when they are wrong and apologizing. On their own. Nobody in hopcc does that unless they’ve been reprimanded and commanded to do so. Anyone ever notice that? It may sound small but these changes are so huge. And I am so thankful.

    1. To progress,
      Yes I couldn’t agree with you more!! That is amazing the simple things such as an apology is Huge!!! I have seen the same thing in my kids, my son has been apologizing when he’s wrong with out me telling him to, even the other day he was in his room and I peeked in on him and he was on his knees I asked him what he was doing and he said he was reading his Bible and praying before he goes to school, in HOPCC it was a constant struggle to keep him in line, and there was spankings all the time, but now there is no more pressure of having your kids be something they are not. What a blessing! The children that are outside of that cult I think they feel a sense of relief as well.

      1. Yes! My children are not being taught to worship a deeply flawed man. And they are getting a REAL education other than cult indoctrination.

        1. Pastor Denis said that if he were to preach, God’s glory would fill the place so powerfully in two seconds. This was when he had stopped preaching because he realized the demons which possessed him were not God. Since then he’s preached and it has been Ichabod, the glory is all gone. So, he resorts to talking about the blessed ones who escaped his cult. How come he didn’t preach on the national radio program they used to have? I think it was called the Voice of Haiti or something like that. He likes to critique everyone but what about him? No, sir if you ever had anything it appears that you have lost it. You don’t have it.

          1. All those messages Virgo, Bradeen, and Robertson preached! Is this not the great falling away? How can those guys set there and do nothing?

    2. @Great falling away – It would appear with it has happened to these men just as Peter said. They are the servants of corruption and this willingly. My God, My God, why have they forsaken you?

  9. My heart cries out, hearing these various testimonies of the hurt brought about by this “Church”. I’m a pastor in Hinesville and I just want to embrace all of you with Love and show you that there is a better way. Please know that God loves you and He still has the Power to heal. Every church is not the same and there are bodies of believers that will welcome you in with LOVE. I pray for your total and complete deliverance in Jesus Name!

    1. Hello Pastor in Hinesville,
      I want to thank you so much for your concern for the sincere Christians who have been verbally and physically and emotionally abused by the minister’s of the church in Hinesville Ga called House of Prayer, I pray that you will continue to be a beacon of light of True Christianity. I thank you for giving us a ray of hope in this sin darkened world where the devil is a master deceiver and transforming to a Angel of light.
      God bless.

  10. Ma’am the majority of us are under 35, that have recently left. Yes most of us were never allowed higher education. The only education that is allowed is their Bible Seminary that is really a fraud, and a front to take the veterans money. Nobody ever graduates or gets a degree. Rony Denis says that you are finished with Bible Seminary when “God graduates you”. That’s another way of saying when your benefits end. This school is only a brain washing session that isnt even accredited. Even if they did decide to give you a “degree” to hang on your wall, it would be totally useless. They don’t even believe the kids need a high school diploma (especially the girls). Recently the parents were told to stop talking their kidz to the library. The only education that is important is learning how to have total obedience to the CULT, i.e. rony denis.

    1. Satan knows that his time is short and he has his agents is working hard to distract the youth because it will be the youth to carry out Gods message into all the world!. THE GOOD NEWS IS all of you were given an assignment from God since before you were born. Scripture says I knew from your mother womb and even though some of you might be and have been distracted your assignment has not changed. You must go back to school and allow God to use you in high places to make change for for all of our brother/sisters in Christ Jesus. You must become all that God would have you to be. Doctors,Nurses, Engineers, Lawmen, etc. so that you can spread his ministry of healing, advocating for others, inventing and word/music ministry you all have so much work to do to advance the Kingdom of God. So don’t let this season in your life stop you turn your stories into Gods glory. Give the devil a headache and rejoice in the Lord knowing that there is NO CONDEMNATION in Christ Jesus. When you ask for forgiveness of your sins God throws it into the sea of forgetfulness NEVER to be remembered no more. Whom God sets free is free in deed! Don’t be afraid to get back to your assignments. God has not given you the spirit of fear but of faith. Faith to know that all of you are more than conquers through Jesus Christ who strengthens you.
      Be of good cheer young people rise up and praise the one who paid the ultimate price for you back on calvary for you and so that we could have life and live abundantly in full joy with our creator. GOd bless all you.

  11. Isn’t it a blessing when…..
    You can enjoy the redemptive work of Salvation without the fear of receiving a phone call from the false prophet who tells you that you are being judged for something you did 10 years or more ago, and you’ve been forgiven by Jesus, but the false prophet tells you that there is no such thing, and you have to wait on him to clear you before the throne of all mighty God because he is in the room.

    1. I read all theses terrible stories and painful comments and would like to know how many of you are between the ages of 18-35 and were encouraged to walk away from your families and how many of you were deceived into not completing your higher educational goals because your were told it would be sinful.

      1. Hello Concerned Mom. In response to your question, that was me. I am 33 years old, and I was still in high school when Denis began brain washing me. Promising me the ministry, but slowly he began to change. He was very nice to me back in those days, but he would soon start to lash out at me if I did something that wasn’t even wrong, but that he just didn’t like. The times of him being nice just got less frequent over the years. But it was always like a switch with him. Even in the end, he could still always turn the nice part on, he has a side that he picks and chooses who will see. At the beginning of house of prayer he would say God was helping him with his anger, but later he would say That he did not have an anger problem, and that if he lashes out at you its because he has a prophetic ministry, and that God stirs him up against you when God is upset with you. So by this he pretty much had a license to treat who ever like dirt because we believed we must have deserved it by God being upset. I was always in fear until God woke me up, and I realized he was crazy and I needed to get out if there. In the last month of me being there, he would yell and scream at me, but I knew it wasn’t God, so I didn’t let it get to me anymore. Rony Denis is a very very wicked man. He is going to have to answer to God for all he has done. I thank God I am free from that mess.

          1. Yes, Concerned Mom. Denis is a Haitian born immigrant who did serve in the US Army. His father was a part of the Papa and Baby Doc Haitian dictatorships at the time. Denis was labled as a Voodoo Man by the last church group he was a part of. He is a dangerous man who mixes the Bible with Voodooism, kabbalah, and Spiritism.

    2. The more I see what is going on with these clowns the more I see that I made the right choice to leave this cult behind. Good bye cult Denis good bye! ?? Hello Jesus, Helloooo!


    Isn’t it a blessing when you find out that you are expecting and your married and you hear the words congratulations instead of cult leader denis saying you’ve made my job harder by having children.

    Isn’t it a blessing when church is over and after fellowship you can go home instead of having to stand on your feet for 3 or 4 hrs afterwards while the false prophet is teaching a new revelation and false doctrine while your child is looking up at you with tears streaming down her face saying she is hungry and ready to go home, and you can’t leave because you might miss the next legalistic standard that you have to have in order to get to heaven.

    Isn’t it a blessing when you can drive down the road and reach your destination and realize that you left your cell phone home, and not have to turn around in a frenzy and in desperation that you are going to miss the phone call of the false prophet who will be waiting to scream at you that you don’t treat Rev. Davis this way.

    Isn’t it a blessing when you can take your family out on a trip to the zoo and your trip is not interrupted by a out of order prophet who wants to have prayer meeting by screaming on your phone while your trying to enjoy the beautiful sight of the polar bears, and you have to go find a quiet place so that the false prophet can have your undivided attention.

    Isn’t it a blessing when the husband and wife can make a decision on there own between them and God and not have to call the false prophet so he can tell you that you are supposed to let him know everything! Including how many showers you take ( you think I’m joking).

    Isn’t it a blessing when you can choose your families pet and not to have to ask the false prophet who would later say that you need to get rid of it, and he also dictates where the animal is to stay in YOUR house.

    Isn’t it a blessing when you can actually have pictures up in your house of people that you love, outside of the false prophet.

    Isn’t it a blessing that you can actually live in a house that you own or choose to live, and drive your own car that you own instead of the recycled car that has belonged to everyone in the organization and your still making payments 12 yrs later.

    There are so many blessings I cannot tell them all! The Lord has been so good to me.

      1. Yes….

        It is a blessing to know that I can hear the voice of God and encourage others without jimmy denis false prophet teaching saying he is the only one who can hear God’s voice.

        It is a blessing to actually promote the Bible and NOT denis. I preached on the radio one time lifting up Jesus Christ and this clown Denis called and corrected me the next day because I didn’t recognize him like the other spiritually and morally weak ministers have done in his cult. (The key to advancement in Denis’ cult is to glorify Denis)

        It is a blessing not to cow tow to the dictator named Denis anymore. There is so much brown nosing in that cult it is unbelievable. Every last one of those ministers walk around with stuff on their nose. Thank God mine can be clean and I can smell the Fresh Air like my buddy over there. ?

        Bro Yorke

        1. Victory Victory now is mine ?
          Victory Victory now is mine oh mine?
          Since I left Denis cult, the Lord has blessed my soul, ?victory oh victory? victory victory IS MINE! ?????

    1. Yes it is a true blessing to be able to come to church and get a blessing for your soul without having the service interrupted by the crazy false prophet who is not even in church but on some electronic device. Who wants you to worship him. I’m not worshiping a man. But only JESUS!

  13. I thank God, that he is who he is, that is a father who deals with his children. I was reading my Bible today and almost right away God started dealing with me by what I read. In just the first 8 verses of reading God started showing me were I am, and direction I need to take to continue doing his will in the ministry. It was good pressure. I didn’t need Rony telling me I’m on my way to Hell to get me to move for God. I’m a child of God, and when I don’t have to listen to Rony run his mouth, I can hear God’s voice more clearly. Rony you are wrong, you are not the only one who knows the voice of God. Shame that you never read that in this dispensation God would poor out his spirit on “all” flesh. And your son’s and daughters will prophecy. This man Rony does not have the spirit of the New Testament. Even moses said I would that “all” prophecied. Moses, the law giver wanted the law to be pass as he looked to the day we are now living in, but Rony wants us to go back to the old system when God would talk to very few men to deal with is Israel. In a global outreach that doesn’t work. God is still dealing with me, even after the cult. Those who have been hurt, don’t give up. If you have sinned let Jesus forgive you, rise up and fight again! The world is looking to us to see Jesus, let your light so shine that men shall see your good works and glorify you’re father in Heaven. You Don’t need a man(Rony) to clear you. Christ has already paid the price, just except it by faith! the Just shall live by faith! That’s us. I look forward to all that God has. Me and the Pastor I’m with are seeing God move, and meet the needs of our church. Our new church building is a blessing. I thank God for placing me in the ministry. Not doing real estate to make Rony rich, hearing his sob story about how I needed to do that for God because the church had no money, then watch him go around hand hundreds of dollars out like it was candy just so he could look like a big shot, but would yell at me daily saying I needed to bring more money in for him. That was just wicked, but God saw it all. Now I can do what God called me to do. I am no longer involved in real estate. Thank God I can preach and teach. ?I’m born to preach the Gospel, and I sure do love my Job!?

  14. Life is such a blessing outside of the cult, I honestly have no complaints, I feel sorry for those who leave the cult and are wrapped up in a pity party and a “Woe is me” attitude, why leave one miserable place of despair? Only to began to feel the same way, wow! to spend your new life mourning and complaining about the Old days! And being done wrong by the cult leader Denis!
    My friends we have all been done wrong! I’ve been done wrong! The only solution I’ve found to be able to enjoy your new life is to let go! Of all things behind you, Christianity is about moving forward, pressing forward, So let’s get up!!! Dust yourself off! And run! Let’s go!

    1. AMEN!!! God has been to good to dwell in past hurt and failure. The root of bitterness bears friut and trust me it sure doesn’t taste good. I have learned to move on. If my spouse wants to be stupid, let them. I am not going to hell with them, I am moving on with Jesus! I am not going to let jimmy denis think he got the best of me. There is a heaven to gain and a hell to miss and I for sure am not going to end up in the same HELL he is going too. NO SUH!

  15. Pray for Rev. Rodney and Sis. Lisa Ballard the pastor and his wife who first helped me when I got saved. May God bless them!

  16. Yes, Denis is still a liar! I am still in love with Jesus and am STILL FAITHFUL to my WIFE! I don’t have two wives like he does and I don’t by God’s grace have lust problems of other women or even men for that matter as he said his ministers do in his cult especially his inner circle. Nope you won’t catch me flirting around with other women. When I got saved I got it. Like that one preacher said HOT DOG I GOT IT! And it came from JESUS CHRIST not that little imp of a male rony denis.

  17. After leaving the House of Denis Kabbalah Church I have been blessed with a greater burden to help people. There is a spirit of selfishness at work in the House of Denis Kabbalah Church. So, each day of freedom from the cult has been a renewed blessing of being unshackled and set at liberty to worship God together with BRAVE brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who stood up to ole Nebuchaddenis and said NO! WE WILL NOT BOW!

  18. God laid a man on my heart this morning to go get and bring with me to church this morning. After doing a few things I arrived at the church and then remembered that I was supposed to go get this man. So, I left right away and told my wife that would be back. On my way to go get the man I saw him walking on the sidewalk already dressed for church. I blew my horn to get his attention and then pulled over and got out. When I approached him I told him what God laid on my heart and he got in the car and came to church and accepted Christ as his Saviour! Glory be to God!

  19. My time outside the cult has been tremendously a blessing. Yes, there were trials and challenges but God is and was faithful to bring deliverance through them all. At the beginning of our departure the whole Greensboro church decided to go with God and not Denis. We were told by Hopcc that we had thirty days to vacate the church building. Of course they didn’t follow this, nonetheless we didn’t know where we could meet for church. The Spirit of God reminded me of a man I had met earlier who showed the church building that he managed and that if we needed to use any space he could help us. At the time he showed me some classrooms that I thought would be useful to the dayschool that we had at the time. So, during our split from Hopcc I went to see this man who told me that a church that was using their facility just moved out and that we could use their space. God provided us a place right up the street from the Hopcc church building we were meeting in. Ain’t God good?

    Now during this time of God’s blessing the devil was still at work doing his messing. Two families grew very weak in their faith in God and begin communicating with the oppressor Rony Denis. These people thought that since God was blessing so rapidly that I had to have orchestrated all of what was going on. Rony Denis convinced them to get in the car right away and head to Hinesville, GA. the headquarters of Hopcc. One family had left already while we were gathering for prayer meeting. The husband of the family had told the others who were to leave with them that he would call me. Well, of course he never did but I called him. He told me that I had never done him wrong and that he was leaving because his wife had a mental breakdown. Even though this man admitted to people in the church that Denis was messed up, he told me on the phone that night when I questioned him about Denis’ lies that Denis’ never lied to him. I found his selfishness astounding and the fact that these people were among those who spoke the loudest against Denis were now leaving to be with Denis. The other family that was to leave was stopped by the wife’s mother who did not want to leave. She actually told be about the plot as it was happening. To me if the people want to live and be in a cult that is their choice. We all have a choice, I choose Jesus. The other family disclosed that Denis basically bribed them to come back. So, the love of money had lured many away from God’s will for them.

    The building we were having church in was set to close down in a few months. We prayed for it to stay open or that God would lead us to a better place or whatever God’s will was for it to be done. Well, God has blessed us with another place to worship in not far from where we were. Ain’t God good? The amazing blessing through it all is that we haven’t even missed a church service since we left the cult of Rony Denis, Hopcc. GOD IS GOOD!

  20. I have a victorious testimony! Since leaving HOPCC I have so much more joy despite obstacles, when I was in HOPCC I was made to question my Salvation and made to believe that we weren’t saved, I was constantly wondering why It seemed that Salvation was chasing the so called carrot stick that you could never attain, you would always have that uneasiness and uncertainty.
    But now being outside of the cult I have realized that that was all man made convictions and fake pressure to make you give false confessions, and to make you feel as if you just didn’t have what it takes.
    Salvation is free! No man can put a price on it! My allegiance is to Christ and by being faithful to him I will be Faithful to my brothers and sisters I will treat them right.
    I’ve learned this life that I live is for Christ. We only have one life so soon to pass only what’s done for Christ will last.
    This is the Good life!!
    Loving my neighbor as myself!
    Not only saying it, but living it!

  21. It has been good since I left the cult. I didn’t go into the world, but I am full time in the ministry doing what God called me to do. It wasn’t to long ago that we found out we would not be able to rent the place we were having services anymore because the price had quadrupled, but it was a blessing in disguise! My wife and I prayed, then hit the streets looking for our next church building. This is what I had been dreaming of doing since I got saved. I met with many local pastors and explained to them that we were in need of a place to have church. Many did not have the space available, but I assured all of them that God was doing something, and that I was excited to see what God was going to do. Finally God led us to a giant church facility that had everything you could think of. Chapel, fellowship hall, full kitchen. They told me that they don’t even hold services there any more but use the offices as the headquarters of thier region. They were happy to let us use thier property for our church home. Outside of owning a building, this is the best church set up one could hope for. I am looking forward to all God will do in this city and am leaving the cult behind me. I can even see that God is doing a great work in the lives of our members. God is strengthening them and bringing a greater bond of unity, without all the rules of RONY DENIS! People are serving God because they want to, not because they are afraid to get a phone call, or get called out behind the pulpit. It’s nice to see real Christianity, not fear and manipulation. This is the church of my dreams!!!!!!!!

  22. They said that if you left their cult that you would go crazy, that you would end up in the world, that you would go back to your sinful lifestyle but worse.

    Not me, the opposite has happened. I’m still saved and my mind is more sound since I have been delivered from Denis. I may live in this world but I am not of the world like Denis is, and I am still attending church regularly. By God’s grace I have not returned to my old sinful lifestyle, if anything I have drawn closer to God since Denis has been out of my life.

    The devil is still a bad devil and God is still a good God! Denis is still a liar and Jesus is still the truth!

    One good thing about President Trump is that he will serve as a reminder to me that Denis is a liar and false prophet!

    Bro Yorke

  23. I am so thankful for all that God has done. When leaving, there was a certain level of insecurity that I’m happy to say does not exist anymore. My family is happy. And no, my children did not cry when we left. No, not even Kamryn. My number is still the same so anyone can call and ask them personally how they felt about leaving if they like. I can say that our relationship as a family has definitely grown stronger since leaving. Not long ago, when dropping our kids off at their new school, we arrived a little early and walked past a classroom. Through the windows of that classroom we saw 4 teachers holding hands and praying together. House of Prayer is not the only place that has God. God is doing things that they know not of, that a lot of us don’t know of, he’s just that big. We are still in church and continually feeding on the word of God. Yes, still.
    But anyway, I can’t help but have this nagging thought that the folks over there are anxiously awaiting my husbands return. That there is hope that I may run off to the club and hurt him and such. Then he will come crawling back, broken by the world. Hahaha. My advice to them: don’t hold your breath. Or better yet, keep holding your breath. ?

    1. That is a great testimony, as I was reading it I thought of how my phone number has not changed either. Hopcc wants everyone to change their phone number so that they can limit their possibility of learning the truth which is that there is spiritual life outside of hopcc. And people are praying real sincere prayers not the pharisee ones we were taught. Thank you God life outside hopcc.

      Bro Yorke

  24. I thank God for His amazing grace! Each day of living in His mercy and grace has been a tremendous blessing! We don’t need a dictator controlling everything in our lives especially when we have the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God, guiding us, teaching us, directing us, and even convicting us.

  25. Having experienced what I have experienced, the precious word of God becomes more precious and the reality of it gets deeper and more personal.

    I am so GLAD God saved me and has kept me throughout the years. No matter what I have gone through in serving the Lord I will never regret my SALVATION! Thank you Jesus!

  26. Believe it or not this is my favorite section of the site. I love to extol the Lord. I look forward to giving future testimonies of God’s wonderful grace. Here recently a person had gotten ill and was hospitalized. We came to visit and prayers were made by the saints of God. The person went home the next day despite the doctor saying that they would be there a few days. To God be the glory!

    God still answers prayer!

  27. My prayer life has been much clearer and sweeter than ever before on this side of that church turned cult. God truly works all things out for the good to them who love him and are the called according to his purpose.

  28. Yes!!! I am very grateful of all God has done for me and my family. We are a lot closer now even with my mom. I can look back and see Denis trying to sow discord and division but thanks be to God that He has caused the devil’s plans to backfire.

    I have experienced more peace of mind outside of the mind manipulation games Denis was playing. It has truly been a blessing to serve God by His Spirit and Word and not by Denis’ phariseeism. God is good all the time, PRAISE GOD!!!

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