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18 thoughts on “Holiness or Phoniness

  1. I had recently purchased some walking shoes and received some ankle socks with them. My wife of 14 years saw me wearing the socks and said that she had never seen me wear ankle socks before. She then reminded me of mr. false holiness, Gerard Robertson, who told a sister to stop having her son wear ankle socks because they were “gay”.
    Folks you can’t make this stuff up!

    Brother Yorke

    1. Robertson told my son the same thing abt the ankle socks. It was during lunch time at the fake, non accredited school. My son said that Robertson saw his socks and he said to him let me see, let me see and told him you can’t wear them socks they have to be long ones. What a ridiculous ?

  2. Cult Reflections:
    I remember a story Mr. Denis, the fake holiness preacher, told us about a sister who didn’t want to go out to a restaurant and eat with him. The issue was that Mr. Denis, the Lying Holiness preacher, made a rule about not going to eat out at restaurants which had bars in them. He even said that the two main ministers in Hinesville at the time, bear hunter Bradeen and infantryman Robertson, went as far as to say that even if you see the great apostle, apostate of all time, man of God for all ages, the one who is all spirit and no flesh, the Haitian Sensation, the tight Italian stallion suit wearing, the ladies and mens backside connoisseur, Rony Denis eat at such a restaurant don’t eat with him. Yep, I was amazed that they said that as well. I heard Rony tell the story with my own ears. I added the colorful descriptions of course.

    So Rony was upset that the sister didn’t come to the restaurant but when he found out why he said that the sister didn’t respect her husband which was against the Bible but she is obedient to this rule he established. And that is my point in writing this comment. Rony has turned Hopcc into a bunch of Pharisees and Sadducees who follow man made rules instead of the Bible. They are all about the “Teachins” instead of what the Bible says.

    I remember one conference Bercini was saying that he was wanting to get over to pastor’s house to get the “Teachins” because that was the real conference. And in essence he was right. We would get the service in church and then get the run down at Rony’s house plus the jack-ups and everything else.

    So, again in Hopcc the focus is no longer the word of God but the word of Rony a.k.a. the “Teachins”. The people knew more about the many and varied “Teachins” that changed according to how the wind blew from day to day.
    Thank God that the word of God doesn’t change. In Hopcc however the Lord or their lord changes his mind all the time to fit lil’ Rony’s agenda.

    Rony you are a fraud and you know it!

    PS: This is all done in LOVE Rony, that is your name right?

    Bro. Yorke

    1. I know this is true,because I’ve heard pastor bercini say the exact same things concerning the “teachings” and the “real conference”

  3. If this is holiness then the Amish are more holiness than Rony could ever imagine. He needs to join them. Maybe they will make him a scarecrow or something.

  4. One time I heard that Rony’s “teachin” was that it was wrong for women to where clothing with some type of glittery design, but his ladies entourage sure seems blinged up to me. Plus what about super expensive fancy clothes, is that modest, as soon as you walk in the church everyone is breaking their neck to see the latest and the greatest come strolling down the walkway.

    I sure miss the old time way don’t you? Before we were concerned about what God thought but now we or they are only concerned about what man thinks.

    1. That’d pretty sad how he tries to keep that entire church sheltered and ignorant of the outside world, so many unbiblical and flat out stupid dumbfounded retrictions… .you can’t do this, can’t do that, so focused on the outer appearance when the inward man is filthy and defiled. That’s why those poor people are so messed, his daily doctrines seem to change with the wind. That’s so terribly sad….

  5. Holiness is not making false claims of the rapture, calling everyone gay, obsessed with men’s backsides, real estate fraud, and putting people in adultery. All that stuff he said is all pharisee talk.

  6. So, this is the hope of the world?
    A bunch of “holiness” preachers took a stand against the “compromised” NTCC. And now they are all a bunch of lust buckets jumping up and down on their cell phones because their flesh is stronger than their Holy Ghost.

    Please spare me the drama

    1. yes his “holiness” does allow adultery!! he divorces people and remarries them to someone else, this is adultery! Denis also had Oloans and Sis Escudero sleeping together for two weeks, while claiming that “Abba Yahweh” had married them and they didn’t need a marriage licence.

      1. Wow! People need to stay away from this man. He sounds dangerous. “His holiness” does not come from the Bible. Maybe the 2’9 spirits (demons)

  7. Rony Denis is the biggest compromiser of them all. What he espouses is not holiness but legalistic hypocrisy.

    Why doesn’t he say, “No no no” to his lying, fraud, witchcraft, and so on?

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