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9 thoughts on “The BACKSIDE Boys of HOPCC

  1. Has “pastor” Pilkington ever stuck anything up his backside? Didn’t Jimmy say that he was gay? He sure walks like he got something stuck waaay up there.

  2. Say if 1/3 of the nonsense he speaks about when he coerces these ridiculous confessions, what gives him the right to bring up anyone’s past, espec. Something from there childhood and even worse.. what gives him a God given right to question what goes on in one’s marital bed. Since when did this seemingly hot topic of hopcc become any preachers concern being that the vows were made to ‘God’ and between the married couple. Its really overkill and a bit peculiar that its the only ‘sin’ he seems to have intense focus on. What happened to just preaching the word of God and departing truth and allowing the Holy Spirit to do His job in correcting his children. ALSO What about scriptures like loving your wife as Christ love the church while the Rev Denis is so zoomed in about what goes on between the sheets of married folk, what about other commandments from God denis doesn’t really seem to delve into. Perhaps he feels dishonored that he can’t have a front row seat in the marital bedroom being that he likes to be involved in every entity and aspect of a person’s personal life….I’m just saying. For those who are married and secretly read this blog…keep that rascal outta your marital affairs because he is full of antics and hidden agenda, it sounds that he has no one’s best interest at heart except his own.. .okay I’ve gotten off the point I was trying to make but that bothers me so because I am married and not one time ever has my pastor asked me or my spouse about what takes place in our marital bed, if we’ve needed any sort of marital counseling we’ve never been forced into false confessions or ever questioned in detail about our sex life, we discuss the topic in which we sought help for in the first place…..this is just to give a NORMAL illustration of a relation between the undershephard and his sheep because we know that JESUS is the CHIEF/GREAT shepherd not Rev Denis nor anyone other Pastoral figure.

    My intent was to talk about forgiveness. When we accept Jesus in our hearts we are immediately forgiven for all past, present and future sins as long as we confess them to JESUS, (not Rev Denis), because no one is perfect accept for Jesus, Denis is no where near perfect as I’ve read that this was one of his previously claims. JESUS is our mediator and our advocate, in other words our lawyer in the spiritual courtroom and he goes before the Father on our behalf when we sincerely confess our sins to HIM, so is Rev Denis now the savior of the world??? Rev Denis did not suffer on the cross of Calvary nor did he spend 3 days/nights in the pit of hell, nor did he set the captives free so Denis has no power or authority to clear any one of ANYTHING. Jesus took care of that when he died for us. God says we are forgiven and he remembers our sins no more so why would a preacher continue to bring up past transgressions when Jesus says plain as day that we were forgiven after we’ve accepted him into your heart by faith? Why would anyone allow a mere human to discredit the work God has done on the inside of you by allowing him (denis) to conjure up false confessions, even if the confessions have partial truths its not anyones else business to know because we are at liberty to go to the Father Ourselves, after Jesus died and rose again he didnt command us to go to a man to be cleared of sins, he said we can come BOLDLY before the Throne of GRACE!!! Hallelujah and Praise God for that!!! All who are falling for this tactic, you are allowing Denis to discredit your faith when God said by faith we are saved and are joint HEIRS with him.. ALL of our sins are forgiven, even Rev Denis’s if he’d humble himself in the sight of the Lord. There are multiple scripture references that says God blots out our trangressions, he remembers our sins no more, thank You Lord Jesus for true forgiveness, you are not a God who throws past sins and transgressions in our faces nor are you a God of coercion and false confessions. You even give us a choice to choose whom we will serve because you are that “JUST ” and sovereign in all your ways. Lord, even though you give us a choice you even go so far as to tell us WHO we should choose, you said choose ye this day…..
    And LORD you don’t just stop there but you even lay out your promises of what we inherit if we make the right choice. Thank you Lord for not creating us as robots but a people with free will, leaving the decision to us to make the right choice and also forewarning us of our fait if we make the wrong choice…yet still giVing us the option to CHOOSE and not by forcing Anyone to do anything they don’t want to. How awesome are you Lord. Not enough hours in a day to tell how awesome you are. You are just that great of a God!!!! Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scripture references on God’s forgiveness:
    Isaiah 43:25
    Hebrews 10:17, 10:24
    Jeremiah 31:34
    Hebrews 8:12-13

  3. To the preacher referring to me, I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU too. And I know it’s not you talking but the brainwashing your “pastor” has done to you.

    PS: Don’t drink the kool-aid!

  4. Jimmy is the nastiest “holiness preacher” on the planet! He needs to leave everybody else’s backsides alone!! Goodness isn’t that just ethics 101!!??? Maybe in the elitest schools he supposedly attended left out the basics on manners! Good grief!! Leave people alone Jimmy Jones Denis!!!!! nobody wants 2 hear ur perversion, and stop teaching your ministers to belittle people this way!!! Nobody CARES what anybody else may or may not have done!!!!!

  5. When Rev. Pilkington was the pastor of the Killeen church. Thier was a time that when ever a new person came, after greeting them he would ask them if they are a homosexual. The guilty Dog barks the loudest. I remember reading in my Bible how Jesus went about asking all that were gay. Oh that’s not what it said. Or how about when the phrases asked him by what authority he does things. Jesus said I will ask you one thing, have any of you ever stuck anything in your backside? Or how about when Pilate asked if he was the king of the Jews, jesus said ” Pilate have you ever stuck anything up your backside?”. So this is how you avoid questions about spiritism. Bill Clinton should have ask that at his impeachment trial instead of ” what is the meaning of is?”. The next time I get pulled over by a cop, I’m just going to look the officer in the eyes and say” I know you say I was speeding, but tell me this, have you ever stuck anything up your backside?”. this stuff is nuts! How about ” neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more”? The bottom line is, when you like at the life of Christ, these people just don’t match up. They act like a bunch of kids on the play ground. ” Your gay! Your gay! Jim Jones convinced all of his converts that they were gay also and that they needed his help to be delivered from it. Wow, so they don’t match up with jesus, but they match up with Jim Jones. No wonder they call Denis Jimmy. If it acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, guess what, it’s a duck!

  6. So is this Thier idea of the straight and narrow? Because they always talk about the straight and narrow, and backside.

  7. What is this obsession with people putting things in the backside? What is that about, why the wicked obsession with the backside. It sounds like the Spanish minister is upset because someone didn’t give a false confession. Who does denis confess to about his backside? The word perversion is an underestatement to describe this grp. Thank God you guys are from among that twisted perverted psychopathic wanna be holiness preacher…smh

  8. Wow! Do you hear the hatred and perverted way of thinking of the Holiness preacher’s mind. The ones that believe that their church is the only one right and they are going to Save the world!
    This is laughable!
    Sharita Yorke

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