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A one week hotel stay for $$Rony$$Denis! But his faithful followers wear thrift store quality, oversized skirts pinned in the back with the card declining at the self checkout in the Neighborhood Walmart for only a few small items of grocery.  About $6,ooo for one week, and the “great” man of fraud talks about how his poor preachers have no money! The great fake “missionary” who needs a list of goodies from the local pastors to pamper him and his family with, is supposed to travel abroad to reach the lost?!? Ladies and Gentlemen, $$Rony$$Denis is a FRAUD- PLAIN AND SIMPLE!


Feel free to check out the “items” the churches were required to get for the dear leader “preaching” the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“I like working with the soldiers, because they are easier to control”


33 thoughts on “$$Rony$$Denis$$

  1. I used to be in Hopcc and can say that I never by the grace of God purposefully set out maliciously to hurt anyone , if anyone feels that way I humbly apologize and certainly wouldn’t mind you letting me know if that was the case. I understand that people like to blame any and everyone for their plight, but it is always best to first start with the person looking at you in the mirror for your issues.(hopefully the mirror doesn’t crack)

    It is good to also expose the wickedness of those who are actively working to deceive and destroy people. The Bible is replete with examples of this going in in the work of Christianity. There are those in Hopcc with some serious character flaws that Denis exploited for his own wicked purposes. People like Schmidtke and Pilkington, who are extremely loyal to Denis even when they know that he contradicts the scriptures. These two were also pastors in Ntcc, I was not. Denis would send people to Greensboro, where I was at the time, because he felt that I could help them. He referred to them as “bums”, these were people that he felt were struggling to live for God and had a tremendous amount of baggage. People he didn’t want to “waste” his time on. I will not on this site go into the stories of these people but I will say that there was one whom I had to challenge Denis on concerning his son who he was trying to get custody of and it appeared as if Denis couldn’t care less, but didn’t express to much about it because of the conflict he and I could have had like we had in the past. Gerard Robertson was one that Denis would use as propaganda to puff up his great “ability” to bring people to church (but not Christ, we later realized). Robertson would give these testimonies of Denis showing up in town and people would just come to church to get saved. But, when Denis came to Greensboro, not one person he invited came to church. There was only one young man that Marjorie Denis saw walking and sweet talked to come in to a prayer meeting that we were having in a house that he was walking pass. One time Denis, Marjorie, and Friar were in Greensboro inviting people to church (soul winning) and the only person who came was someone I invited. The issue to me was not about who is and who is not bringing people to church but about Denis’ braggadocio. Denis knew who he could easily get to lie for him, by God’s grace I was not one of them. He would ask Virgo questions and Virgo struggled to answer because he couldn’t “remember” these lies that Denis was purporting. There are complexities in being wrapped up in such a place but you can escape. Many fear their families being torn apart if they leave. Some feel that they have nothing to go back to. You definitely need to pray and seek the Lord diligently! You won’t find Him in Hopcc but you will find Him when you search for Him with all of your heart. Don’t judge according to the appearance but judge righteousness judgment.

  2. I’ve been to Schmidtkes church before. I’m wondering, do they know a lot of the things they say is against God’s words? I sometime wonder that maybe it’s what they’re taught and been breaded that way for years and years. These guys read and study the Bible a lot!!!! So I notice the “I’m better than you” attitude in a few of ther demeanour. And one actually said that as well, lol.

    The pastor seem like a good guy but goes on a power control on stage at times. I stopped going for years and he tried reaching out to me through a colleague. Seem that this site is reaching people and their losing customers I guess.

    1. On the last part I meant this site is reaching out to people, so the HOPCC community is having a harder time reaching souls.

      1. The “pastors” who used to be pastors in Ntcc know a lot and will be held accountable for it. These so-called ministers who were pastors in Ntcc and are currently in Hopcc are: Virgo, Schmidtke, Bradeen, Huff, Pilkington, Bercini, Robertson, and if there’s others I don’t remember. These men along with the orchestrator of this grand scheme, Rony Denis, complained about the misdeeds of Kekel and Ntcc, but they sit and allow greater atrocities to take place by Denis and Hopcc. Virgo complained about the things Kekel said but he is silent when he has heard Denis say far worse. The problem is, all of these pastors have been bought and paid for by Denis. There are ignorant people in Hop who are blinded to the truth of these men and then you have those who are willingly ignoring the truth. People praised Jim Jones as well, despite the warnings from their families. The Bible also mentions something called the spirit of error. It doesn’t matter what level of intellect you have. People of various levels of education and intellect can be and have been caught up in religious systems that are erroneous whether classified as a cult or not. These pastors know exactly what is going on by now. In my opinion, somewhere they crossed a line where they have departed from following Christ to following a man and have therefore gone into apostasy.

        1. My daughter is one of those pastor’s wife. She can not talk to ME and NO ONE in the FAMILY. I just want to know if MY CHILD is O K , If SHE STILL ALIVE is SHE SAFE?

          1. Out of the different pastor’s wives, I think the one who wants to leave the most is Robertson’s wife. The problem is Robertson is a kool-aid crackhead. Denis doesn’t have her around much and has even spoken in a demeaning way concerning her body. The other wives are pretty lock step with Denis. Virgo and Bradeen appear to be tough on the outside but their wives we see run the show. It’s the same with Bercini and Schmidtke.

  3. Hey Denis the menace when is the next rapture date? For some reason i missed the last one. Blaaaa hahaha🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. Every worldview including Rony’s is based on earning your deliverance. Your good must outweigh your bad. The gospel message, which Rony doesn’t preach, is not based on your performance, but on God’s Free gift. Something we did not earn. Jesus is that gift, we can accept Him or reject Him. He said that if you come to Him, He will not cast you out. All of you that labor and are heavy laden, He will give you rest. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

    1. I agree. If I can come and stay as long as I did in hopcc, all be it ignorantly, I surely can come to Jesus right? I heard someone say how will I know it’s Jesus because I thought I was following him before. Jesus said, “and whither I go ye know and the way ye know”. I’m glad I can be saved after 11 years in a cult. Mr moneybags can continue in his folly all he likes but the cries of them that have reaped down his fields are entered into someone’s ears the bible tells us. Our labor will not be in vain in the Lord. I believe Denis (the 3ft Jim Jones) menace has gotten the Lord’s attention in a bad way for him and he knows it. I’m glad God gave us something more precious than money. He gave us his son!

  5. Just like Joseph Stalin, who said that If he tortured the people and fed them, they will follow him for the rest of their lives. The mindset of a dictator. We find this in Rony Denis.

    1. Lol… I’m sure the man hurt many of you – but Stalin!! Seriously? A man who murdered millions vs a small time cult church who’s catching suckers? That’s just a local hustle – he knows who to catch.

      1. No one said anything about murder, but the kindred mindset of a dictator spirit. Anyway thanks for your “Christian” compassion and calling us “suckers”, we really “appreciate” your great insight and “wisdom”.

          1. Funny, the comment is “same spirit they have.” I’ve interacted with many of those members (and others) to know what to keep away from. And the same comment they have are similiar – “those people don’t want god..they have spirit of the world.” If you’re a person who attended there for years and was mean to someone, that’s YOU, not a church to blame. So this man Rony and his puppets are hustling….what do hustlers do? They catch easy victims who are easy to persuade.

            Imagine a small time church fooled so many for so many years – it’s understandable, but come on now….Nobody prays in the corner in their homes anymore – “lord, lead me to a right church…if this is not the right place, remove me from there immediately.” Cults fooled hundreds, Antichrist will fool nearly the world. Imagine that!

          2. A lot of people may get caught up in a church like this who don’t hurt people or spew venom like others but it doesn’t help them to escape such a place is when the people telling them to leave the church are hypocrites themselves.

          3. It is true that it is “YOU” and not the church to blame when you treat people the wrong way. I used to be in Hopcc and now I am out and I can say that many that are associated with that church were just struggling to impress Denis. Their true identity was even revealed when they left which is to not be a follower of Jesus. I have seen people follow bizarre standards that I didn’t follow when I was over there but now they don’t even follow Christ admittedly. In Hopcc they faked it till they thought they could make it, but in reality they would never make it. But not everyone over there had a nasty spirit, so I wouldn’t make a blanket statement and trash everyone who came out and is exposing Hopcc. There is a post on this site that speaks about not making excuses and blaming yourself about a lot of that nonsense that was allowed in Hop. Some people may come out and repent, while others may continue on in their sins except without the religious facade. Some in Hopcc who are still there are and were used by Denis to do his nastiness because they were inwardly corrupt themselves like Schmidtke, Pilkington, Derby, and so-on. But, again not everyone is the same. I wonder if there could be someone sincere in there that could be working to help wake people up?

          4. Unfortunately, many in Hopcc read their bible and “prayed” out of fear of Denis instead of love for God. Where is the Holy Spirit? If you’re saved doesn’t he come and abide in your heart and gives you a desire to commune with God and feast on his word?

  6. I remember when Denis complained on how he was not treated like R.W. Davis…..and it is true because Denis demanded more and more and more. That was back in 2011, 2012, now its beach houses in Florida. Wow what a shame. And he says that others are about money. Denis LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!!

  7. 2 Cor 12:9-16
    I myself was not burdensome to you…..I will not be burdensome to you: for I seek not yours, but you: for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children. …. And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you…., I did not burden you: Did I make a gain of you by any of them whom I sent unto you?

    Mr. Dennis this is the heart and mind of a true apostle not a powder puff pleasure seeker such as yourself.

    1. It’s not fraud when it’s a hustle. If you catch a few customers who is open to putting homes in their name, that’s a hustle…it’s sales! lol.

      1. Your right, he hustled the people in his cult. He is a hustler, but he is also the orchestrator of many lies to financial institutions. That is fraud.

    1. Why does a preacher push their people to get their VA raised so badly, instead of chasing some ambition – degree, etc…. I know one member who said that how his pastor told him to go for 100%, and then he explain how his pains are getting worse and how that’s a blessing, that God is saying to get 100%. Smh.. Money I tell ya – all the fake sweet talk goes out the door once the Benjamins are flowing 🙂

  8. Yes, I remember him getting upset that the brethren in San Diego looked up how much he was spending a night in the ritzy hotel that he was staying in.

  9. Awe Yes!! The lavish lifestyle of many a false prophet. His faithful are beggars while he dines on his swan and filet mignon. He struts around in his tight “backside” Italian suits with two women dressed to the nines on each arm, separate bedrooms of course. while the rest of the world is considered “filthy and nasty”.

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