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Prayer Request for Loved Ones

On behalf of the many that have contributed to the site, not only by posting but by Prayers and dedication we wanted to create a page for others to lift up our loved ones in prayer, wether they are Family or just dear Friends that have been seized by the grip of the devil, during these tough difficult times, there have been many tears that have been shed

And many sleepless nights, children that have been cut of from family, wives go home to empty beds because there husbands have been ravaged from them by an evil dictator by the name of Rony Denis. Siblings are turned against each other just because they feel as if they are following God, not realizing they are being led by a wolf in sheeps clothing.

God has seen and heard our Prayers and this is no time to draw back, for there truly is power in prayer! I believe if we join together with one purpose and that is to Liberate the Opressed through the power of prayer it’s time that we bring these names to the very throne of God! United in One, there is no one that is above another it is all level at the foot of the cross.

So here we are going to post as normal just leave the name of your friend or love ones and also if you would like add a prayer request, please do so, here we are Family so don’t be ashamed. Pray for us as we pray for you.

41 thoughts on “Prayer Request for Loved Ones

  1. Please pray for the the marriages in Hopcc. Many of them might be unlawful according to what I heard Denis say awhile ago because of all of the divorce and remarriage he orchestrated but blamed Robertson and Bradeen for. I read where a crushed concerned mom wrote that her son, a member of this cult, was married of to a women with 3 children from 3 different men. And the way she described this woman it seems as if she knew that this was not what her son, and military man, would be interested in. This all would be find if that was his desire from God and not Denis but the mom said that she asked her son if he loved the woman he married? The reply was shocking to read. His response was, what difference does it make!

    Rony Denis has specialized in what has been termed the “Business Marriage”. It is more like a partnership than a marriage. Please pray for these people because the devil is working through Rony Denis to destroy these people’s lives. It is all about control and mind manipulation.

    1. I am a concerned friend of a couple attending the Tacoma HOP church. The church is extremely legalistic, lock the doors for services, and seem to demand all of this couple’s spare time. They are expected to make it to the “conferences”, out of state, even when it is a financial hardship. Something just does not sit right. They are a sweet, young couple who truly love Jesus. I am praying about how to deliver all of this information.

        1. I definitely have been, and will continue to pray. A new pastor took over awhile back. I am not sure if that is good or bad. I just know they both seem very weary for being so young. My heart hurts for those under spiritual abuse. Jesus came to give us LIFE abundantly. His yolk is easy and burden light! I can see how people get drawn into this type of place, because when you see so many Christians struggling with worldliness and then see those who want to live consecrated lives (albeit, in binds of legalism), the pull can be great. It is so difficult to find congregations that have consecration and liberty.

          1. So true! Hopefully by you being a real friend to them God will provide an opening for you to pull them out. It is ideal to find a place of consecration and liberty especially for a young Christian. In this place once they suck you in with their fake consecration there is no liberty and Rony Denis takes the place of Christ. His teachings contradicts the Bible. You might could start there with wisdom. The new pastors are young inexperienced robots totally dependant on Rony, just like he likes it. May God bless you in your work of spiritual warfare!

  2. Please pray for the HEALING of those who have been ravished by the wickedness of Rony Denis. But also pray for Rony Denis and his sect of followers that God would handle the situation. We don’t want to become BITTER and end up destroying our own relationship with God. God said vengeance is MINE. God will repay them for their evil. I pray that they will get SAVED! and become TRUE CHRISTIANS and right the wrongs they have done. I have heard the scripted smear recording of Pilkington and Boles. In the past I have worked and fellowship with these men as brethren. I don’t hate them now but I must expose them as the by-product of Rony Denis’ ministry of wickedness. I pray that these men would repent of their evil deeds. HELL was not made for them but it will be their long home unless they repent.

    As a Christian you LOVE people who don’t LOVE you in return especially if you labor as pastor preaching gospel truth to people. Jesus experienced this and so has his followers. Don’t let your LOVE turn to BITTERNESS. My eyes fill with tears as I consider while writing this the enormity of the consequences surrounding people’s lives who are connected one way or the other to this church (hopcc).

    I believe GOD has great things in store for all who WANT more GOD, hungry and thirsty for MORE GOD! To be intoxicated if you would with GOD!
    The first great thing is to experience this GREAT SALVATION that the Bible tells us about, not the law of Rony Denis or the pharisees but the LIBERTY OF THE SPIRIT!

    And then ACTUALLY DOING what Jesus said to DO! Going into all the world and PREACHING the GOOD NEWS to everyone. If they CHOOSE TO BELIEVE they will be baptized and saved, if THEY CHOOSE not to believe they shall be damned.

    Then the signs shall FOLLOW US THAT BELIEVE! We are not SEEKING them they are FOLLOWING THOSE THAT BELIEVE. IN JESUS NAME WE THAT BELIEVE WILL CAST OUT devils, speak with NEW TONGUES, be divinely protected from serpents and poison, and WE WILL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK AND THEY SHALL RECOVER!


    Bro. Yorke

  3. Please pray for the weak minded church members or even those has gotten so weak and defeated that they don’t even attend church and actually forsake the assembling of God’s people together.

    Please pray for those who have buckled under the hardships laid upon them. The Bible says that God will not allow you to go through something you can’t bear. Pray that they will trust in His Word and begin again to lift Jesus higher.

      1. Please pray for the family members of the church members that Rony Denis has hurt and done wrong including his own which he boasted about kicking out of his house. He has separated people from their families who love them more than Rony Denis will ever love them.

  4. This is also one of my favorite sections of the site because prayer is much needed.

    In prayer this morning I ask those who read this to keep those in prayer who have made the decision to go back on God. It is true that not everyone will make it to heaven but let’s keep praying for these souls especially when there are families and even children evolved. Perhaps God may grant them repentence. Instead of blaming the church for all of their problems maybe they will be honest and acknowledge their own sinful ways and humbly repent before God Almighty before it is to late.

  5. Please keep an open heart of prayer for those who have a difficult time in navigating through all of the distractions and temptations that the devil as thrown at them.

    Please pray for me and my family and your family.

    Pray for the families at your church and other families in all churches and any family that you know that God brings to your mind. The devil is busy trying to destroy the traditional family and replace it with what God calls an abomination.

    Pray for those who have been struggling to maintain their confidence in God in living a holy life pleasing to Him, due to hurt from false brethren.

    Pray for the sincere preachers of the gospel. The devil works to discredit EVERY preacher to make it seem to people that no one is trustworthy in bringing forth the gospel message and thereby causing many to even doubt God’s word. This was his initial plan from the garden of Eden.

    Pray for those who may have one time been in the will of God but may have strayed away from what God wants them to do to get back in the will of God for their lives to give Him glory.

    And don’t forget to pray for yourself!

  6. If there are any that are left that do pray, please pray for me and yes I will pray for myself. Pray for those who have left their first Love or to be acquainted with Him for perhaps the first time. Pray for true revival. Pray for HOPCC. And don’t forget to pray for yourself.

  7. Please pray for Victoria and Juan Viera that God would deliver them out of the cult and that they will no longer be misused and taken advantage. Also please pray for Cierra Moya that her eyes would be open to the truth and to see what is really going on.

  8. We ask for prayer for the Sisters whose lives have been traumatized, devastated and almost destroyed by the hand of Satan and MAN. We pray that recovery is on the way by God’s Holy Spirit and his unrelenting love. Jesus’ prayers and life was not in vain. Let us go in prayer daily for these women that God has created by his hand and from his very own heart.

    1. Please pray for those who are leavin the hopcc churches and running deeper into the heart and arms of Jesus. And that they will allow God to continue the work that he has begun in their lives. Also, please pray for each one to continue in the spirit of forgiveness. For God has forgiven us and taught us to love our enemies.

  9. Please pray anyone or all of those weak minded ministers to allow God to strengthen their mind against their adversary Denis.

  10. Please pray for sister nicole in favetville house of prayer church. That God will set her free from the cult. And that her husband and her will not be separated

  11. Pray for the children who are being brainwashed like the Hitler youth in a sham substandard day school farce that’s not even accredited. They lied to us in the student handbook.

  12. Please pray for all the veterans who are being abused in Denis’ cult, especially those suffering from mental illness.

  13. Please pray for Sis. Jennifer Pilkington. It is sad to see her walking around with such a long face with no joy and happiness. Can you imagine if your husband was so sold out to Denis like her husband? And her dad? Please pray for these are the true victims of Rony’s diabolical terror.

  14. I would like to pray for Sis Derby and her husband as well. I pray that her eyes be open and a way is escape be made. She was my first soulwinning partner.
    I pray for Bro and sis Robertson. They didn’t come to hopcc as they are now. They are standing up for a lie that they both know is a lie. For material gain They have sold Jesus like Judas. I pray they stand up for what is the truth no matter the cost. Jesus is still on the throne not Denis.
    I pray for Pastor Bradeen who my entire life have known him to be a fighter til now. He was a man that at one time stood for righteousness no matter the opposition but now he has been beaten down spiritually to a vegetable. I pray he would be that man I use to know and more and contend once more for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I pray for Sis McCollum and her husband. She was a blessing to me in my younger years. I pray she wouldn’t make Denis her God but would follow Jesus. I pray she makes it out of this craziness.
    I pray for Sis Tamera Escudero/Oloans. She pray with me for the Holy Ghost. She was marked a praying woman. I pray she would not trust in her riches and a name. Neither put her faith in any man but would repent and the Lord Jesus her King and not live for this life alone.
    I heartily pray for them that they would open up their bibles again and let it prick their hearts and learn them to the foot of the cross.

  15. I pray for Sis Denis as well and that God would give her the strength to endure til the end. I pray that He would keep her safe from all harm physically and spiritually. I pray that God preserve her. I pray that God would give her His wisdom and protection. I pray that He would embrace her with all His love and grace. I pray that she would not believe the lies of the devil and would continue to put her trust in Jesus and him alone. I pray that her and her daughter would in this life be delivered from such a wicked man. I pray that Moriah would come to know Jesus as her Saviour. I pray that she would remember to walk in the light of Jesus word as I’ve known her to before. I know that the years in hopcc behind closed doors she may have been one of the greatest victims and still is and has been through more than I imagine. My ultimate prayer is though we may not have cut the rug in this life but that we will dance the golden streets of glory in the life to come. God bless. Amen.

  16. Please pray for all who have escaped from the cult, House of Prayer Christian Churches of America, Inc. (HOPCC). The Bible said that God would make a way of escape for us. And keep those in prayer who are planning to escape Denis’ dictatorship. We will prevail some kind of way. I know that there is life outside of this cult.

  17. yes please for virgo why to all the men who denis divorce find shelter under his roof. These pastors need much prayer not even worthy to be call pastors.

  18. Pray for all the families that Denis separated and evil divorce. And pray for those members he continues to abuse spiritually.

  19. Pray for House of Prayer that people will wake up and stand up for the truth. Denis says all the Church is going to hell.He is the only one wright what a lie. People stop allowing his con to abuse you. People awake before it’s too late. I will continue to pray for you

  20. I Truly pray for Virgo and his wife and G.Robertson and his wife and Pilkington and Bradeen and his wife. All of these people were present and sit quietly as denis divorce roscoe and his wife because she wouldn’t relive her rape that occur many years ago in front of them. Denis demanded graphic details. At her tears and refusal she was separate from her husband and throw out on the street with nothing.Denis told the Church he would take care of her. ALL lies. Then he even pokes fun of her walking when he had roscoe to sale her car to a Pastor in his Church.I pray for all of these men and their wives whom sit in silence and watch as denis hurt this family.

    1. Yes pray for fig and his wife. This man stood up at denis command and just degraded his wife. And even telling the Church that she destroyed his ministry and said she was smoking weed. These men would even slaughter their wives for this evil man. Wake up hopc. A sister’s husband just stood up and called his wife everything but a child of God. What’s next.

  21. Pray for all whose lives have been crushed and whose hopes have been dashed into pieces by the wickedness of Rony Denis.

    Pray for those whose faith has dwindled down to where they don’t want to give themselves to God anymore. Their zeal has been stolen by the devil working through Rony Denis.

    Pray for those who have left hopcc and have went back to the sinful pleasures of the world.

    Pray for Rony Denis’ sinful kingdom to come tumbling down and for those still trapped inside to have their eyes opened to the True Light, The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Pray for healing to come to all the broken marriages caused by Rony Denis’ wicked design to divide and control their lives.

  22. 1.)Pray for Rev and Sis Virgo, I’ve known them since a small child, our family was pretty close to them being that they started a pioneer church together in Durham NC, and he’s been known to stand up to Rev. Denis being his brother in law. Help him to get some courage to take a stand once again.

    1. Please pray for Bro. and Sis. McGriff. We ask that God’s will will be done on bringing them out of the bondage of this cult that holds them captive. God has called them to work for him, not a man that will separate them from each other and their family. They are a loving couple and are precious soul in God’s eyes and in ours.

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