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The Greatest Showman!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! Brothers and sisters! We present to you the greatest showman of the church, RONY DENIS!!!!

Along with his band of performers, the ministers!!!

You will surely be entertained!!!

Each show/church service there will always be some drama, scandal, spouse swapping, fraud, or anything to fool you!!!

Now playing at a House of Prayer, Assembly of Prayer, and The Place of Help near you!!!

13 thoughts on “The Greatest Showman!!!

  1. Showman is the right title. I can honestly say that I didn’t fall asleep in church when Denis was on the pulpit because when he is teaching a message, he constantly gets off topic talking about nonsense. So it’s no longer a teaching, it’s a show.

  2. Denis and fam has probably already seen this movie 🎥 🍿 🍫 in his beach town where he spends most of his time!!! Don’t these people wonder why he’s always on the Polycom and he never comes to church services or prayer?! He’s Only there when he’s in town and that’s not often!🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Wake up house of prayer!!✨✨✨

    1. Does anybody actually know where his beach homes are? Has anybody actually seen the Bentley they say he owns? Do you know where he goes when he is not in Hinesville? I would really like to have proof that these things exist

      1. This information may be hard to verify If these things are not in his name…however I’m sure it can be proven…I heard that he has a jet now..I remember when he was saying that he deserves one…I’m sure this stuff can be verified If someone is willing to do the research.

    2. Unfortunately, they won’t wake up because this kool-aid is too good. Spiritually speaking, this thing is worse than the crack epidemic of the 80’s.

        1. The first transgression of man in the Bible was immediately preceeded by the first compromise of God’s Word: Adding to His commandment not to touch the fruit, as well as not to eat it…The Pharisees later did the same with the Sabbath and found fault with Jesus accordingly. Pentecosts have done so in a whole array of “holiness” rules added to Scripture, and find fault with Jesus’ believers everywhere. Cults are formed, when they first begin to add to God’s Law their own personal rules of righteousness. The jews did so with the Law of Moses (Romans 10:3) and was rebuked for it by Jesus (Matthew 15:9), and Christians started doing the same with the Law of Christ and was rebuked by Paul for it (Colossians 2:22).

      1. Compromisers to the “holiness” folks are actually Christians who ONLY obey the Law of Christ, rather than the additional commandments of men…

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