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Nationwide Radio Disaster!!!

Please continue to pray against to continual brainwashing and abuse of the children in Rony Denis’ cult. Just listen for yourself from this portion of their Family Talk satellite radio program.

For God so loved this “nasty” world? And always remember to give  props to “the man of god”, aka Rony Denis.


Now let’ listen to the theology of Rony Denis concerning how to be saved and make it to heaven.

Thank God for the Bible!


8 thoughts on “Nationwide Radio Disaster!!!

  1. Bootzin, why don’t you really be honest with yourself. In today’s crazy radio program you talked about the ungodly, the one that goes to church, carries a bible, so call prays, shouts Hallelujah! and Amen! Can you honestly say that’s you and all the ones that attend that cult? You are talking about yourself Bootzin! You are an ungodly man! You do not listen to God, you follow a man! How do you not see it? Go back and listen to yourself talk. You are describing you and all the pharasies that HOP and Rony Denis have created. God is NOT listening to your prayers unless is the prayer of repentance and turn away from your wicked ways. You worship a man not God. God has been trying to wake you All up with the protesters and the real Holy Ghost that still deals with man, but you all continue to reject God and the people that he uses to expose Your pastor, Rony Denis, the man of Fraud, the man of Sin. You all lie for this man and do it so easily without any conviction because God has turned you over to a lying spirit. May God Almighty have mercy on you all before it’s too late.

  2. So, according to the Hop radio “preacher”, If I WANTED to go to heaven, if I BELIEVE GOD, and BELIEVE JESUS is the SON of GOD I still would not make to heaven? If I really wanted to go and truly believed, wouldn’t I have also repented? The workers of iniquity, that he mentioned, obviously have not repented and obviously don’t truly believe. Some may believe in God or that there is a God like the demons do, but they don’t BELIEVE GOD, therefore they haven’t repented. I didn’t leave Hop to go to the same hell the workers of iniquity within Hop are going to! I left because I am STRIVING against Denis and his wickedness to enter in at the STRAIT GATE! That means that it tight. It’s too tight for false prophets like Denis to enter in, too tight for liars like Denis too enter in, and too tight for the bishop who stole a man’s wife and changed her name to Phebe Ruth Denis and told her not to talk to anyone to enter in. It sounds like these guys need to do some self examination!

  3. Honestly…. Come on people- God never promised us a safe place.! The only safe place on this earth is in the very center of God‘s will for our life! Unfortunately, Denis’ Cult, hop, is NOT a safe place for anyone- PHYSICALLY OR SPIRITUALLY!!!! God commands US TO FLEE SUCH A PLACE! Are these people even reading the Sacred Word of God- The Holy Bible?!!! READ GODS WORD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Please read to get THE TRUTH not a twisted interpretation from the lunatic Denis!😕

  4. Did you hear that? She said that she is in a safe place and wants to stay in “school” Hop’s God’s Heritage academy presumably. Indoctrination 101!

  5. Wow, she prays like the ministers over there: oh God, Lord God, oh God, Lord God…….haha lol…what’s next…eeeeeeeelolololo….

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