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Rony Denis (little Jim Jones) would be fuming if he heard people telling him to go home (Haiti). He comes to America and has set up a cult and has destroyed families with his wicked teachings. Is there any difference between him and the dictators he grew up under, Papa and Baby Doc?

Denis is use to dictatorship and runs his church as such.

Please don’t get offended, this is all aimed at exposing Rony Denis.

From Karl Marx to Stalin, and on down the spirits working through Denis are nothing new.


He always spoke about his Dad vaguely. This man was the leader of the infamous Tonton Macoute, a special operations unit in Haiti used to enforce what the dictator wanted. He was arrested and was killed in prison.

Go Home Jimmy, Go Home!!!

34 thoughts on “GO HOME JIMMY, GO HOME!!!

  1. I will share/expose the false teachings of Rony Denis upon his cult members. One sad example is with Adrian Hernandez, one of Denis’ bodyguards . I talked to Adrian at the Town Hall meeting in Hinesville, which put Hopcc on the front page of the newspaper. Adrian told me that God brings a sword to divide families. I didn’t know it at the time, but I found out later that Denis had Adrian to abandon his daughter from a previous relationship. When Jesus spoke of bringing a sword and your household rising up against you and not loving your family more than Him, He was speaking of taking a stand for Him not a false prophet. For example if your family decided to change from following Jesus and decided to follow Voodoo, would you follow them or stay with Jesus? He was not talking about disrespecting your parents or neglecting your family like Adrian did to his daughter in obedience to the false prophet. The truth, which these people are afraid of, is that Adrian has abandoned the child that he fathered only because Denis told him to do so, something he struggled with initially. Since he refuses to provide his time, care, and love to his daughter that makes him worse that a what? (Infidel) Denis will you two-fold a child of hell more than himself!

    1. Wow! I wonder how many relationships are like that in Hopcc? Jimmy doesn’t want you to have a relationship with your kid if he can’t control them. So sad….glad I left…..

    2. What a sad sad sad story that poor girl…. I’m sure she just dosent understand what In the worlds going on!!! She is going to have so many thoughts running through her head like why dosent daddy come for me or why dosent daddy call me why dosent daddy love me but whats going to ruin through her poor innocent mind is what did I do to make him not talk to me anymore…. Is this Adria guy married with a kid or kids if she finds out it’s gonna break her little heart even more knowing daddy won’t take talk to me but he has other kids(if he does) he plays with and cares for….. What a shame…. GOD KEEP YOUR HAND ON THIS PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL…..

  2. I was grocery shopping and some spanish guy started talking to me (90% inclination in my mind said “HOPCC”). He’s chatting up, and my wife gives me the “hey get away from him” look. He asking my name, if im military, etc…then said he’s actually there to invite me to his church, but I said I already go to one. I ask which, and I told him and he said “are you a faithful member” and I said “yes I am.”

    I gave him a fake name – well I twisted my name around. But I’m sure he’ll eventually know who I am since my brother goes to that church, and heavily involved in the cult. I didn’t realize Schmidtke was in that grocery store chatting up with whoever he can. I cut the corner and went the other way.

    1. Maybe you should have confronted Rev. Schmidtke about how you feel about his church. Believe me they are more afraid of the truth than you realize. He would have been the one cutting the corner and getting out of there.

      1. I thought about telling the spanish guy who was trying to recruit me – tell him what to look out for! But, another thought came ot mind as well – that a lot of these young guys are so manipulated, that it’ll be like you speaking against their father (the pastor), since outsiders are filth and whatever else I heard another member spew.

  3. I believe if everyone that writes on this site starts naming the people by their real name of things that have happened, it’ll trigger people’s memory when they come and read the site. They’ll say oh yes, I remember this happened at that time etc…..and it will cause them to think. Lets start doing this, because the more we expose the better.

    1. Denis and his wicked associates certainly should be exposed. The people that he is holding hostage may be a little different depending on their involvement. A lot of them are just brainwashed robots, but a lot are tied to Denis’ corruption as well. There are some no doubt on the fence, especially after the last “rapture” rally. We want these people to escape to freedom in Jesus, and to know that they can get some help outside of the Hopcc cult. God can forgive them. The main target is the cult master, Rony Denis, and the cohorts he uses to attack the truth. In time more can be said to expose more. God’s mercy gives a space for repentance (Rev. 2:21).

  4. Wow, great job exposing. I’ve never met Rony Denis but I interacted with a member from that church (Georgia). All I can say is wow! A strange resentment towards people and other churches especially, that is hard to explain. Put religion aside – where’s the love?

    Another member who I’ve known for a long time that follows Pastor Schmidtke (HOPCC in Fayetteville) talks about his own mother in a belittling way. He never interact or know a fact about something, but yet describes individuals in a very condescending manner. I even asked “how do you know that?” – his answer “look how they dress, they are dirty and wicked.” Then I recall, the words are what they hear from these pastors, in some type of fashion. I’ve been to his (Schmidtke’s) service several times and just about everything gets bashed and belittled. It’s like everything had a negative approach. I hope this isn’t what is being taught in their Bible College(s)…

    On the other hand, it seems that the people love God and and a closer relationship – unfortunately most will not see or read these testimonies since “internet is sin” to understand that there is a type of manipulation that exists there, that is not love. But I’m sure their eyes will open in some other ways. God is powerful and will not allow His flock to be led astray – the ones who seek His face.



  5. The love and grace of God is so amazing. I can only speak of my own experience. I am grateful for the foundation of Christianity that I have learned over the years such as the Trinity, the authority and authenticity of God’s Word, and Jesus being the Son of the living God. However, Ntcc and it’s spinoff Hop have erred greatly especially Hop in these last days with Denis outwardly manifesting himself to be some type of god. Even through all of this God has worked it for the good. Some have lost a lot and have been burned really bad from these groups but always remember it wasn’t God doing it to you. Never turn your back on God, His love,mercy, and grace is too good. He told us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We don’t have to allow people to take advantage of us whether they are pretend Christians or not. In my experience I have been blessed and thankful to witness God’s Divine hand in action in spite of the groups I was apart of. It is truly amazing how even though we didn’t have it all “right” the Lord still blessed and provided for us. Denis desired to crush us but he couldn’t, for no weapon formed against us shall prosper. God is good! Wherever you are at serve the Lord, repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Change your mind about Him, He is wonderful and beautiful! Stay faithful! God bless!

  6. There should be a picture also of Jimmy being the Pope, because he sure conducts himself that way. Having people confess their sins to him to get cleared and creating all kinds of steps for salvation. The Bible teaches us to believe on Jesus Christ for our salvation! Denis has created, really repackaged, this fraudulent religion he calls “Prayer Force”. He says that you are “Prayer Force qualified” if you do certain things, like kissing up, brown nosing, and being a yes man. This was the same thing he exposed Ntcc for and then started using them to his advantage. Jimmy has become the Haitian High Priest, he even had a robe that he spoke about wearing to church with no clothing on underneath. This guy needs some help. It seems like he can’t tell the difference between the Old Testament and New Testament.

    1. What!? No clothes!!!!??? OMG 😮😱😨😠😑Denis is cookoo for money and power. He and certain of his followers wanted a lying spirit so God finally turned him (and them) over to it AND NOW HE (nor they) CAN ATOP LYING!!? 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥😧😡

  7. Saying anyone with a brain would know this church doesn’t have the fruits of the spirit is one thing if you have a strong church background, the problem is most of these people grew up in non Christian homes, so this was the only gospel they knew when they were sucked as teenagers and young adults. 5+ years later they have been brain washed. It’s all they ever knew, and were taught day after day that if they don’t do what the leadership does God will punish them. Then behind closed doors these pastors tear them down when they don’t exemplify the same, until one day the true gospel wakes these people up and they flee risking loss of credit, money children etc. the Bible says even the very elect can be deceived , and the judgement your casting at those who were there is the same spirit of the leadership chastising us when we “ got it wrong” over there. You have a large beam in your own eye and don’t even realize how close you resemble them with your words.

    1. Amen Truth!- You would have thought someone with a deceived family member in this cult would have been appreciative of people leaving the cult and then exposing it. Thank God Jesus doesn’t throw our past in our face after we have been delivered by Him.

      1. The apostle Paul hurt people and did the church wrong, and thought that he was doing it in the name of God. When he saw the Light he changed and started proving that Jesus is the Christ. Not everyone liked that either. Sometimes we can be blinded by our own self-righteous spirit and miss what God is actually doing. His ways are not our ways.

  8. I’m curious – I’ve read about folks who’ve attended HOPCC for 10+ years. Obviously, the “preachers” there currently know something is up, but they’re still there, whether it’s the comfort factor or sense of belonging. I’m sure in a few years, a few may break away and start their postings as well.

    What I’m wondering, is why did folks suddenly break away and start bashing the man Denis or whoever? My example: I attended the church in Fayetteville for under 2 years – I stopped going when I keep hearing gossip on stage, and talking about other churches. I knew that is not right, and I found another church. So why now, what’s your reason? Because those who’ve been there 10 years I’m sure was no different from Denis during that time, to follow that type of doctrine for so long….

    1. I don’t think it’s actually bashing the denis guy, it is probably more of exposing the wickedness that has been done by him for so long being exposed. Some might be bashing, I guess, but for the most part voices need to finally cry out against someone who has been abusing people for so long, aman hiding underneath the cloak of religion.

    2. Maybe, just maybe everyone is not the same. Denis is a wise serpent, he warmed the waters slowly. You might come to church and realize right off that it is a cult, and some might realize it years down the road. Nonetheless we realized it and we are out!
      Praise The Lord!

      1. I never actually thought it was a cult when I went to the church. I just disagreed with the attitude and I was a just a person who questioned things – I did not sense that freedom! I understand respect, but if something is questionable, you should be able to freely ask without being nervous or afraid of your pastor, I’d think.

        I’m now reading all these comments, and now I use the word “cult” – that’s incredible that things like this exist (folks who dedicate themselves into reading the bible, but yet manipulate people for power or control). I don’t know those pastor’s heart, so God forgive me if I said anything wrong….It’s just from the information gathered, that these pastors need to spend some alone time with God, and also venture out and learn from great leaders…

  9. Jimmy has caused so many people in Hopcc to commit sexual sins, like Eddie Vasquez and others with his reassignment of marriages. Proverbs 7 speaks of people being simple minded or not to bright who get caught up in sexual sins. It’s time that we use our heads for something more than just a hat rack.

    1. What did Eddie Vasquez do or what did the pastor make him do ppl need to know the deep secrets of what’s going on behind closed doors alot of you ppl that were in the inner circle Know so much that the normal church goers have no idea about….. It would probably really help open up alot of ppls eyes even more hearing stuff that happend like when that lady Liz said her daughter had to clean up her own poop she needs to tell more stories of what happened with those poor girls that are forced to travel with this so called man of God!!!!!! Please please open up as much as yall can with us we have family there and we want them to escape just like you guys were able to do…. But we need all the stories that go on so we can wake our families up….. we appreciate all the help you guys are doing already we just need more of what goes on behind the scenes with the inner circle and those girls!!!!

      1. Some things might be better said personally than openly with the design to help and not hurt. If you want help with your family you can be contacted personally. And then some with personal information for one reason or another may not want to put it on this site.

          1. You could post a contact email address and who you are if you want. Or another way to communicate and it will be seen privately and not publicly.

        1. What did Eddie Vazquez do I’ve met him and his wife his wife seemed a little stuck up like she was better than everyone but he seemed very humble and nice

          1. Eddie was a nice guy who got corrupted by Denis. His wife,Irene, certainly didn’t help the situation. She and Veronica Hietzman are like the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as Aholibah and Aholah. Eddie was Denis’ Spanish church pastor for a little while until the scriptures bore witness on not elevating a novice lest he fall into the condemnation of the devil. Unfortunately adultery, the trademark of Hopcc, was his downfall with a member of the church. Eddie preached in a conference about doing EXACTLY what the “man of God” says. The only problem is, that Denis is NOT a man of God! Pray for Eddie that he will return to his first love and escape the cult. This is not done to hurt but to reveal the wickedness behind the white shirts and ties and ankle length skirts. Denis said Ntcc was full of adultery but look at him NOW! What a hypocrite.

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