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12 thoughts on “The Denis That Stole Christmas

  1. I pray that everyone had a nice Christmas, my prayers especially for those who had to spend Christmas without there spouses, but they had Jesus with them, who is a really good Father.
    I’m sure in HOPCC, they were only allowed to worship Rev. Denis who is there mediator and Saviour. But as for us it was one of worship to the Son of the Living God who is the true mediator for our souls.
    A Spanish Congregation and Pastor had service with us Christmas morning, and wow was it a blessing. The Pastor spoke in Spanish and his Son interpreted for him. And he testified of the real love for one another. And he made a statement that if you don’t love children you won’t make it to heaven, because Jesus loves children. What a sharp contrast to HOPCC who makes people get VASECTOMIES to avoid having children and then Rev. Denis when he finds out your pregnant instead of congratulations, he makes you feel as if you committed the unpardonable sin.
    These Spanish people serve God out of the sincerity of there heart, not tarnished by man’s abuse and standards of guilt shame and humiliation.
    Rev. Denis has done HOPCC a great in justice for most of the people that come from his disgusting cult, have no idea what true Christianity is, they are walking around with “holiness standards” on the outside and inwardly they behave as Sinners, they have no real love for there Brothers and Sisters, they exemplify none of the fruit of Spirit, they would have been better off learning the principles of Christianity from a Christian and not a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. So therefore they are just like Rev. Denis nice clothes on the outside, and they are liars, have a anger spirit, and they see clearly to remove the mote in there Brothers eye, except they have a beam in there own.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. You know must cults don’t really celebrate Christmas and or other holidays so why is it Denis dosent want this things in his church it’s wrong to give someone a gift?

  3. I am sending Christmas goodies to my family. I usually send food like baked goods and sweet treats. I figure this way the church does not receive any benefit from it. Do they send people out country on mission trips? like to Jerusalem, Israel?

    1. Jeff Derby and his wife was sent to Israel and there was talk of others going or even Derby returning. At one time Denis spoke of moving there to help prepare the Jews for the coming Messiah. He said God called him for this, hence Derby’s trip there to primarily find living quarters for Denis.

      1. My son said he just came back from there. He said it was a good trip. Not sure who else went other than him. He tells me that it is a mission trip of some kind.

        1. When I was last there Denis spoke of a brother named Marco going to Israel instead of him because he felt that the Jews would accept brother Marco before him since Marco is of Jewish heritage. But later at his house he trashed brother Marco to his select group saying that he wouldn’t last a week in Israel.

    2. Ma’am we are happy to have your participation on this site, but I would warn you to be very carful what you say. We don’t want your son to be in danger, rony will go on a witch hunt to find out who your son is. Rony denis is very nosy and can’t help but know what is being said about him. He has one of his evil henchmen (joab) Anthony oloans, scour the net daily. anything said about him our his empire (hopcc) will be printed it out for him to read. He will do things like make your son change his number so you are unable to contact him. He often will have people send back anything their parents have sent them. Anybody who speaks ill of him is automatically considered an enemy. Rony has people call their families and ask “is Rev Denis a man of God” “what do you think of the church” nonsense like that. Usually rony denis or his henchmen are listening, as soon as they hear something they dont like rony will then force the person to cut off their family. He is a lord over Gods heritage!!! Please keep writing, we enjoy your input!

  4. Rony Denis is such a fraud! I agree everyone has there personal convictions on what they want to do, but there is a reason they are called “personal”
    R. Denis would give my kids $ and say go buy them something for Christmas at the same time the whole church thinks it’s a sin if you buy your kids anything for Christmas! This church is double minded in all of its ways.
    I’m sorry folks but the majority of collective groups that don’t celebrate Christmas are CULTS! But notice this: they don’t have a problem with you worshipping them! I’m not for Santa Clause, but at this point I think his character is better than Jimmy’s
    You can’t celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ because this pageant, my question would be what do you call man worship? It’s called idolatry. You can go to heaven celebrating Christmas. I’m sure you won’t make it, using a man to CLEAR you from your sins. I’ll take Jesus and Christmas and HOPCC can have R. Denis and idolatry.

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