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Hello Rony Denis. The man seen here is doing ok! By J.M. Rodriguez

To all who may not have seen my comment on this, I have decided to make it into a post. Jimmy Jones Denis paid an independent delivery company to bring a stack of facebook photos to my door. The pictures were of a friend of mine from child hood, who at one time I brought to church, but now in the photos it appears this childhood friend of mine needs alot of help. Rather then lamenting for the lost soul, he would rather have a hired agent hand deliver them to me at my door, and instruct the hired agent to give me a verbal message that “the man in these pictures is doing ok”. One of the pictures even showed my old child hood friend drinking a beer and giving the camera the middle finger. I got the message Jimmy, but you are not to curse. I guess you do have a cursing ministry after all, curses as in language you use.

So the the point of these pictures was a sad attempt for Jimmy Jones Denis, the Pastor of House of Prayer Christian Church in Hinesville to try an put me in some state of emotional distress by seeing a childhood friend of mine who is no longer in church deep in sin, trying to tell me what he has tried to tell me for a long time, that i’m going to be cursed. and end up like that guy. Well Jimmy, i do try to be reserved on my publications, think back, you started this, every time I here something you have done to tarnish the testimony of these brave truth tellers, I just meet it with greater force. You sent pictures of a messed up friend from my childhood saying this is what I will become?  Here is a picture of someone from your childhood. The cruel dictator known as your father. The ironic thing is, I can’t say this is what you will become, you are worse than him. You have used the name of Christ to build your empire of tirany.  Sir, please stop, every attempt you have tried to silence or harass us has just blown up in your face.  Remember, WE were silent, and you launched a smear campaign on us. Your actions since we left have shown us that are reservations for peace were not possible, and that your wickedness has reached the high heavens. God has tried to get your attention time and time in the past by having different problems go on in the business endeavors you made me take part in, then Brother Bowers really gave you a run for the money, and now us. Sir, these are signs that God is angry with you. You made a lot of promises to God and the people, and now you are full of excuses.

P.S. Thank You Sir for having me learn how to design websites. Thank you for making me design the old House of Prayer website. Thank you for spending lots of money to have me properly learn how make sure your website would properly flush other web sites out of google. You tried to use my God given abilities as a weapon to use on your enemies.  But now it has turned on you. Don’t get mad at me Sir. Get mad at your self. You made me!

ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    HELLO RONY, THE MAN IN THE PICTURE IS DOING OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Hello Rony Denis. The man seen here is doing ok! By J.M. Rodriguez

  1. Wow, pretty interesting facts. I came to know of this man in the 90s, never knew that about his father though. He is definately a chip off the old Haitian block, but on a grander scale, misrepresenting the name Of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his gain. Oh what a day of reckoning it will be when one has taken the long suffering of a merciful God for granted. If I were you Mr Denis, I would really consider my ways, repent and give back what you have stolen from God’s people. You have done much evil in God’s sight, do you really think the Righteous God of heaven will allow this to go on forever during your lifetime ? I think not…..People are in prayer all around this country for the opressed in the Hopcc, that’s all God was waiting for was a group of people to unite and stand in prayer so that he could incline his ear to and bring about a great deliverance. people are praying from all various church affiliations and God is hearing and answering despite your claim that you are the only holiness mortal human walking the planet.

    You can almost guarantee that you probably will be running around in the streets naked as you prayed would happen if you ever misused God’s people, that would be one of your prophecies that would probably very well come to pass. You’re probably going to lose your mind as people began to regain their ‘own’ minds and rationalization of the true madness taken place before their very eyes. When they do, I pray they will seek a speedy departure from that place because you are the true definition of a control freak. People who strive for that much control usually can’t hold it together when the control is gradually taken from their grasp.

    These brave exmembers are fighting the good fight of faith and trusting the hand of God, you can’t stand against that. You’re fighting a losing battle.

    1. Interesting Facts;
      I totally agree!! I’m just glad I got out of there when I did. A year or so after following the break from NTCC, my family, spouse and I left when God spoke to me about this not being the church, when Denis came to visit the Tacoma, WA church that H. Virgo was pastoring at the time and started to say, “If there is a church service going on and you don’t go to it…. You just ain’t saved.” Red flag back then. I was so tired of hearing of ministers say this a lot over at NTCC. The IHOP said that NTCC people were ordered to disfellowship anyone that left the church, and thought that was so wrong to do to us. Braedeen, Denis, and others capitalized on that quickly. However when we left, they did the SAME thing. I don’t know about ordered, but encouraged people to stay away from us and others who left. Their first conference seemed nice and it was hopefull. My husband I helped a girl that the Virgo’s asked for us to help and if she could stay with my family of 7. We helped and the first timed she complained about something she took the wrong way, I got a call from Virgo and he was all mad and questioned why what happened happened. He asked me getting loud, and rude. I began to talk to him and he eventually hung up on me. Later to call me back and apologize. He stopped letting me sing alter calls without really telling but by asking for another sister to come up as he was closing. I didn’t understand so I asked and he said it was because we were not going to every church service. That’s a talk and situation all on it’s own. So Denis visiting to preach there was the final thing that did it. There are more things I could tell about but maybe for another day. Oh Luke Lohawn was there and the Bowles. I’m soooooooo glad we are OUT!

      G.T. Rodriguez

  2. Denis your dad went back to Haiti and got him a hero’s welcome. Why don’t you go back and get the same welcome and leave us alone. Maybe they will give you two silver bracelets with a chain in between. Oh, I forgot your “holiness” or a wholly mess whatever it is.

  3. Wow, Hinesville pastor, Rev Denis, is really messed up. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He really is a dictator in his heart. And yes worse than his dad because he has hijacked the church. He is using the church to cover his evil deeds. A hypocrite of the highest order. We don’t take pleasure in the death of the wicked. So, there are people who used to trust in Rev Denis who actually feel sorry for him knowing that he is on his way to hell.

  4. Rony must be in Reprobate status. He has messed up so many people, like father like son. Rony is even going bald like daddy. Isn’t it something how history repeats its self? Rony will end up just like his dad. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

    The Brother you’re lying about

  5. Hahaha he must really miss you bro…. to go all “psycho stalker ex” on you hahahaha. Ex pastor that is. Or rather, ex cult leader, ex dictator. Wow what striking similarities with his father he has… a chip off the old block for sure. I just don’t understand how his henchmen who stalk this page daily can deal with themselves knowing this stuff they see is true? Must be some very seared consciences.

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