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8 thoughts on “Sister Wanda’s Testimony

    1. Yes,not in those exact words. I am going to review the audio recording of the conversation and I will post further detail. I like to use facts.
      God bless you

  1. Prayer truly is powerful and beautiful,

    Odd, Sadly no it was no surprise when Pilkington approached me. Forgive me for my “smart alic” remark but i think Pilkington and others need to look up the definition of “Man of God”. That is quite a title to just throw out there. So here I know they read all Posts (Even though the internet is “FORBIDDEN”)

    Definition from Dictionary: Clergyman -a holy man or saint
    Biblica Definition: Micah 6:8 …….what (is) good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

    Again “Smart remark” Pilkington not very mature/professional attempting to use such a title in the attempt to put fear in some one. Sorry Sir you got the wrong person. “Pilkington you also asked me ” when you don’t know something you ask right?”
    Yes Sir, I ask the people/person whom I know will answer me truthfully not conveniently or research. Keep myself educated and informed, sadly not as many who just go along with HOP’s words and become Lemmings.

    Definition of Lemming: a person who unthinkingly joins a mass movement, especially a healing rush to destruction.

    Many in my opinion have become Idolitasrs, idolizing Pastor Denis. He calls and the excitement that is seen rushing through their bodies, begin speaking in tongues, raise hands and drop down to their knees to his voice.
    Hello!! He is not God! God wouldn’t speak to you over a Telecom with a hard candy in his mouth or sing part of a song and hum when he didn’t know the words.

    Please I pray for those still there to open their eyes, and see whatever good they may have known in him. Its gone, there is not one inch of humbleness in that man. Lord forgive me, I do not attempt to gossip I am just stating the facts. Lord only you can judge but we can not let our brothers and sisters go down in destruction.
    Every time he spoke instead of Giving God the Glory he made sure others would say he did it. If he thinks of himself as God, then why one day he had us go up to the telecom to confess our sins. He went off on the wrong Jasmine!! I am sure our Heavenly Father would not make that mistake.

    Thats it for today
    God Bless and Pray with out Ceasing

    1. Lemming is a perfect fit. It is sad to see the people hovering around this man’s voice on that machine as if they are before the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies. I know exactly what you are talking about because I was one of them before we broke free from being lemmings.

      1. Yes it’s very sad, I myself went up twice in the beginning to that machine. Due to the feeling of appropriate timing and usage, not to use in excess as it was. They (Rev. Robertson) called the TV the “devilvision”, in my opinion more filth is coming from that telecom now. I have been very emotional since the drama began in my end while attending HOP,before departing. I asked Pastor Bradeen, sister Bradeen and Pilkington “can I please just serve God with out the drama?”
        They said only if I stopped speaking to my friend who had departed. Really!? Nothing was coming from my friend that was causing me stress or grief,it was all them. Pastor Bradeen told me if I didnt stop communicating with her that she would destroy my marriage. *BUZZER * Wrong answer your son in law (Pilkington) tried destroying my marriage. Telling me to tell him to change my number and if he didn’t to leave him and listen to him (Pilkington) so called man of God. I am supposed to be submissive to my husband only if he asked me to sin.
        So yes emotional and I cry when I go to church now a days. I am thankful to have found a full gospel church filled with humbling people. Every time I am asked if I have a prayer request instead of my needs I tell them “yes (w/o details) the people that stayed behind at my old congregation and the ones that departed”. I worry and care, and I cry when I hear the beauty that is preached God’s word! Also I cry during Sunday school 2weeks now on the downfall of Solomon and I see Pastor Denis.
        I pray for all and will continue

        God bless you all everyday of your lives. Please stay strong and know we are not alone God is always with us. If you have left and may be struggling financially,emotionally please stay strong do not return to HOP. Remember you need God and Christ not them. They is a solution to everything

  2. Wanda thank you for your testimony and prayers. We need each other prayers because truly there is no big “I” and little “you” in God. Unless it’s Rev Denis, who asked congregation “If I die, can anyone replace me?” People said “No!” Didn’t he make himself BIG by doing that? Continue to be a true Christian example by being the doer of the Word, and not hearer only, showing people the love of Christ, unlike some ministers of HOPCC who just talk about that love. May the Lord bless you and your family, and continue to keep you from all evil.

  3. Sister, it’s encouraging to know you have taken the stand that you have. Often people wait for those who have been around longer to make such a bold move. Reading your testimony, and knowing you’re story is the fruit that we hope for. Knowing that not everyone had been deceived, I thank you Sister.

  4. Thank you for your prayers Wanda and may God help you and your family. I know it had to seem really odd for them to tell you to change your phone number. A minister who you didn’t even really know. It is better to just move on and not to get to know these people because once you get on the inside of this group you will find that it is not pretty.

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