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I’ve Been hurt by the Church



By no means are we trying to discredit people and there feelings nor take away from your experience in church. Nor are we trying to ignore the fact that the church is unfortunately a “dirty business” .

Having grown up in the Holiness church and being betrayed twice, I believe by the church world standards I should be hurt and feeling dejected and as a matter of fact not even wanting to come to church nor trust preachers.

Contrary to the world’s standards I am emboldened and ever so thankful for preachers, being a daughter and a wife of one I must say that there are sincere preacher’s that care and love people. And there are also fakes, you would be crazy to think that there weren’t doesn’t the Bible warn us of this?

Often when I began to notice things in HOPCC I first looked at my own self, am i the one messed up? Am I not praying the way I should? But when you have questions you should began to look in the scriptures and there is were I began to understand that things were not by the Bible, it was not my opinions or my feelings or me being disgruntled by rebuke and correction, because I can say that at times it yielded peaceable fruit of righteousness by me learning to respond in the right way EVEN THOUGH It was unjust. Did you know that you don’t have to respond wrong, I’ve seen so many people be right about something but they totally discredit themselves by the way they handle things. Christianity has to be on the inside.

One thing I believe whole heartedly is this: we cannot blame the church or the preachers for us not living right, we all own our own Bible, if you put so much trust in the Preacher that you allow him to lead you astray that is neglect on doing your part when the Bible tells us to search the scriptures, even Apostle Paul said if he himself come preaching another Gospel let him be accursed. These things are going to happen the Bible tells us so, nevertheless God uses preacher’s to guide us and show us the way and that has not changed.

So where ever you are in your Christianity let this be known that we have to follow the Bible and we should take care and love the preachers for even Jesus said how Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good tidings, if you allow yourself to be so bitter and feel as if you can’t trust minister’s and preacher’s you are allowing yourself to be led astray.

Most of all let’s examine our own lives, what if someone judged us the way we judge others? Ministers or Pastors and Preachers are all human beings, they have feelings as well, they will make mistakes they are not perfect! But who hasn’t? Let’s embrace those that are trying underneath the Power of God who are not afraid to say they are wrong at times, if you are looking for a perfect preacher you will never find him. But if your looking for one that will instruct you, but most importantly will tell you to search the scriptures in humbleness of heart they are out there. Let us not bring our litmus of standards but bring the fruits of the Spirit to judge them by. The Bible says think it not Strange that there are preacher’s that will transform themselves into an Angel of light, they are wolves in Sheep’s clothing, we are living in the last days. But with all that said, this does not give you an excuse to live in sin and live against the Bible when the Bible has all the answers for every life situation. I pray wherever you are that you would get behind a man that loves God more than themselves, and allow him to instruct you in the paths of righteousness, one that wants to see you make it to heaven and make of himself no reputation that God might be Glorified, God loves you so much he wants someone to be there for you in your low times, to cry with you in your sorrows and to laugh with you in joyous times to pray for you and lift your hands when you can’t even yourself. God loves you and so do we.

God Bless you.

30 thoughts on “I’ve Been hurt by the Church

  1. I’ve been hurt by people that have left the church,
    Yes I’ve had many tears and sorrows, I’ve had questions for tomorrow, but through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus and I’ve learned to trust in God!
    Why do people leave the cult and quit on God?
    Why do people quit church and use that as an excuse to do other people wrong?
    When will people stop being so selfish and realize their actions affect others?
    When will people care about others feelings other than their own?
    When will people stop blaming HOPCC for them living in known sin, that the Bible says you won’t inherit the kingdom of God if you continue in them?
    When will people take Jesus seriously?
    When will people take the judgement of God seriously?
    When will people take a stand for Christ?
    When will people look in the mirror and say “it’s me, it’s me it’s me O’ Lord standing in the need of prayer, not my brother, not my sister, but it’s me O’ Lord standing in the need of prayer?
    When will people wake up and realize that hell is going to be their home, if they don’t change?
    I’m so saddened at the outlook of those who have left the HOPCC church and only have left to give God a bad name, all because they are too proud to humble themselves and seek truth.
    Yes I am in tears today, to realize you invest so much time in people to help them out of a cult only to realize they never intended to do right anyway, they were only interested in their own fun and pleasure and never to give God any Glory.
    They never intended to be a light in a sin darkened world, they only came out to be in the world and then turn around and blame the church for there failures.
    They never intended on helping people out, they only wanted to help them out of the cult and into the world.
    What a shame! Too have left the cult HOPCC and the cult leader Rony Denis, and at the end of your life you spend eternity in Hell with this man, only because you wanted to blame him and everyone else for your sins of iniquity! Can you imagine that you have to spend your eternity with Rony Denis???

  2. I thank God that Jesus Christ is mightier than the devil’s HATRED and lies. God is still true to His Word! The sun is still shining. Life outside the cult and life in Jesus Christ is GOOD!

  3. Listen to the cry of the faithful who have endured and are still fighting the good fight of faith. Don’t take things the wrong way, the fight is not against you personally but against the demons telling you to quit, to go back on God, to take a break on God, to just quit because it’s to hard. Those demons are liers. People say that they are taking a so called break from God to enjoy the pleasures of sin and never make it back to God. If you go back to the Devil he will do more to keep you in his clutches this time in order to keep you and not let you go.

    The faithful who may know more than you are actually trying to HELP YOU NOT ATTACK YOU, another trick of deception is for you to be made to think that the ones who actually love you are attacking you to hurt you. Your enemy is the one who helps you to give place to the Devil. The one you thought was friend is now with your wife or husband. The one you thought was your friend, the one you trashed everyone with, turns on you and begins to trash you to others. Old wisdom says that if they are trashing people to you behind their backs they are doing the same to you behind your back. It is a spirit of the devil and not a true friend. If you are looking for a friend that’s not the one you want. But I know a friend who sticks closer than a brother, His name is JESUS CHRIST THE FAITHFUL! Make Him your friend and you won’t be lonely. For He said He will NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU but have we left and forsaken Him? I wonder how He must feel? Are there any left who even cares to continue the cause of Christ?

  4. Let not your heart be troubled. Christians will go through trials in this life, even as the apostle Paul who had to endure false brethren. Church members, which includes the preachers, will have to endure false brethren as well. Don’t let that be your excuse to quit, there’s never an excuse to quit. Paul didn’t and most of all our primary example Jesus Christ didn’t quit. Let not your heart be troubled.

  5. God has been to good for me to quit. Church members claim to be hurt by the church but can anyone look beyond themselves and consider the preacher hurt by the church members?

    I remember reading how Jesus looking upon Jerusalem wept over the city because of their rejection of Him causing them to miss their time. Can you imagine a God with a broken heart? Most unfortunately look no further than their own heart.

    People don’t realize it but the person whose heart gets crushed and stepped on the most is the preacher’s. But God made him strong, that’s why he is the preacher.

    By God’s grace I’ll never quit God or church. He said forsake not assembling of yourselves together. If its just two or three of us Jesus said He will be there in our midst. As long as Jesus is with us that’s all we need. Church is a part of God’s plan for our life. Let’s help each other and not hurt each other by quitting on God.

    1. This isn’t a contest to see whos been hurt more. Whether it’s a pastor or a church member, hurt is hurt and Jesus heals them all,without looking at the position

      1. Exactly! You have summed up what we are trying to put out, that everything is level, the church members hurt is no greater than the minister’s or preacher or pastors hurt. As a matter a fact the higher you are the harder you fall, so wether you are a stand off church member or a stand off pastor your hurt is all level at the cross!
        Let’s lay aside all the pettiness, bitterness and the excuses. You are fighting those that are trying to help you!. And began to fight the good fight of faith! Which is fighting the enemy not your fellow people that are trying to help you to dry your tears and get back in the fight. Because ultimately when you stand before God we will give an account on what we did for Christ, why give occasion for the enemy to blaspheme by sitting there wiping tears for yrs, they’ve already taken 2 yrs for some and 13 yrs for others! Let’s not give them anymore!

  6. My friends, why are we attacking those in the same camp? We must remember that we are on the same side, seeking a common goal. To take down the enemies camp! We should not judge every situation that we do not have full knowledge of. If we are not present for a situation and only hearing one side, and accurate judgment is impossible to be made. Fingers pointing is unnecessary, we must work together. Yes you are hurt, but remember you are not the only one. Some have been through things most couldnt even imagine. Each one, including the clergy have come out with wounds and scars, some big and some small, some deep and some superficial, nonetheless they are there. We must not sit and nurse our wounds for the next 13 years, remember they already took 13 years of our lives? For some it’s been much longer, for some much less even still if we do this we will allow the devil to take us back to where we were previously. Let us not cause the BLOOD to be of non effect. Let’s rise up and fight!! Remembering we still have a testimony to uphold before all. Jesus did not save us for us to then become a reproach to him. He has already born our shame. THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS TO PRECIOUS for that!

    1. I totally agree. I thought we were supposed to be all serving God together all carrying the Blood Stained Banner of the Lord. Instead of fighting one another let’s fight the devil together. It is the devil that wants to take you to hell not your brother and sister who is encouraging you to stay away from sin.

  7. I don’t want to argue but to just get an understanding and it is totally fine if anyone has a difference of opinion from mine, something Denis would not allow in controlled cult.

    What if it is not an implication and it not a stand off church member but someone who was a church member who no longer wants to be a church member all because of what Denis did. Should you just not say anything to encourage them to serve God like they did in the Bible or do you just say nothing and let them drift into sin least you be accused of being like the cult? I understand if people want the world that’s their choice but shouldn’t someone sound the alarm. Everyone that left or got kicked out didn’t want the world. Some may have but not everyone. So if it is obvious that my brother or sister has decided to drift away from Christ, not implying but has, can I let them know that no matter what happened to you the world is not the answer? And if the stand off person wants to stand off that is their business as well but why be a stand off to the ones who have loved you. Am I your enemy because I have told you the truth? God bless
    Galatians 4:16

  8. I think what only a man is trying to say that there is no excuse to SIN because you have been hurt by a Pastor, I don’t think he’s saying that you can’t grieve and you can’t mourn or whatever but there is no reason for you to Sin against God who has never done anybody wrong. Because people go back to fornication and adultery, lying and cheating because some man done them wrong, that’s not going to stand in judgement when you have the Bible, I think that’s what he’s trying to say. It’s one thing to leave A church, and quite another to leave God.
    You can still be Christian and have the fruits of the Spirit, during the time you are searching for a true Shepherd, during your time of grieving, please show true Christianity. Jesus saved us not the man, so although I leave a Church I have not left Christ and it is proven by the testimony that I still retain.

    1. I agree, I have grown up in church for over 27 years of my life in this type of church this is all that I have known the only representation of the church I have ever been in. Most of these preacher’s that you might know as your former pastor, I have known as a small child and now they stand in pulpits and agree with Rev. Denis and his lies, and it is despicable how they can sit there and believe these things. Even my close friend had her very parents denounce her and call us every name other than a child of God, who’s family even turned on them and were made to lie, who’s siblings are the product of a church that has a lack of love and care for the family, and remember this was family the only family we knew! We can easily fall into the mindset ” I can’t trust preachers” the church has done me wrong, pity party. Rev and Sis Denis were practically family to us. He even called us his daughters. He used and manipulated us financially, Spiritually, and verbally. We took so much humiliation at his house, (where the behind the scenes true Rev. Denis was)

      But despite all of this, the thought has never crossed my mind that I want to go back in the World because the church has hurt me. Don’t get me twisted, yes these things hurt, and yes there were tears, and pressure, and shock! Jesus saved me not NTCC or HOPCC therefore I do things unto the Lord, not unto man.
      So yes we can grieve, but my Bible says that weeping endures for the night, but JOY comes in the morning, not for months and months of misery.
      People are sad because they want to be, people are bitter because they want to be. I have joy because no matter what this world does to me I’m still have the Joy of the Lord.

      Even though the Church has done us a big injustice. I am still commanded by the Bible to show Love to people and to live a Christian life, A bad church does not give me an excuse for me being bitter and having a bad attitude, holding grudges, and to go back to sin, that Jesus delivered me from not Rev. Denis. Because although I have left the Church, I have not left Christ. I love the people in HOPCC, and I love Rev. Denis and I hold no grudges or bitterness towards him, I am just thankful God me showed me a way out.
      Many are leaving the Organization w/o brothers and sisters without wives or husbands even dear friends,some without houses, cars, money and even without a sound mind, but in all of our grief, remember that song: What a friend we have in Jesus, Oh’ what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in Prayer. It’s just as the song says “needless” you don’t have to if you do what the Bible says. You will love those who are in HOPCC and those that have left no matter what they have done, but I am persuaded that some have allowed there light to be snuffed out by there pity party they allow themselves to live in. Your light should show brighter in dark times.
      Carry everything to God in Prayer, and you won’t be burdened down or disappointed or bitter, when you have a friend like Jesus.
      I think our testimony is proof that it can be done, you can still have confidence in God. No one here is saying that it will be easy, God didn’t promise us a life of roses, but he gave us the strength to do our best.
      Sis. Yorke.

  9. God is faithful, there is no way that I am going to allow some crooked preachers or some devilish church members helping the crooked preachers get me from Loving My God, the God of the Bible!

    1. Thank God He didn’t quit on me during difficult times and I am surely not going to quit on Him. He has been to GOOD! Ain’t no crooked preachers, ain’t no fake, gossiping, backstabbing, lying, so-called Christian going to mess up my relationship with God.

      They have their reward and I will have mine as well.

  10. Amen!! I couldn’t have written this article any better!! This is all very true. We have all been hurt by a “church” unfortunately for some of us this has been our entire life story. Growing up in church (or cult) is not the rose bed people may perceive it to be but God has been faithful, he has delivered us from this. Now we are reading the Bible for what it says not what it has been twisted into. Sometimes it’s very difficult to praise God when you have so many open wounds, so much pain, and frustration, so many “whys”. God is not the author of confusion he wants to heal all of our broken hearts. We must pick up the pieces of our broken hearts and continue to fight for God. We must not lose heart. It’s a tragedy when people come out of the cult which is only a miracle in it’s self, then don’t want to go to church or trust another preacher. This response causes Gods enemies to mock. We must remember God hasn’t done us wrong, he has led us out by his faithful hand. We need a church, and a preacher according to the Bible. Our failure is when we put them above the Bible, and when we fail to look at them as fallible man. They are not perfect, they don’t have the ability to be!! Yes, We must be cautious lest we fall back into the same trap, but we must not look at every preacher through a tinted lense. We must allow them to be MEN!

  11. Yes that is so true, unfortunately the Bible tells us not to think these things are strange. There are always fakes and there will always be the real thing.
    I’ve never met anyone that stops spending $ just because there is counterfeit $ money out there and you just so happened to get that counterfeit $ someone deceived you with, next time take better precaution! and neither should we do this for the God, there will always be counterfeits but don’t give up on the real thing!

  12. Its amazing to me how in the church. You be a blessing to others and they walk around like someone owes them something being unthankful. And your brother and sisters are being a blessing to them and they won’t even speak to you! Were is the love and being thankful for one another, just because you so called got hurt by the church, does not give you a license to treat others bad and act unchristian.

  13. The thing is,many of the people still there(and me when i was there) had a sincere desire to serve God,and were to the best of their knowledge doing so.id venture a guess that most people who “quit” the church did so because they saw the lies,shady stuff, being treated as slaves instead of fellow workers/brothers and sisters,or because of the hypocrisy,not because they wanted the world or were never saved. The preachers equated leaving HOPCC with leaving God,and that’s just not the case.

  14. This is very true. I thank God for those who made a stand against such a great evil, but never lost their first love. Losing your first love is deeper than the way Jimmy Denis tried to term it, by looking at our short comings and saying that is proof that we lost our first love. No, having short comings is not losing your first. At the and of the day, after suffering years of abuse from the only 2 groups we ever thought of as Godly, looking to them to show us Jesus, after finding out they were frauds that cared more about themselves, to find that after all the dust settles from such destruction, that in the aftermath we are once again picking up the pieces to honor and serve the one true God who kept us through all of this. That my brothers and sisters in Christ is keeping your first love. And because you still have your first love, that love was able to lead you out. The ones who lost their first love are the ones who will not believe the words written by him, and now love and follow another, the cult master Rony Denis. Be encouraged family of God, if you have a heart to still seek after God, and to do what he has called you to do, you are righteous, and you are in your first love. Pray in confidence that you still have your first love, it is attainable, and it has been attained. It is yours, and no man can take that from you. Who shall separate us from the love of God? God is for us, pray in confidence, pray believing, pray trusting. He is a loving father, he has pardoned us of our sins, because he desires our fellowship. Bring him what he wants, his Son paid the price, don’t waist it. Pray knowing you’re excepted of him, and let the peace which passes understanding fill your hearts and souls. Rejoice! For we are His!!!!!! Rejoice, and again I say Rejoice!!!!!!!!

  15. The Bible give us the remedy for every situation. A preacher once said that false teachers are God’s judgment on people who really don’t want the truth. I wholeheartedly agree. We have the Bible and the Spirit of God if we are saved, how can we allow ourselves to continue in a false religion? When we find out that something is headed in the wrong way, HELL, and we confront the minister and he doesn’t want to repent then we as individuals have a responsibility to serve God and not follow a false prophet. Not everyone preaching the gospel is a false prophet. We may have differences of opinions on things but a false prophet is something else all together. A false prophet changes the scripture for their ungodly benefit. Please instead of blaming the church or preachers blame yourself, pick up the broken pieces and serve God! Some people sad to say don’t really want God, they like what these cults offer: pride, religion, and a false sense of security. The backslider in heart is filled with his own ways. The Christian in heart is filled with God and His love.
    God Bless You!

    Bro. R.A. Yorke

  16. I agree, when a church is in sin like Rev. Denis and HOPCC, and leading people astray and teaching false doctrines and hurting families it’s one thing. But if you see that your pastor has convictions and is trying and acknowledges failures and is changing and growing let’s not be fault finders. But let’s pray for pastors we have.
    I know for myself I sat behind Rev. Jimmy Jones Denis and gave him 12 yrs of my life and seen all the inconsistencies and lies and deceitfulness In his life.
    It would behoove us to be thankful for Preachers that really care about us and are trying.

  17. It is funny how people complain about preachers and have so-called trust issues as if every preacher has done them wrong. Have you ever did a preacher wrong? Have you ever did God or the church wrong? Have you ever did anything wrong in your life?

    You rarely meet people honest enough to say that they did the church and the preacher wrong its always the other way around and they are so hurt. But the preachers,no one cares about them, they’re all so evil anyway. God? Oh, He doesn’t get grieved.

    If you want a perfect pastor, is it fair for the pastor to say he wants a perfect church member?

    1. This sounds like a classic statement of someone having a pity party. “Woe is me, I’m being singled out. I’m not perfect, I’m just a man so everyone should overlook the way I’ve misused & abused and hurt people.” I don’t think I’ve read any where on this blog that anyone was looking for any form of perfection In the man of God, although ministers are indeed held to a higher standard of living, given the call on there life to impart “Truth” of Gods word to his people. The majority of what has been exposed on this site has been hidden sins, cover ups, and the abuse of many innocent people in the worse kind of way.

      This is a very sad attempt to excuse ones behavior and proclaim that church members were looking for perfection in the preacher, just to try and excuse the surmount of damage the preacher has inflicted on so many lives…smh

      1. No, what I’m saying is not to excuse the hypocrite preacher but looking at things from the other side, there are hypocrite church members who use the preacher to quit church altogether. Just because a preacher does wrong doesn’t mean all preachers are wrong and no church can be trusted. This is the classic excuse used by the insincere of heart.

        Denis is clearly wrong but why should I or anyone allow him to cause me to think I can’t find a bible believing church or minister. Denis is a wicked man but that is not an excuse for me to quit church altogether.

        1. Oh I understand your statement now. I misunderstood what you were trying to convey, and I completely agree that one should never give up on God because of some wicked preacher . I thought someone was making excuses for Mr Denis’s sins . Yes you are right, one of the classic excuses used for those who choose to go back to a life of sin.

    2. It’s not funny to those who devoted their time and finances, and sacrificed their own dreams and future to a church organization only to come the the realization that it was all for nothing. When those preachers had no qualms of hurting you in the guise of “the chastening of the Lord”, or “the perfecting of the saints” or “making sure you have no pride”, or when they let you (and everyone else in the congregation) know when and how you are at fault for something. When you have been a part of an organization in which 90% of the preachers/ministers were controlling, especially when it came down to schedules and times, you tend to be a little stand offish when it comes to going back to a church.

      Most people know that all pastors are not evil. Many people who have been on the congregation side are just afraid to fall into the “follow a man of god” church again. It’s not that they don’t want God or that they have stopped loving Him or that they have a desire to stop following Him. It’s that they are afraid of making the same mistakes again. “We” are afraid of getting reeled in again, slowly, subtly into the kind of churches we have left. I hope you can understand this. With time, those who want God will make their way back to Him.

      Of course there are people in congregations who are not sincere that hurt others. No one would dispute that.

      I know preachers/pastors are not perfect. Just as church members are not perfect. What gets to me is how they preach harsh when members make mistakes or fall, but then they want compassion and understanding when it’s the other way around.

      Church members don’t want/need/ask for a perfect pastor. They want/need/ask for one who has compassion, wisdom and understanding. Real understanding.

      1. Yes, it is a shame how people give to what they think is right but find out it was wrong. I have tried to have the mindset that if you give it should be unto God and if it is mishandled then the mishandlers will be held in account by God. But you have ministers who have connived people out of their finances and that certainly should cause us to be more circumspect with our giving.

        What I am talking about though is that even though many ministers and churches may be frauds the individual must still trust in God! I understand the love and patience needed for the hurt,I have been hurt myself, but God never hurts us. We don’t need to go back to the sins of the flesh if God delivered us out of them. This was my point to encourage the disenfranchised to still stay true to God despite false apostles.

        We have no excuse if we know better. Let’s let our light shine so men may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.

        1. You are totally missing the point (ONLY A MAN). what GONE GIRL is trying to say is understand and have some mercy and patience and gentleness with members that are stand offish. These members have been used an abused and under the control of wicked so called Pastors. I know you been hurt too ONLY A MAN, but please don’t think everybody is gonna respond or bounce back like you. We are all made different and are very fragile especially after being tormented and beaten by pastor after pastor. Please don’t be offended but I just ask that you pray and ask God to show you how to pray for his wounded soldiers.

          1. I understand crying over spilled milk but is there ever a time to clean up the mess and pour a fresh new glass of milk and enjoy the goodness of God?

          2. I second this. The implication is that people will be driven to blame God or use the error of the cult to go back into sin and the World. But this is the very thinking thag the cult tried to build in its members,and we don’t need to hear that when we leave too. God is able to save and keep us,and if we endure,we’ll be alright. But it’s not helpful or biblical to imply that people will just go back into the world the first chance they get,because they’ve been hurt by a church/cult.

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