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Is Rony Denis the Next Jim Jones? Striking Similarities. A Must Read

Jim Jones was the American cult leader responsible for the mass mass murder-suicide in Jonestown,Guyana November 18th 1978. This was the incident that the infamous “Drinking the Kool-aid” term came from that is so commonly used when speaking of a cult. Under the direction of this cult leader, 918 people took their own lives by drinking cyanide laced kool-aid. The first to die were the small children who were given the deadly kool-aid by the hands of their own parents. So as crazy as that might seem, one might ask, how do 918 people choose to take their own life just because their Pastor told them to? This type of obedience wasn’t gained over night. Surly out of 918 people, at least some of these people had to be normal enough to know this was wrong, 918 people? The scary truth is that most of those people were normal and smart enough to know something was wrong. They were normal thinking people just like you and me. They were brain washed a little at a time over the years.

Jim Jones was a Pentecostal preacher, who preached salvation, and pushed for the super natural in his services. Many times there were accounts in his services of divine healing, and miracles. David Parker Wise, an insider who was hand picked by Jim Jones to be trained as a pastor by him, and to head his biggest church in L.A, left the Jim Jones Cult when he realized Jones was losing his mind. He has many articles online about the things that took place, and is warning the world to not fall into the same trap. This man acknowledging that Jim Jones was a fraud had this to say about his public healing services. “With revolutionary, dedicated, uncompromising enthusiasm, members of the Temple’s inner staff had helped create healings for the cause. (Not all healings were fake, though. When the whole church worked together on healings many of them ended up being real.)”   By looking at this, we can see how over time he gained the loyalty, trust, and even obedience to the death from his members.  He was a man of power, and according to the eyewitness mentioned above some of the miracles did come to pass. Such a personality caused people to really believe that  this man had the “One true church” and that he alone could get them to heaven.

If one would study famous cult leaders through time such as Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Joseph Smith, Heavans Gate, House of Prayer Christian Church in Hinesville ( or it’s many churches), and the list goes on, one common fact remains the same about all of these cults and their leaders. They all claim to be the one and only key to their followers salvation, and that with out them, they would be doomed. It makes it easy to keep people in your cult if you could somehow convince them that your cult is the “One true church, and the only way to heaven”. This is called “Elitism” . It means us vs. them, we are right, the rest of the world, (including the church world) is wrong. It breeds secret pride in the hearts of the followers as they begin to believe the lie that “Only they are saved, and others must not be saved else they would be a part of our group.” This spirit is anti-Christ to the core, for Christ himself said of the disciples that were preaching in his name, yet not following with him and his disciples “Forbid them not, for whoever is not against us is for us”. Now If anyone had the right to believe that only they held the key to peoples salvation it would be our Lord, yet he didn’t demonize others, just because they weren’t in His congregation. This is one more place were the lives of these cult leaders, to include RONY DENIS, the leader of HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH in HINESVILLE, just doesn’t line up with the life of Jesus. 

Now though their are similarities to many of these cult leaders and RONY DENIS, we are going to focus on the similarities of RONY DENIS of HOUSE PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH in HINESVILLE, and JIM JONES of THE PEOPLES TEMPLE. 


JIM JONES– He claimed himself to be the human manifestation of God, and would regularly attempt to prove this by staging rehearsed acts of clairvoyance and miraculous healings. He used the idea of miracles to make believers out of doubters. Jim Jones learned to use these tricks to fool people into believing in the possibility of literally everything he said.

RONY DENIS- Rony Denis  would often say “Do you know the voice that is speaking to you? It is  the voice God ALMIGHTY” he would say this over the PA system at the church in Hinesville, or on confrence calls. This was done many times publicly. He also said in a ministers meeting at his house once “I am Diety” and “I am the savior of the world”  Rony Denis would also often call the church in Hinesville, and other churches on the PA system during prayer meetings, and church services, and command the church to go outside to see the wonders of God. He would often tell people to ask God to show them an airplane in the sky, and all of a sudden, their was an airplane. He would do this many times, and would often follow up with the question, does this prove to you that I am a Man of God?

So in this setting we have both Jim Jones and Rony Denis, claiming to perform miracles, and claiming to be God.


A Marxist is one who believes in equality for all except for the leaders on top, who always seem to benifit from the sacrafices others make to bring forth this equality.

Jim Jones–     Jim Jones was a Marxist, but he preached his version of socialism with the flair and conviction of a devoted Pentecostal – a religion which, among many other things, believes in the literal manifestation of God. Jones took this belief and used it to create a powerful sense of love and faith within his congregation, as well as a terrible sense of fear. He would have local governments involved in his operations, and would often make sure that congregants that didn’t have would be given proper housing, and groceries, while others who were able to contribute more, gave most of what they had to the cause and could not have their own financial identity.

Rony Denis- Rony Denis would often be asking to know the budgets and finances of different members. If he thought one brother had more money than he needed, he would make that brother take over a ridiculously upside down car payment that another brother had. He would often make certain people move in with other people  if he thought that they had to big of a house for themselves and did’t need that much space. Now if some one is doing this to help another person out, that is fine, and is Christian as long as they are free to do so out of the goodness of their heart, but these people many times were not given an option, and if any protested, they would be railed on either publicly or face to face. It has become an unspoken rule to agree with what ever financial idea Rony Denis gives you or else. The worse part of this, is that at times, Rony Denis would have two couples share a house. He would tell one couple they are paying the full rent to help out. He would then have the other couple pay rent as well. By him doing this, he could almost double the income above the normal going market value that any legitimate land lord could charge.


Jim Jones-     Peoples Temple was not actually religious, but it was a religion. It was a religion because of its affirmation of faith, its ritualistic practices and its paternal hierarchy which seated Jim Jones at the very pinnacle of unquestioned authority. He used the idea of a church to disguise his socialistic agenda, and to give credibility to his ideas. For the walls of a church are sacred to society, and anything taught within them is looked upon with a similar purity.

Rony Denis- HOUSE of PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN HINESVILLE, like the peoples temple is more of a religion in and of itself than it is religious.  They believe that they are the only true church left. They believe that Rony Denis is the only spiritual leader that can take them to heaven. They also believe that he knows the date of the rapture, and that their making it in the rapture is contingent on their relationship with him. Because of this belief, Rony Denis has taken supreme authority over the entire church organization. It has been stated from the beginning of HOUSE of PRAYER that their would not be a general board because the Trinity  is the board, yet Rony Denis proclaims himself to be the one in charge “Under God”. From the start, he made it seem like a good willed intention to not have a general board to do away with politics, when in reality he secured the true powers of a board, which would spread the powers that be among many board members for a system of checks and balances, accountability, and transparency, all to himself. No one to question him, not one to be accountable to, claiming that he answers to God, and if you question or challenge him then you are challenging God. He even went as far as to say that you cannot even have the slightest remote thought against anything that he says because everything he tells you is biblical. This is another anti-biblical statement. The Bible says that the disciples of Berea were more noble than those in Thessalonica, because they searched the scriptures daily, whether the things which Paul and Silas preached were so, Acts 17:11 This kind of authority abuse is not permitted by the bible, we are to use the word of God to try the spirits, and judge prophecies. Rony Denis has HOUSE of PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH thinking that he is above all of this.


JIM JONES- Children were generally surrendered to communal care, addressed Jones as “Dad,” and at times were only allowed to see their real parents briefly at night. Jones was called “Father” or “Dad” by the adults as well.[61] The community had a nursery at which 33 infants were born.[62]

RONY DENIS- HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN HINESVILLE has a day school. If someone is a faithful member, their children must be in the day school. One child told their parents that their teacher at school was teaching the kids that if they over hear their parents speak of leaving the church, that they are to run away to another church members house, and that the church would help them become emancipated.  Rony Denis also has a private school at his house for a select group of girls that are there to entertain his daughter. He believes that his daughter is better than the normal church kids, so he has created a fake society for his daughter to live in. She will never know what it’s like to make her own friends because her friends are assigned to her. These girls that come to “be in school” with her, are also there all day, just about everyday to play with her. Whenever she wants these friends, Rony Denis calls the parents, and tells them to bring their kids to his house at such and such time. They are not even given an option. Many times the parants of these girls will only see their own kids late at night when they get the call to come pick up their kids.  One child has it even worse. Rony Denis always goes out of town to his beach homes for about two weeks, before coming back to HINESVILLE for two weeks. While He is gone, this one girl always goes with him, and her parents just have a type of shared custody situation with her. This has gone on for years, just so that he can create the perfect and controlled utopia for his daughter at the expense of others.


JIM JONES- When Jim Jones had created his compound in the Jungles of Guyana with just under 1000 people under his rule there, he would have these big intercom systems that would go through out the community. As people worked or ate, at any time the voice of Jim Jones would come over these intercoms as a way to keep people brainwashed with Jim Jones Doctrine.

RONY DENIS-  With modern technology, Rony Denis has an intercom system that has global possibilities called a polycom. HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN HINESVILLE has the primary system. He will call from a remote location, and at a moments notice, during prayer meetings, or even in the middle of someone preaching his voice will come across the PA system, and many other churches at his choosing will here the same thing. Once his voice comes across everyone stops what they are doing to here the “Message from God”.  He constantly does this to brain wash people, and to make the congregants believe that his voice is more important than the minister that was preaching. He becomes a type of god to the people.


JIM JONES- Jim Jones would spread a  new ideology: that all men were latently homosexual except for him. He would teach “Everybody is gay. All men are homosexual and all women are lesbians. People wrapped up in heterosexual relationships are not mature enough to deal with this.”  He would teach that all men were gay except him, and that they needed to come to terms with this so that he could help them. He brainwashed many to thinking they really were gay, when they were not in any form of a gay relationship.

Rony Denis- Through out the years if anyone was ever to leave the church it was often said that, that person was gay or would turn gay. He always had an obsession with demonizing people who either left the church, or was questioning the church with this accusation. As the years would go on he came up with this strange doctrine claiming that he was the only one who could clear you to go to heaven, and that only if you confessed everything you have ever done even as a kid to him. Many have come forward with the truth that he had gotten very personal in these forced confessions, and would only aim at one thing, and that was peoples sexuality now, and in their past.  We have audio recordings that have Rony Denis, and his ministers interrogating people, asking them if they had ever put anything in their backside.  He eventually came out with this teaching that all of the men in HOUSE of PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH are gay, and that he is the only one that is not, and he is the only one that can help them. He would get people who had otherwise never been gay, and never believed they were gay to somehow start believing they are indeed gay, and had been hiding from it. He would do this by asking any strange thing they may have done as a kid, or anything they had done with there spouse that was outside of what he considered normal sex. He would say that the reason they did something as a kid, or did anything different with their own spouse is because they were gay. After days and weeks of drills, even the pastors would start confessing that they are gay, and never knew it.


      Asking the question again, how could one man cause 918 people to commit suicide by just a simple command, to include many children who were killed by their own parents at this command. Well it all starts by slowly brain washing people. As stated earlier, Jim Jones was a Pentecostal preacher, who had a massive presence, and even had evidence of signs and wonders. This alone is enough to have some people given over, but how did he win the ones who he thought that this just might not have been enough? It was through a conspiracy theory. yes both JIM JONES and RONY DENIS fooled the masses with a simple conspiracy theory.

JIM JONES-The Sixties and Seventies made what seemed like to be a visible failure of a free capitalistic society, and members of the counter-culture as well as African Americans felt united in their persecution. Jim Jones welcomed these discriminated members of society into his church with open arms, giving them hope in the truly free and loving society which they longed for. He played upon their suffrage to make them loyal believers – for nothing makes us feel more human, more vulnerable, or more in need than suffering; and nothing takes these feelings away more quickly than hope. He had the message that it was an evil world of segregation, and he was the prophet to bring about the perfect utopia for all to dwell together in peace, and only he could protect them from the evils of the outside world.

RONY DENIS – Rony Denis started HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCH by splitting off from another organization, and bringing many of the ministers, and members with him. The other church organization had a strict standard of not having worldly entertainment, T.V. ect. This Church also preached about “Compromise” as being an unseen evil that has taken the rest of the church world down and that they were the only true church left on earth. They had the very cultish brainwashing platform Rony Denis would need to start his own cult. If he could gain a large number of already brain washed cult members, he could have his own empire. He could only do this if he could get many of those brainwashed ministers, and members to believe a conspiracy theory against the organization they had sworn allegiance to, and believe that he was the one to rescue and protect them.  It had started to be circulated that they had lessened some of the standards of entertainment saying that “a DVD player is not evil, but what you put into it” This was what Rony Denis used to say “Aha! They have compromised, I am still against all entertainment, and they are going the way of the world fast, and will soon cease to be the one true church. Come with me and I will save you from the evil that will soon swallow them up, and will swallow you up also if you don’t follow me.” It didn’t happen in those exact words, but this was the message he began conveying to others. As you can see in some of the audio recordings, this is still the conspiracy theory he is using to elevate himself and his church above the whole world claiming to be the only true holiness preacher left in the world.

So there you have it. It is shocking how these two men are so much alike.

28 thoughts on “Is Rony Denis the Next Jim Jones? Striking Similarities. A Must Read

  1. Can anyone give me more information about the Tacoma and Lacey, WA churches/Bible College? I know that the Tacoma church locks the doors….is this protocol for all HOPCC churches? Are the Washington state branches also involved in real estate fraud, etc? Are the pastors/leadership in contact with Rony Denis on a regular basis and know of what is happening at the other locations around the states? I want to be real clear on as much of this as possible, when presenting my concerns to people attending there, as I may have only one chance to do so. I am just sick to my stomach and in constant intercessory prayer for this couple, as I am reading these disturbing posts. I truly fear for their safety. If this madman is urging people to get passports ready—oh, I can’t even think about it! It doesn’t sound good, not good at all!

  2. O yea I forgot I wanted to share this with mr. denis
    Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
    And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
    Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
    Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
    And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

  3. I pretty sure denis never liked me because i didn’t have much money. That would explain why he moved me around alot, but there is one thing that I did do is call him and he couldn’t even answer none of my question he had to get another minster on the phone to cover up his sin. The only thing he answered was about when I asked him about the house being foreclosed, he begin to say I didn’t know anything about it? like Im going to belive that. and began to say i was praying for you but im kicking you out the house and you only got 30 days but sent some people from the church to pad lock the house a week later. SOME PREACHER HUH. well that let me know enough that he was really messed up.

  4. I think we should come together in agreement and purchase Jimmy Denis a squatty potty. This will help eliminate more of that “STUFF” he is FULL of. And then it might smell a little better around here.

  5. This man, Denis the defamer, only cares about himself. He could cares less about these “ministers” around him. It wasn’t until HIS picture went up that he had co-conspirator Tony Oloans lying about copyright infringment.

  6. He cannot sue us for defamation of his character because everything we said is True! I know it hurts sometimes to actually look in the mirror, but come on Rev. Jimmy you are upset because we have brought out the real you that you hide before everyone else. If you don’t like your character than Change it!
    Haven’t you realized that covering the elephant with a handkerchief is not working.

    1. If there is any defamation it is him, Jimmy Denis, defaming us. He is lying we are telling the truth. You lost this time Rony.

  7. Jim jones was actually mild compared to Jimmy Denis in some aspects. Jim Jones had millions, but chose to live in the same poverty state that he believed was right for his followers. Jimmy Denis always said he deserves more than the people because he is the front runner and must project an image. He would also say it’s good for people not to have money because they waist it, and he is the only one God can trust with money. Jim Jones sent his pastors in the homes of the people to make sure they were stocked up with groceries. One time Jimmy Denis told me to give my grocery money to him, and told me that my family and I were to be on a starvation budget of $150.00 for groceries and hygiene items as punishment for me doing a bad job managing his real estate for free. Jim Jones is going to rise up in judgment against the wicked and perverse Rony Jimmy Jones Denis. Oh, I guess I have to call him Jimmy jones Denis from now on since he threatened to sue me today for defamation of character. EVERYBODY READING THIS, I DON’T WANT ANY LEGAL TROUBLE FROM RONY JIMMY JONES DENIS, SO LET’S PLEASE HONOR HIS WISHES TO NOT BE REFERRED TO AS “PASTOR R.DENIS” ON THIS WEBSITE, AND PLEASE USE PASTOR JIMMY, OR RONY DENIS, OR JIMMY JONES DENIS, OR THE WEISEL, OR WHAT EVER ELSE YOU WISH, BUT PLEASE LET’S HONOR HIS WISHES TO NOT CALL HIM “PASTOR R. DENIS” ok Jimmy Denis, I have complied in writing as you desired. Let me know if there is anything else you would like sir. I just want to make sure I don’t push you to sue me for money as you threatened in the letter you served me with. To anyone reading this, why would Jimmy jones Denis be trying to sue someone for money? Doesn’t he have millions of his own? Oh but he is like the guy in the parable Nathan told David, he wants the one little lamb I have when he has many. Really he is trying harder to cover his sins since God won’t strike me with a lightning bolt like he claims would happen for him. David said about shimei cursing him when others asked if they can silence him through other means “so let him curse, because the LORD hath said unto him, Curse David. Who shall then say, Wherefore hast thou done so?”. 2 Sam 16:10. Jimmy Denis ( as you insist I spare your pastoral title) If you are the prophet you claim you are, than by the court of heaven you are wrong for not doing what a prophet like David would do. But David was after God’s heart, and your after your own sir.

    Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

    1. Mr. Denis is a charlotin and a fraud! I have been appalled at this shyster’s audacity to parade around faining to be a “man of God!” We will bring the law after You, Mr. R. Denis, and all those who would try to cover your fraud and mental and psychological attacks and manipulation the members of your congregation (to include the children.”

      It is simple, confess your fraud and deceit to your entire congregation, and turn yourself in to the authorities. thus you would spare us all from having to continue raising the alarm and have the authorities to get you before all Heaven and earth. Justice and judgment and mercy were the crimes the pharisee’s committed before God; now you are not only guilty before God Amighty but it will soon be brought to light whether you are found guilty before the courts of men. Since one of your men are reading these articles reporting to you, let’s be clear, we will not stop till your lies, deceit, fraud, manipulation, and degradation of those in your congregation and church be exposed to the light of justice. Remember this: is is the HOLY SPIRIT THAT CONVINCES OF SIN, and it is he who brings the hidden things of th heart





    4. God bless you Bro. Rodriguez and your family, we will do all we can to help. Jimmy Jones Denis is not a preacher, he is a crooked businessman who knows nothing of the love of God. That is why it is hard for him to understand why families want to be together and not forced into divorce. The LOVE of God is stronger than the devil’s HATRED.
      The longer I have known Mr. Jimmy Jones Denis the more corrupt and vile he became throughout the years. Thank you for exposing this fraud, sharing the inside crookedness of this perverted church businessman and may your family heal from the pain and suffering he has caused you.

      Bro. R.A. Yorke

  8. Unbelievable! This comparison of Jim Jones and Denis is so accurate! What an eye opener! I was one of the House of Prayer’s victims who was brainwashed. It took years, but their mission was accomplished. And of course they used bible! When I first came to House of Prayer, I did not agree with their many teachings; but I kept on going, because of the love that I longed for, was showen to me. For years we were told to pray “broken, to be made new”. So I prayed and was broken and brainwashed. In addition, the scripture from 2 Cor 5:17 was often preached “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” Meaning “new” in everything: from the way you dress, talk, think, etc. Ministers demanded complete obedience without any questions asked by quoting 1 Sam 15:22 “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” We were also told that if minister gave us wrong advice, that God would deal with him. Our job was to obey. And that God would bless our obedience. When I first started to attend House of Prayer, I heard Denis say over the pulpit “If you don’t like it here, just leave!” But now people are scared to leave for the fear of curses and judgment of God. I heard Denis say to some people that if they would not change, they would have a heart attack. And funny thing is that you can not tell ministers that God wants you to move on; because they would say that if that was the truth, God would have told them first. And those ministers themselves are not allowed to do anything in the church without Denis’es permission. There is no freedom in House of Prayer. You are only free to do something if you were permitted. Thank you guys for this informative site! May God bless and protect you!

  9. I distinctly remember at the ‘decision point” conference, denis made a statement to the effect of: “the devil knows not to do anything in the tent during conference, he just ihas to wait outside until conference is over.” He also said “we have an understanding”. I kinda just ignored it, because i didnt know enough to question that, but it stuck in my mind along with his comment about “arranging marriages”. Where in the Bible does it say that Christians have “understandings” with devils?

    1. Perhaps because that’s who he communes with and stays in fellowship most of the time. That’s the only logical explanation I can think of for someone to say “they have an understanding with the devil.”

      1. Christians dont establish agreements with the devil. Christians have established covenants under the Almighty God, at least that’s what my bible reads, what version does the Rev Denis read ???

  10. Jim Jones did far worse to the people than the outside world could have done and Rony Denis has done and will do far worse than Ntcc could ever do.

    1. Yes Denis has done alot of terrible things but by FAITH it will be brought to a stop real soon. I have spread this information to every Christian I know who’ve been lifting this situation up in prayer. God has many who are standing in the gap for these people and praying pervently, they are also praying for Rev Denis, and believe it or not they are not praying curses on him but that he repents before his time runs out.

      1. He owes alot of people an apology. Maybe a good Stent of prison time will give him the time he needs to reflect on the heartache and devastation he’s caused so many…

  11. Jim Jones had armed guards at his church entrance in CA. Rony Denis has the sheriff at his in GA. What kind of church is that? I know, a cult!

  12. I have been around this man, Denis, long enough to tell what is written above is so true. He actually thinks he is God, he has anger problems, he interrupts the preachers while they are preaching with his silly song and dance performance, he wears tight suits, is not a real holiness preacher, and yes is little Jim Jones Jr.

  13. I was told some time ago from a former long time minister of NTCC that Rev Denis actually studied Jim Jones and that there were always issues with Rev Denis in NTCC.

    He said someone asked Denis why he went into servicemen’s work, and Denis’ reply was that soldiers are easier to control.

    That makes sense that the Greensboro, NC church that broke away from his control left because it is a civilian church and not a G.I. cash cow church.

    Denis is a wicked man. Thank you for all the insight. We must continue to pray for those still trapped in his Jonestown stlye cult.

    1. Can we say this a clear example of DOCTRINE OF DEVILS in the 21St Century. He is a prime example of Jim Jones, a near carbon copy, just shorter and several shades darker with a Haitian accent.

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