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Striking Similarities!!!

Both Rony Denis and David Koresh drew the attention of local media. Both had more than one wife living with them simultaneously!

Both claimed to be Divinity!

David Koresh has a different name: Vernon Wayne Howell

Rony Denis has a different name: Ernande Jean???

Both had people worshiping them.

Rony says to confess your sins to him so that he can “clear” you.

5 thoughts on “Striking Similarities!!!

  1. Oh the more that you hear the further from the truth they are day by day. Believing in what man says and forgetting the very word of God. God open these people eyes and ears that they may be delivered from the madness of House of prayer cult and cult master Rony Denis.

  2. Charismatic cult leader, Rony Denis, has told his people who to marry. He has told them that it was their salvation to marry whom he says. Can you imagine a false prophet telling you that you are going to hell If you don’t marry the one he tells you to marry? And then you look at the one he tells you to marry and the only thing in your mind is OMG!

    Someone’s mother reported that her son got married to an obese woman with multiple children from different fathers. When the mother asked her son if he loved this woman his response was, what difference does it make? What a sad shocking story! In Denis’ mind love has nothing to do with it. Just like what Tina Turner said, What’s Love Gotta Do With It!

  3. Both are also very apocalyptic. Denis believes his group is the remnant group, God’s ONLY remnant group, and those outside of his remnant group are nasty and filthy. Hopefully when the authorities come he just put his hands up.

  4. It is terrible the way the government handled the Waco situation. Hopefully Denis will not give the authorities a hard time when they come knocking on his door. He already doesn’t respond to them when they come to his house, but has his Branch Dravidians speak to the officers.

  5. Yes, this is true! Even if you commit adultery! Denis wants you to tell him and not your spouse. He won’t tell you this but he uses the the information to file it away and pulls it out to use against you If you get out of line.

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