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The Sisters Voice

Here is the real behind the scenes stories of how Rev. Jimmy Denis treated the women. You may have heard him say that he is the defender of the women, he recently said in the 2016 Ordinary People conference that he” loves the women”. Well here we are going to open up the real stories of what he did to the “women” And how he treated us in these meetings at his house. This is not defamation of character, these are true stories. I’m sorry Rev. Jimmy if you feel this is defamation but these are  the things you have done that were totally unappropiate and are true stories of how we were humiliated and publicly shamed in front of your minister’s. Under the so called guise of helping us. Women are more than just stupid as you would say and you can throw a Louis vuitton purse, prada shoes, and St. John clothes and they will just sit down be quiet and take all the mistreatment, No thanks you can have your material possessions, Real Godly women don’t need it.

36 thoughts on “The Sisters Voice

  1. I’ve been married only one year outside of this cult. Married 11 years and spent 10 in this cult. I used to wonder why I would get ripped to shreds from the pulpit over saying something a certain way to my spouse, but nothing was EVER said to my spouse when fights would get physical. When things were said to me, that if I said them to him I’d be dead wrong and blasted for it, but no one would ever say anything to him. I know why now, because my soul never mattered. I was just an anchor to my husband, the one bringing in finances. And when I tried to leave I was asked “why do you want to give your family to satan?” But when I was smacked around and told that I was hated and stupid and I ruined my spouses life, and I call the ministers crying, they get irritated at how emotional I was and say it’s my fault. I wonder how they treat their own wives?? Then when I got sick of it, the clown ministers once again blame me and say it’s because I never went to them hahaha LIES. I’ve since forgiven my husband because I know he had been through quite a bit because of these wolves. And he’s forgiven me. Not only that, GOD has forgiven us. I told him, it’s worth working it out if we can get out from under this hell cloud. So we left. And God has been restoring my family. But looking back I can see that women are greatly mistreated and abused. They never hold the men accountable for their actions unless the ministers want to drive a wedge in the marriages, then they’ll go to each spouse and tell them how their spouse is such a devil and they dont love you, planting and watering seeds of discord in the families. Even between parents and child. But other than that… the women are as good as whores. Just used to keep a carnal man anchored in the cult.

    1. Oh and another thing. There are quite a few so called good praying brothers in the church who have zero relationships with children they’ve fathered before getting so called “saved” I’ve seen these deadbeat dad’s get praised for being so prayerful. Give me a break. They’re told to pay the church before child support. And not to visit their kids. Some of them I’ve known for years and unless they told you, you would have no idea that they have kids outside of the church. The sorry ministers tell them not to pay child support or visit their kids.

      1. One more thing. When you are a struggling sister who is depressed because you are being treated as if you aren’t worth the dirt you walk on, the ministers assign you a baby sitter. Hahaha a prayer warrior. Or rather someone who emotionally “prays” in tongues all prayer meeting. Minus the holy ghost and sense and real sincerity. Just tongues. Look at Tamara Escudero. Full of attitude. Oh but she prays. And now she says she’d take denis’ side over God’s. Yeah that’s the fruit of a prayer warrior. If God told her denis wasn’t his, she said she’d “respectfully disagree with God”. That’s your heart. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And what’s in your heart is not of God… because his word says: let God be true and every man a liar. DENIS IS A MAN.

  2. Jimmy said that he is for the women, boy what a liar! He said that he CAN’T STAND those ghetto girls. You know you said that jimmy.

    I guess that’s why he has Mrs Julie in there to smooth things over. Those dictators just can’t have one.


    1. Yeah, I heard how he got on his own wife calling a ghetto girl because she liked the 300m Denis used to drive. He was trashing his wife cause she from St. Louis. That is not right!

    2. Yes Rev Denis says he can’t stand Ghetto girls, they don’t listen, they run there mouths, they don’t speak right, on and on and on. But now I realize why he couldn’t stand them because you have to be a REAL Christian in order to handle there nonsense with true Christian character and not retaliate back down to there level. Rev Denis just didn’t have it.

    3. Jimmy Denis wants the women around him to be a certain size. Plus he only had those around him he felt could benefit him.

  3. I have seen so many women that are the reason that there husbands won’t take a stand because they are scared of losing there wives and they would be a fool to think that they would escape the judgment of God because they are a women.
    I’m sorry I’ve seen to many women in history and in martyr stories that have went against all odds even risking losing everything they have, or even there lives and you mean to tell me that Sis Denis is going to be any less accountable, all she has to do is take a few of her purses with her headed out the door and she will have more $ than we all have put together!

  4. I have done some thinking lately, and although I believe the women are to follow there husband, at what point are the women commanded to take a stand. Leaving all emotions aside and just reading the Bible, all couples that took part in wickedness both of them were judged. I believe I have a personal experience or testimony of this. I believe that no one thought that they would have to actually live the Bible. Ananias and Sapphira were both judged for there sins, The Bible teaches us that we are going to stand before God individually. How can you stand before God and say that your husband made you live in sin.
    Everyone has a choice to make, how can we use this as an excuse when there are those that came before us that have taken a stand. Esther said if I perish I perish, when is the cause of Christ going to mean more to them than fancy clothing?
    Emotionally this is something that is very hard to digest, but when you look at the scriptures it shows that women are not going to be exempt.
    I’m so sadden to come to the conclusion that Sis. Denis and all the rest of the preachers wives are endanger of the judgment just as sure as there husbands, I really don’t see how a praying woman can sit there and watch as her husband destroys and hurts people and uses and abuses them, and not put forth one cry! For the sake of the people! With Jesus living in your heart, who is the defender of the weak!
    I once experienced this leaving NTCC without my husband on board, it was a difficult emotional stressful time, but I did it at 18 yrs old! And by the Grace of God things worked out. But to say these wives cant?
    To say that she will lose everything? When we sing the songs about having this whole world but give me Jesus, the Bible tells us if we gain the whole world and lose our soul we have lost it all. can you tell that to the to the women that have lost everything for worldly causes but the Righteous women can’t say a thing.
    Laying aside all emotions, the sad fact is while they stand up and agree with Rev. Denis and his lies they are going to be just as accountable. All the Prayers and Bible readings what good is that if you’re still sitting in a cult and in full agreement with it or if not in full agreement you won’t take a stand, you won’t help the women whose husband got stolen from her, or the family that’s being savaged and ripped apart?
    People sit comfortable in their nice cars and there fake spirituality, but they never thought they were going to have to live the Bible, we are living in the last days and the days are darker but God’s light is Shining brighter God is looking for not just men but women also that love God more than themselves.
    Sister S. N. Yorke

    1. God wants praying women now more than ever in this wicked time where you find that many don’t want God. Where women are so materialistic and non-spiritual, over emotional and not biblical, hearts filled with bitterness instead of God’s love. This also can be applied to men but there is something very special about that Proverbs 31 virtuous woman who prays instead of listening to the Serpent as Eve did in garden. Did you know that the Serpent is still speaking? Are you listening to it? Are you spiritually able to discern its voice? If you pray and walk with God you will be able to. Oh, contrary to the cult teachings of HOPCC, you as a woman can have a walk with God and not be an independent headstrong rebel but a true woman of God which in God’s sight is of great price.

      Bro Yorke

  5. One of the very last times of being there at Rev. Denis’s house, my husband and I were walking to the back area of his house, and Rev Denis was sitting in his seat that he always likes to sit at. And he was looking as I made my way in the tent area, and I got the feeling in my stomach that I knew he was going to say something, I could just feel it.

    So he was doing his teaching as he normally does and out of the blue he said Sharita stand up, I was so nervous and he told everyone to turn around and to look at me. I stood up, Everyone turned around and looked at me, and then he proceeded to ask everyone what was wrong with my outfit? Everybody looked and couldn’t find anything wrong, and he proceeded to say that my jacket arms where to tight!! This was not true! He just wanted everyone to look at me. This is how he would humiliate you all the time. And if you showed any feelings that it bothered you, then you were considered proud and not right with the Lord.

  6. Lil rony denis is a demonic pervert. He is obsessed with homosexuality and backsides because he was most likely molested as a child, and growing up under a dictatorship explains why he belittles women the way he does.

    I always felt as if though, there was something off with denis, from the 1st time
    I met him he seemed to be a closet homo. And i remember the many meetings at his house on friday nights when he woould make fun of the sisters backsides. Lil rony your just a lil gay man, with a ego centric napolean syndrome. Lil rony you are no body. You are no one. You were NEVER God’s annoited.

    I did some research on you buddy, my uncle works for the FBI, you stole over 300,000$ from NTCC to start HOPCC, everything you are doing is under the radar of the government. You will be shut down buddy. I hope you know what happens to lil weakling like you in prison.

    you are nothing but a false prophet and a theif. You sir are rhe one that is guna blow hell wide open. You and all the ministers that have followed you for so long knowing of your pathetic decietful ways. You are a devil! And your kaballah and spiritism is all a manisfestation of how possessed with pervertic homosexual spirits you are.

    Now you wana stalk bro Rodriguez with fake court papers haha! In your own words lil rony “you are toast” ??

  7. Rony, Duvalier wannabe, Denis was raised underneath Haitian dictatorship. So, this was no doubt the value he was raised with concerning women. He may have even been abused as a child like Adolf Hitler and others with such anger issues and sexual perversion of thought. (Hence his “backside” fetish) Many Muslims experience this as well in Muslim dominated cultures. Many terrorist no doubt share childhood nightmare stories of abuse.

    Salvation however can and should cure this but if you never got saved or you quit on God you will return to your roots except worse. One of these may fit Rony’s condition. Praying for you Rony.

    The brother you said you “Loved”

  8. I totally agree with Jennifer, we both remember that uneasy feeling we would get as soon as the call came to go to Rev. Jimmy’s house. You had to look in the mirror and make sure everything was right, put on your fake smile and be prepared to get looked at up and down as soon as you made the entrance into his house, and boy did he watch. Even getting up to go to the bathroom made me a nervous wreck.

    He seemed to me as if he were only interested in the younger sisters. Although he would lightly tease certain ones, he would leave alot of sisters alone that had alot more weight issues, if he wanted to draw you into his inner circle, you have to be a certain size, and he went as far as saying that it was tied to your salvation! For whatever reason myself and Jennifer he was over the top, and poor Jennifer he went waaaay over the top!!!

  9. I remember when Sis Denis had to go through the same thing, (about weight) she recently in the last few years has lost alot of weight. But Jimmy would SCREAM at her and say she doesn’t listen to him that’s why she wouldn’t lose weight, and that’s why her blood pressure was high. She’s proud and everything he would often say, poor Sis Denis. We really have to pray for her.

  10. I have been told my story needs to be heard but i have not posted anything on here because i have so many story’s to tell, and i just haven’t wanted to relive all of the years of sexual harassment. its just to much. I guess i will try to begin…. Rev Denis as we all know has a frequent habit of watching every bodies backsides, unfortunately i was the main target. Through the almost 13 years we were with him in HOPCC he would draw constant undue attention to the size of my backside. There were even a couple times when he would include my child in this discussion. Kids don’t just think that way they have to be trained to think like that. This would really bother (of course you are never allowed to portray that anything could bother you) me being i never wanted my son to look at me as anything other than his mother. Why would i want his attention on any certain body parts like this? Thankfully he seems to have forgotten this.
    More times than i could count rev Denis would have me stand up for everyone to look at me. I would just smile because any sign of discomfort would be taken as “challenging the man of God”. one time a group of us were outside by the tent, i was told to get on all fours like a dog and he said “look there is a horse, everybody looks like an animal” ( very embarrassing). i would be told constantly the shape i have is because of my mom, he would then impersonate her walk . He would make all sorts of jokes about her behind her back, mocking her, even talking bad about her. I understand there were people who had issues with her, but she is still my mother…… i regret deeply the way i was made to keep her at a distance, even when she was allowed around. ( which was rare) i was constantly told to watch her whenever she was allowed to be around my son (which wasn’t often, sometimes not for years at a time). I was told she wasn’t the grandma that my son needed, that she would hurt him. (this is after her other children and grandchildren had been stripped of her. i wish i could go back and change a lot of things, i know i damaged her by obeying this man) Rev Denis would tell my son he had to save him from his grandparents. There are so many instances of these sort of stories its very ridiculous.
    I would constantly be made fun of about my weight, this was not an infrequent occurrence. This happened constantly. i have been asked how much i weighed constantly, especially after i had my son. There were even times Rev Denis would try to make me get on a scale in front of a room full of people, or he would ask what size skirt i wore. This was to humiliate me into losing weight quickly.
    There was even a time recently a few of us were told to pull each others skits tight, for the brothers there to see our different shapes. i have even been told to bend over, which i did as least as i could. supposedly this was a lesson on what makes a man lust over certain body types….. i was told nobody wants me because i’m to big.
    Rev Denis says these things are OK to do while he is present, because when he is there the situation is controlled. He would often say he doesn’t have the ability to lust over any of us, that he doesn’t lust over anybody not even his wife. He said where he is at that isn’t allowed. He says if he were to lust over his wife than he would be putting her head on every womens body any lusting over them also, because his job is to watch.
    there are many stories i may share another time but i guess this should give you the idea that being “on the inside” is worse than sitting in the pews as a normal member. Many people wished to be on the inside, i guess it seemed glamorous but that was all a facade. We dressed nicely because we were representing him, but that entailed knowing a side of this man most will have no idea exist. Those on the inside live in more fear than most could imagine, one wrong move, word, action could bring devastating consequences to your life. this is why nobody on the inside talks much, we all knew better.

    1. that’s so sad. he’s nothing but a sick pervert dressed up in a suit pretending to be a so call man of God. how sad. that’s what you call a pervert in sheep clothes!!

    2. Thank you for sharing your story sister, the wickedness of this man needs to be exposed. So many people trusted in him thinking that he was some great man of God even though so many red flags existed. God is so merciful and miraculous that there is still hope through prayer I believe for your mom, dad, brothers, and even their families. John Newton’s mom continued praying for her son who eventually got saved and by inspiration of the Holy Ghost gave us the song Amazing Grace.

      All things are possible with God even the taking down of this male chauvinistic fraud. He is hurting women right now in his cult. I can only imagine the pain young wives who want to be young mothers must bear because this tyrant says it is not God’s will for you to have children and he even goes further into brainwashing the husband into having a vasectomy which deeply inside the heart of the wife is against her will.

      It really broke my heart when I first came to House of Prayer and I saw Diana Oloans look so depressed only to find out later all she wanted was a child, know doubt there were many other things that the “fixer” had his hand in that made things worse for her as well. SHAME ON YOU TONY, THAT WAS YOUR WIFE, SHE WAS A GOOD SISTER, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT TO HER. A HUSBAND IS TO BE A BAND AROUND HIS WIFE! SHAME ON YOU TONY! AND YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

      I never seen so many depressed and oppressed people in my life. I never seen so many “business marriages” in my life.
      God bless you sister and your family thank God you made it out with your husband and child may God bless you with many more with a quiver full of children.

      Bro. R.A. Yorke

    3. I am sorry you had had to experience those things. NO ONE should ever experience that under any circumstance, much less under a so called man of god. It was ABSOLUTELY WRONG of him to put you through those things.

    4. Ma’am , I am so sad you had to endure such mental abuse, sexual harassment and harsh treatment. I’m really speechless. I had a close friend to read your story and she had the same reaction as myself. We just looked at one another in disbelief. We are still in disbelief that churches like this even exist in our everyday communities, among our innocent children who are for the most part very impressionable, its sad how people are reeled in under such lies and deceit in the name of religion. I have one question because Ive confirmed through other comments made throughout this blog that he is indeed a married man. Was his dear wife present when he was being sexually entertained at the expense of you poor ladies? Do the ministers of the gospel (of this organization) during these settings deem such conduct as appropriate. I’m confused on that part? I really & strongly believe the public should be educated on groups like this within our communities. Thank you all for being brutally honest with your testimonials, I’m pretty sure some details are hard to relive but you are saving others by speaking out. I will continue to pass this information along and will continue to minister to young ladies on how God ordains women to be treated, with respect and dignity. I will continue in prayer for you all. God bless you Ms Rodriguez, you are a strong brave woman, my prayer is that God continues to heal you All from this catrosphy.

      1. Sis Denis is around for alot of the weight issues but not the other stuff. The minister’s sit there and don’t think twice about it because they think it’s normal, even the husband’s because they have bought into Rev. Denis lies that he doesn’t lust and does not have the ability to lust.
        And some husbands think it’s strange that there wives just won’t obey the man of God.

        It truly is sad there is no real defender of the women over there, we are called stupid all the time. Even Sis Denis has been called stupid. And one thing she would say and tell us to do “is to smile graciously” And that’s the only way we could cope.
        Pray for her, because even though she has all that money can buy, she is still most certainly not happy.
        God Bless you. Thanks for all of your prayers and understanding, it’s nice to know there are other women who can sympathize.

  11. That’s Jimmy Denis for you. Everything he sais is always sexual. Sure, he throws in some bible for good measure, but even then it’s twisted. That’s why to him everyone is gay. He is obviously fighting some sexual tendency himself. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And when you see his mouth moving, it’s alot of times sexual. Many victims can sue him for sexual harassment and win, because he used his power to bully them into excepting this type of treatment. It looks like he is becoming the Bill Clinton of church. Old slick Rick!
    Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

  12. So Rev Jimmy the “holiness” preacher always committed sexual harassment he would have one sister turn around all the time so everyone can look at her behind and see how big it was, umhhh that’s sexual harassment sir! Not only did he do this one time but several times. This is the preacher and prophet that hopcc church members in trust there Souls with to determine wether they go to heaven or not! Give me a break this man is a pervert.

    1. In real life, when you work on a job where you get a paycheck, it is considered sexual harassment to do those things to someone and to ask the kind of questions they ask people. Watching videos concerning this subject or attending classes is part of job training in all jobs – private sector or government sector.

      How can those WATCHING think that it is godly/modest/chaste or Christ-like to make a woman turn around so the whole congregation can see the size of her behind while the preacher provides commentary? Is this right in Gods’ eyes? Can you show from the scripture where this is okay?

      To those of you who are still “in” and “loyal”, THINK about it. ASK yourself the above questions.

      Still shaking my head.

  13. Mr. Denis would always accuse me of being a model. He would attribute this to the way I dressed and the way I walked(which wasn’t that different from anyone else) and would often say that he had to get that out of me and make me a daughter of Sarah. One time when I came to Denisville, Ga we were at a meeting at the library beside the church and he accused me of being like Hollywood with my big glasses, and told me I needed to stop wearing them. The odd thing about this is I don’t even own a pair of big glasses, I know the trend that is out there now is to wear sunglasses that are big as the sun, but I detested that look and went out of my way to purchase glasses that were very small.
    The way things are over there is even if he’s lying and not telling the story right, you don’t correct him and you accept the lies and believe in yourself that he sees something that you don’t see. And still to this day he tells everybody that I wear big glasses!
    He’s such a liar.

  14. When Bro. Bowers’ site first came out my wife told Denis the backsider that Bro. Bowers said that Denis didn’t love his wife. Denis was irate, he claimed he loved his wife, of course you couldn’t tell. It reminds me of a story someone told me of a man who said that his girlfriend was a Christian but you couldn’t tell.

    Denis got angry because it was true, what Bro. Bowers said was correct. Denis publicly trashed his wife and no one said anything concerning the madness of this false prophet.

    Soon after the copycats like Pilkington would follow. Please pray for the women of HOPCC. The material ornaments they wear on the outside can’t hide the hurt they carry on the inside. Shame on you Denis.

  15. In the beginning of House of Prayer Denis the abuser of women spoke of how women had their place in the ministry. But as time went on he has continued in his true ideology that women are to be like flowers: pretty, smell nice, and seen but not heard.

    Have you read much from their defunct “Sister’s Voice” article in their Prayer Force magazine? (The NTCC Trumpet copycat) Here is the true Sister’s Voice (though I am a brother) speaking of the abuse this man showed to women including his own wife.

    Denis the women abuser called me on the phone and was also telling me about Bro. Rodriguez’s wife and mother in-law’s posteriors. (Of course his used his favorite word) What in the world do I have to do with that nonsense?

    The fact is this man is no friend of women but just like the serpent going after Eve in the Garden.

    Thanks be to God for delivering us from this perverted prophet!

  16. Sister I remember that time Rony Denis was yelling at his wife in the fellowship hall. He not only stuck his finger in her face as he yelled at the top of his lungs, but he had his finger “in” her face. As he yelled he was pushing his finger in her face. I was maybe 5 feet away. I remember her desperately trying to explain that she had just turned around when the boy grabbed her hand. Both kids had to be about 3 at the time. He was yelling at her saying he wouldn’t have missed it. The sad part is that there was new people there looking at him. I worried back then about the new people seeing that, because even back then I knew he had that angry side, and I was afraid they wouldn’t understand. Now I know he’s a nut! And there is no excuse for him to treat his wife that way. This guy does not respect women. I would meet with him nightly on his back porch to him his real estate money report, and he would yell at his wife regularly even more than me. He would ridicule her and tell her she hurts him more than anyone in house of prayer. He would tell her she just wants to be worshipped, and would constantly look at me as he derided her and tell me she will be in hell. One time he was talking about how heaven is his reward, and he in a calm voice looked at her and said, “your not going to be there, thus sayth the Holy Ghost ” night after night I never knew who would get it worse between me and her, and night after night I watched her keep her head down as he continually tore her soul in front of me, and her daughter, and would say that Mariah is saved but not her mom. This man is abusive to women, that’s why when you see sister Denis at church, she never speaks, she knows better or she will be verbally abused when she gets home. I watched this happen night after night. I was able to leave that abuse, I hope she will find a way.

    1. His ways are despicable. I knew him through ntccc. There were always tale tale signs that he had the tendency to turn into the monster he’s become. I wish that the leadership of NTCC back then would have listened to those who tried to come forth and report his malicious ways and mental abuse. He would always tear the women down back then too. We were either accused of being Pre-Madonnas or our overall attire just wasn’t good enough in his sight. He was always critical of plus size women. I never understood how he thought that was aiding in spiritual growth by constantly tearing down ones self image and self esteem. It saddens me to hear what he’s done to his wife. He is jealous of her, that’s why he tears her down. The Godliness in her convicts his evil wretched soul which is why the demonic spirit in him strives to tear her down. He knew that people loved the Godly spirit within her which is why he accused her of wanting to be worshipped. He wants all the admiration and wants to be “Worshipped”…that’s what his real problem is, he’s full of pride, just full of himself.
      I’ll keep it to myself what I feel he really has become, but any man who is jeoulous of own his wife maybe just needs to slip a pair of girl panties on. He is so big and tough that he has to use Christianity and the name of God to have the manhood he lacks so very much. Bullying your wife, bullying ministers, bullying young men and women who wanna truly serve God. You can write this down Mr. Denis, when they lock you up for real estate fraud you’ll know what it feels like to be ridiculed and bullied behind bars. Then you’ll have a legit reason to be worried about whose sticking things up the “backside”. It’s alot of those type in prison.

    2. Yes I too hope she will find a way out I have prayed and fasted for Marjorie Denis and her daughter. If she continues to let Ron Denis be her IDOL he is correct she will be in hell because she has put Ron Denis before God and living in disobedience. I know that sounds harsh but it is true because she has been a partaker of his multitude of sins and transgressions..Someone said to me well if you put Marjorie Denis’s name on the site she will get it worse..I have news for you she will get it worse if her name is not up here she has endured years of mental, psychological, spiritual and now the question is..is she enduring physical abuse also? Is Ron Denis the self appointed apostle beating on her? Think about it for a minute…He brings his other mistress we know as Julie Boles (another man’s wife) in Marjorie’s home..she’s driving his expensive car and has a bed in Marjorie’s home who does this? This is perversion at it’s finest. He has tore Marjorie down so much she will not fight back or say anything because she may lose her life and I have news for you Marjorie you will lose your life if you stay there fight back God is still a Deliverer!

  17. I remember one time in a service he told the congregation about a brother who kept saying he didn’t want to marry any of the sister that was handpicked for him and Denis asked him if he was gay or did he want to marry a lady of the world? He made two sisters come stand in front of them with their backs facing them and Denis pointed at their backside and told the brother how this church was “holiness” and we don’t wear tight clothes and you won’t see the women’s backside. In my mind I thought that was crazy. What are you doing looking at someone’s backside???
    Then there was another time after noon prayer in the fellowship hall in hinesville Denis was teaching. While he was teaching one of the ministers lil boy grabbed Moriah Denis hand and Denis saw it and immediately started yelling at sis Denis like a mad man. He sent her to their vehicle and got on the reverend. A sister ran out the room upset and crying others had to reassure her because she believed Denis was wrong. Later Sis Denis would tell me outside by her car, “How can he be saved?!”
    She asked herself that but then justified it in her mind by saying God was probably answering her prayers and was making her. I was young at the time and a new Christian and felt she knew more than I. All along God was trying to show her her husband’s true colors.
    Danielle Jones

  18. One time in a meeting at Rev. Denis jimmy’s house he was doing a rendition of myself in front of everybody and proceeded to stand up and pretend to walk like me, but showing everyone what I looked like from the back, using his hands he showed everyone the sway of my walk and what he saw!!
    What I realized is the people that are in his circle that he wants around him have to be a certain size and that’s why he wanted to be sure that I stayed a certain size, he likes the sisters to be slim and he would constantly watch me as soon as we came to town in Hinesville to be sure I didn’t gain any weight, and if I did he would be sure to let me know.
    He once told me, while at his house to relax and get comfortable he understood that I was nervous from him always watching me, but now this time was a time to not worry and be relaxed. From that point on I was a nervous wreck anytime I was around him. Even at church he would watch me. He once told me after church service at a meeting at his house, that he seen everything that I did in church and went on to list everything I did all the way to when I got up to use the bathroom and came back to sit down.
    I hated the uncomfortable feeling being around him……

  19. One day in Denisville, Ga. Mr. Denis had a meeting at his house. Here he had several sisters and there husbands gathered around which is quite normal once you are in the inner circle of his group. There he would began to break down the different shapes and sizes of different women, actually critiquing everyone’s shape. He told several sisters they had a WHITE GIRLS SHAPE there behinds are flat! And didn’t have the pooch in the back that men liked!!! And then he told one sister that her hips were to wide. There was another sister he told that she had a black girls shape, but just needed to lose some weight! And he even had the sisters to pull there skirts tight in the back and walk so all the Brothers could see. And proceeded to ask them why are they lusting? Mr. Denis even went as far as to say about one Rev’s wife that it was hard to find any beauty in her, she just had the chest ( of course he didn’t call it that) he asked the mighty men of God from the Sanhedrin board if they ever lusted after a certain sister because of her shape, and they answered No and the only reason was because she was too big. He told the sister concerning her weight that that was the only thing she had going for her, the men didn’t lust after her because of her weight. And the stories continue…………

  20. I know this is the sisters voice, but if I can comment on the inappropriate things I witnessed Jimmy Denis say about my wife. One time I was with him in San Diego visiting my in laws. Jimmy Denis was there, and my wife and mother and law were working in the kitchen. He pulled my arm quietly into the kitchen and has me look at what was in front of us. My wife and mother in law were side by side working, and he had me look at there backside side by side. He thought it was funny that my wife just had a kid, and was bigger, and always made fun of my mother in laws weight. I wasn’t amused. I didn’t get married to stare at my wife’s mothers back side.

  21. It all started when I had my first child that Rev. Denis began the indecent inquiries about my weight. He would ask me was I going to get back down my original weight, I thought it was nothing but blew it off as a caring pastor, but I lost the weight, and later went on to have my 2nd child which by the way he was so angry that I got pregnant again and said some of the most wicked things, and said we were making his job harder by having children. ( I’m not sure what bills he was going to be paying, and what job he was going to be doing) My 2nd child I had was born premature and was still in the hospital when Mr. Denis happened to be in town and he paid us a visit and took my husband and I and his henchman out to eat.
    There Mr. Denis would ask me in front of everyone how much I weighed and I wouldn’t tell him, I just had a baby!! Why was he concerned? He made some joke about he was trying to help my husband out, by making me lose weight. My husband was not even concerned. Mr.Denis later would hold this against me for the rest of my time in HOPCC that I wouldnt tell him my weight that time I guess I embarrassed him I think it was there that I realized Mr. Denis was very interested in my weight and size.
    When I came to his house in Hinesville about 3 months later I lost all the baby weight and he was so happy I thought I had won a noble peace prize!
    This was just the beginning of the torture.

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