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Sister S. N. Yorke’s Testimony

imagesThe Holiness way is not often the easiest way, it sure isn’t a life of roses and sometimes seems there are more thorns than roses, but it often yields the most beautiful flowers.

At 3yrs old my life was introduced and changed forever and never to look back.  The change was incredible the T.V was removed from the house the game boys thrown away, long skirts were modesty, Sports were wrong, even Girl Scouts, joining school bands just to name a few.

This was such a perfect life I was sheltered from the “world” all the people were perfect! These were the “holiness” people. I can honestly say I lived a dream the little bumps I experienced a s a teenager were nothing in comparison to others. I was not Perfect but I never even questioned it, I was safe in the Holiness church.

I met my loving husband in Washington state, with Bibleschool on my mind to follow in my parents footsteps I was going to be a preacher’s wife, instead of a preacher’s kid!

Why wouldn’t I? This was the perfect life! In 2004 is when my perfect world came crashing down, Suddenly in my very eyes the people that I counted so dear that I loved so much were now considered wrong, a man named Ron Denis arose from our loved church NTCC and said there was compromise! That’s an evil word in the Holiness church, standards come and go all the time but if you are going back on your word you have COMPROMISED!

The waters were warm perfect for Ron Denis to persuade many that he was going the Righteous way and we were to follow. Time would not allow to discuss all that happened, but it was a very emotional and stressful time for my family. Ron Denis had already persuaded my parents to leave NTCC and join his following of House of Prayer Christian Church and now it was our turn, a close friend of mine by the name of Jennifer Rodriguez and her family had also left the church with a whole host of other preacher’s and pastors that we had grown close to.

We were doing the right thing so we thought, we needed more righteousness! More Holiness! We’ve got to make it to heaven! My husband put up some opposition to leaving the church but eventually came with us as I look back there were so many warning signs that God was trying to show us.

Ron Denis in the beginning used humility and submission  as a platform but I would later realize that this was only for us not him.  We suffered so much verbal abuse from this man, and I would justify it in my mind that he was a man of God so he was able to treat people the way he did.

As a Pastors wife I was in countless meetings were he publicly humiliated people shamed them, so called exposed them, just to later on blackmail them. And while all this was going on he was growing richer and richer and the people were growing crushed. It got so bad to where he would lie about things and no one would say anything, and he taught us that’s the way it was supposed to be, he’s the man of God! Slowly but surely he began to elevate his self more and more and began to trash everyone else.

A very wicked man but wise, with the wisdom of this world which is sensual and devilish, dividing the men against there wives and purchasing the women with material things i.e Louis vuitton, flashy attire Prada.

Pastor Denis had me in this arena, but somewhere he lost me and I call it the Grace of all mighty God! He told me on the phone that he lost me somewhere at the time I couldn’t place it…… but looking back there was the distrust in his character. The Fruit of the Spirit was not in his life. He lied about things and even in times that I would go to him for help he would twist things and throw it in my face. He would SCREAM at people get in there faces call them Stupid dumb, condemning them to hell! I had never in my life seen a so-called man of God act like this.

He one time screamed at my dad yelling at him and told him that he was my real dad! The amazing thing is ministers such as: Rev Robertson, Rev Virgo, Rev Schmidtke, and such like men that I have known since a very small child, set there crushed and brought with $ sit silent! And even go as far as to make up lies about us just to keep there good standing with Rev. Denis. They are scared!!! He owns there life, there cars, there children. They are all in there 50’s who wants to make a change and admit you have made a Grave mistake!

Rev. Denis has some incredible Strange ways about him he constantly interrupts services on a device called a polycom, with so called words from the Lord and he plays games with people’s minds to believe that they have to wait until they can hear from him, to assure them that they are on there way to Heaven or not. People come before this electric Device and confess there sins to  him in hopes that God’s judgement won’t  be upon them. They have an infatuation with the Old Testament, believing that God only uses one man for the entire world. The further they get away from God the more they embrace the Old Testament and there Laws and trying to discredit the New Testament and the Grace of God and the Blood of Jesus, who needs Jesus, you have Rev. Denis. He has done a sucessful job in keeping the people with there Bibles in there hand, but yet there are Words that are Black and white, but if the Man of God has his own interpretation you have to believe him over the Bible.  The sad thing is when you run into these people they start screaming about us being judged! And that God is going to judge us! Or they even start running (if they have the truth why are they running) but what they don’t realize is Rev. Denis has already prayed that some of his Pastors would go blind and it doesn’t come to pass! The same ones that are pastoring the House of Prayer Churches, it sounds comical, but people there believe him to be Gospel.


I honestly have to say, that Rev. Denis’s character has been questionable from the very beginning. He is very wise in his conceit on the outward he shows that he is a giver, and that he puts things together, but if you really search the scriptures, you will find that evil men know how to give good gifts. This is what makes the wolf in Sheep’s clothing so deceptive,  but we shall no them by there fruits, which he has known, just the works of the flesh. There is one thing the devil can’t do and that’s live right.

Rev Denis was always so concerned about the way I look more so than my husband, he would watch me all the time and  tell me wether I had gained weight or lost weight, he Praised me when I was small, and I soon realized the women that he had in his influence he wanted them to be a certain size, and dress a certain way, he knew i was uncomfortable with it, so when we left he flipped the story and said it was because i would wear tight clothes that was a reason he constantly watched my clothes. I thought I had married my husband not him. This was very strange to me, he masked it as a care for me.

In the back of mind God’s hand has always been there, because there is no way that a preacher’s kid raised in this environment sitting right next to the man of God should be able to use my brain! Look at the so called preacher’s they are sitting there with there eyes blind under a delusion with nothing to say.

I watched Rev. Denis in his care for people when they would leave. I was in awe how stories would get fabricated about a person, they would trash them, there is no such thing as pastor confidentiality. He would tell everything he didn’t care what kind of nature it was, he would have people to stand up and lie for him. All just too keep people so they wouldn’t think of leaving also. My husband was the Pastor in Greensboro and was in good standing Rev. Denis would often Praise him about what a good Pastor he was, and how he liked him, he had no reason to leave, but now all of a sudden he’s not a pastor and is not called, he’s gay and on pornography. And people sit there and believe it.

We have since left the cult, and yes I will say cult because all of these tactics have been used by a man all should know and that is Jim Jones, and as you see the mind is a delicate thing, and because of that 900 people  lost there lives senselessly thinking they were on they way to heaven and that Jim Jones was the only man of God for the WORLD and he was the only Church right with God (sound familiar) , and the sad thing is I can see it happening again. History has many that arose and said they were Elijah, which Rev Denis has said, or they were Jesus, which Rev Denis thinks he is.

God had given us the Bible, read it! We are accountable for the word of God. You can’t use the excuse that no one told you, if you read this letter it’s from a sincere heart to tell you there is a true Holiness way, and it’s not only the outward!!! But it’s truth in the Inward parts!

Don’t let House of Prayer leave you with a sense that there no hope, because there is!

We are still serving and loving God in the Beauty of True Holiness!

God bless you,

Sister S. N. Yorke


11 thoughts on “Sister S. N. Yorke’s Testimony

  1. Well I did hear him tell a wife that her allegiance was not to be to her husband it was supposed to be to him…..

  2. We are so fortunate, not many people can say the same thing. Pastor Denis loves to control you so you can’t even confide in each other, only to him. Very sad!

  3. Sister Yorke thank you for your Testimony! I have prayed and fasted for you and your family for years! I am so glad that God had mercy and opened your eyes! If there is anything we can do for you and your family please don’t hesitate to ask we will do whatever we can.
    Yes there is hope, there is life after hopcc, there is freedom and joy. God will speak to you and show you things like never before! He desires truth on the inwards parts you are correct he is looking at the heart.

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