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12 thoughts on “My Sheep Hear My Voice?!?!

  1. Me and my former wife Christina left Davis’ NTCC to follow Denis into HOP. Christina left me, when I ceased following him, because after a couple months he started doing the same as Davis, only worse. Bradeen took her into the Servicemen’s Home and offered to remarry her to someone more loyal, which she eventually did. Over the years she would leave and come back to me, because of abuse, but she always returned to the group. Like an abused spouse or drug addict, she just could not bring herself to depart for good. She stopped even contacting me, when she told me that Denis was now the Last Elijah, and I asked her what prophecy of Scripture he was fulfilling, which of course she could not do, because there is no such “Last Elijah” in Scripture. That’s when I knew they had truly gone off the deep end and past the point of no return.

  2. When Jesus declared that His sheep would hear and obey His voice ONLY, and not that of a stranger, He was speaking of the voice of Scripture. Strange new Leaders come speaking and teaching strange new commandments, that God never said nor had written as Scripture. Such wolves prey upon the sheep who have not yet learned to follow Jesus ONLY, by hearing and obeying His Word only. The real hold of such cults is in fact their made-up personal rules and additional requirements, that are believed as God’s Word. They are the very teeth which the wolf has clamped upon the sheep.

  3. The first thought I had of all the people gathered around Denis with such pleased smiles was of Kim Jong-Un. Every publicity picture they put out of him is with his surrounded followers always with similar smiles. N Korea and House of Prayer are the happiest places on earth, when their Leader is there!

    1. Denis was in Augusta, Ga once teaching about the ghost of Karl Marx. Who would thought I was looking at the ghost he was speaking of. If you read this Jimmy, I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

  4. Why r people not offended in how they are hurting innocent people ? Sounds like inordinate affection. You guys r great to God be the Glory keep the facts rolling and rolling until this looser rolls right into a jail cell.

  5. Thank God people are finally exposing this fraud. All of the families he has hurt and destroyed over the years are partially being answered at this time. For, you reap what you sow. Thank God for all the prayers that have been prayed and are being prayed against such wickedness, and thank God for the bravery of the protesters who are exposing the fraud and the lies of Rony Denis! Those who were not in it may not understand, but those who were know that this is good for Denis and those who have escaped because of this, all glory to God!

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