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More Highlights From The Rapture Rally!!!

Here we have the cult leader’s wife, Marjorie Denis. She sits idly bye while her husband commits wicked atrocities against God’s people. What would you give in exchange for your soul? Louis Vuitton, Prada, and St. John’s?

Next up is the mistress/concubine of Rony Denis, Julie Boles aka Phebe Ruth Denis. I wonder if she will ever get the front seat or will they keep driving Miss Daisy around.

The rapture meeting preacher, Hugh Virgo, walks off after preaching about the wrath of God to come, and how they need to get the sin out of the sinners. This theology explains why they do what they do in Hopcc. Instead of repenting and turning to Jesus for salvation they are busy trying to get their sins out but are actually committing more sins. This man stood up to Kekel, of Ntcc, but bows down to Denis, his brother-in- law. Virgo was one of the ones who knew that Denis claimed that the rapture would take place 1/13/18.

Here we have Johnny Bolger, a longtime trustee of Rony Denis. This man was seen on his knees along with Jeff Derby bowing down to Rony Denis.

This is George Hood. His family refers to him as “ Kit-Kat”. Hood is an example of being placed in an arranged marriage. He got married and his family didn’t even know about it. He is rarely seen with his “wife”, Keisha. They got married so that Keisha and her son could have financial support. Denis doesn’t like the women working on jobs, even if they are single, because he feels that all of the (sinner) men will be talking to them. So, they must be married to someone who may not want to marry them, but as Denis would say, “Do this for God” or “This is God’s will for you”. It is a cult control tactic.

Here is Sal, from San Diego. He and his wife through his former pastor and the pastor’ wife, Bro./ Sis. Figueroa so far under the bus that to the glory of God they left the cult and Sal is still stuck.

Gabe Rodriguez, with brothers like this who needs Satan?

Here we have Nesari and his wife in the white coat.

Please pray for this Sister, Sis. Lane, she thought that she got healed in the same service that Johnny Smithwhite thought he got healed in when Rony Denis prayed over the polycom.

Next we have Arder Chong. As you can see Denis has pawned off his responsibilities of taking care of his mother-in-law by marrying her off to “Papa” Reip. No, that’s not “Papa” Reip’s mother, that is Marjorie’s mother.

Is that Darnell Emanuele hiding behind his Bible? This is what happens when you have a guilty conscience. Please pray for him. Darnell, your mother STILL LOVES YOU!!!

….hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb….Rev.6:16

Jesus said that if you are ashamed of me I will be ashamed of you!

….they gnashed on him with their teeth……Acts 7:54

Proverbs 22:8

I see you

29 thoughts on “More Highlights From The Rapture Rally!!!

  1. How are Joshua Heitzman and David Huff? I had my run-ins with Huff but overall he can be quite a character. His wife would always smile and seemed more down to earth.

  2. Just like Jim Jones, Denis LIES about the rapture and says that it was all a test! So, he can do whatever he wants and then says it’s a test. That’s how Jim Jones operated until the poison was real!

    1. I would ask my son, “But what about Jesus- the one who died for you?!” What about TRUTH – THE WORD OF GOD?! What about all the fraudulent real estate loans/houses in foreclosure- that info is PUBLIC AND FREE?! We can’t believe a LIE just because it feels easier!!! The TRUTH must be PROCLAIMED by God’s children!!! 🤔🙏🏽👊🏽👊👆

  3. New phone #’s for everybody!! **You get a new number! You get a new number! AND you get a new number!!** Looks like jimmy’s rapture date had other plans and so does his congregation lol.. didn’t mean to break up your rapture party *forest gump voice*

  4. Jimmy looks like he could be Patterson’s daddy in that one pic. Seems like these guys have packed on some pounds since the last rally. Jimmy probably told them to live it up because the rapture is happening. Bwahahahaahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!$! Lol 😆! I am sorry but you have to find some humor in this nonsense!

  5. My wife reminded me of an incident that took place in Greensboro at the Grandover Resort, where Denis liked to stay and enjoy some fine dining. My wife had just come home from the hospital from where our daughter was born prematurely and was still in the NICU. (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Denis had invited us to come to the Grandover restaurant for some fine dining. The Friars were there along with Denis, his wife, and the two girls who traveled with Mariah (Denis’ daughter) , Sydney ( Jody Emanuele’s daughter) and Marjorie (Foutu’s daughter). Denis started questioning my wife about her weight and began to make jokes about it. My wife did not answer him concerning her weight, but thought how inconsiderate this man was by questioning and making fun of her weight having just given birth prematurely to a daughter who was in the hospital still fighting for her life. Denis would use this incident to say over and over again how my wife got upset at him making the story bigger every time he said it. In reality Denis was offended because my wife decided not to be bullied by him. I prayed for my daughter to make it through and she did, but later Denis would say that she was only alive because he prayed. Denis is the biggest fraud the world has ever known! His prayers we can see has done nothing. His “prayers” are hindered because of how he treats his wife, plus he regards iniquity in his heart, so the Lord does not hear him. His “Eeeeeelolo” falls on death ears.

    1. Yes, so true! They surely have some fake tongues over there. There is a real Holy Ghost tongues but the fake super spirituals over there are all made up like Veronica Hietzman with her Yakie Yakie Yaaaah, and their Fred Flintstone Yabba dabba doos, and their Machias, and Denis’ infamous Eeeeelololo gawd…..please pray for these people….we love them and want to see them get saved…

  6. The guy in the grey suit standing next to Hood, i ran into his son a day after the protest. Surprisingly, he actually greeted me with a positive response. I’m not sure if it was real or if some people in the cult choose not to ex-communicate former members. God bless them.

    1. Oh I know that brother! That’s the one that Jimmy called his son gay! He was singing Our God is an awesome God, and he had a lot of skills and sung very nice. But In HOP when you actually have talent you are considered proud. Hopefully he gets out of there soon!!

  7. Unfortunately, my brother is “hoping” they ask him to move to Hinesville – he goes to HOPCC in Fayetteville. He called it a cult prior to going, but they had his wife and he got sucked in.

    A lot of these people aren’t bad – they just don’t know – bitter people, outward good, but pretty dirty inside. I analyze how my brother speaks about people, and quoting scriptures. Using words his pastor uses “he/she needs to get right! That person is a homosexual…”

    I was away for a few years and I came back and saw him – he’s very skinny – works all day, then comes home, eats a banana and heads to their bible college – wife doesn’t fix him dinner or anything. And yet he brags about his medical retirement, as if it’s a blessing that his body is hurting more so he can claim 100% as insisted by his pastor.

    I don’t understand how adults can be so easily pulled – a sense of belonging? Fulfillment and just a lack of love growing up that you miss? Must be.

    1. They use people that really love God and really want to please God, teaching ways that fit the house of prayer mold and not according to scriptures. Causing bondage and burdens that are not according to Gods word. But because they people are willing to do what ever for God they get hood winked and dragged down. Keep him in prayer that his eyes be opened to the truth!!!!

    2. I believe I know who your brother is….he was actually in a fist fight at the Fayetville church that Rev King had to break up and ended up getting hit in the process. I believe he is from South America. He seems pretty troubled…you really need to help him. The pastor there is only interested in his money and calls him crazy behind his back all the time….he is scared of him….

      1. Yes, that’s him. We’re from South America. He’s pretty hot headed and he’s very troubled – seems worse now. I feel bad for him at times, but his utter disrespect and lack of self control makes me question his integrity – it shows no fruit of the spirit.

        But to fight with people over the church? I mean it makes sense – he invited me to his church and when I said I’m already a member elsewhere, he insulted me, spoke negative about my church and went on a tantrum.

      2. I believe he sees the Schmidtke guy as a father figure – as odd as that sounds. He calls him for every single thing, even if he could come to my wedding a few years ago. When I turned down the invitation to his church, it was the most weird insults – I was called a homosexual, a sinner, and that I haven’t changed (a homosexual because “you have facebook, gay people have facebook”).

  8. That poor Sister! I remember that same service that Johnny Smithwhite supposedly thought he got healed, I went to the ladies room, and Sis Lane was standing in there all smiles. I smiled at her and she was so excited to tell me that she got healed….. I smiled Graciously and said Praise God! I noticed that she was still gripping the counter of the sink, but I tried to brush that out of my mind because I didn’t want to be doubting the “Miracles of God” through Rony Denis.
    It is so sad to see that she is even worse now than before and she is now in a wheel chair.

    This speaks volumes about Jimmy’s ministry, he is a FALSE PROPHET. Where are his notable miracles? With the ministry that he claims to have, the dead should be walking!! But instead people are falling ill all over the place, and even waxing WORSE! This is so sad… I’m sorry but when people came in contact with Jesus, their lives were made Whole!
    Jimmy leaves you broke down and destitute, and lifeless! Aren’t you glad we can have life! If you want to live leave HOP!

    1. Your right Sharita Yorke,
      They are ashamed of their church and their pastor. They don’t want anyone to know that that is there church. It’s so awful they are hiding their faces with Bibles and the jackets of their clothes. Why don’t they just leave?

      1. Unfortunately, they don’t see a way to live for God outside of HOPCC. So they stay. The irony here is that they are not living for God inside HOPCC.

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