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Highlights: Rapture Ready Rally 1/13/18!!!

Well, we finally made it to Rony Denis’ infamous rapture date. We were hoping that he would have been raptured to jail by now, or raptured to the Great White Throne Judgment, but God knows the day and hour.

Rony is not the only one to set a rapture date:

And we add to this list Rony Denis, who claimed that the rapture of God’s church would take place January 13, 2018 ushering in the Tribulation. Rony also claimed that God would take him a day prior to prepare a place for us! How sweet, except it was all a lie.


As the false prophet, Rony Denis, emerges from his vehicle he has his trusted trustee and bodyguard, Veronica Hietzman, guide him to the church. Isn’t she married? Is she trying to be the next Julie Boles? Just asking.

Here “Rev. Downgrade”, Gerard Robertson. Usually he is very vocal at these rallies, but since he has been exposed for sheltering CJ Vargas like a snake 🐍 he has backed off, and CJ is actually spotted with his wife this time. Notice Robertson’s bewildered look on his face as he drives by the brothers and sisters exposing his beloved cult leader.

This is the man that “Pastor” Rony Denis boldly proclaimed would be the pastor of the Hinesville church for life…..and then…..oops…God changed his mind again. CJ’s wife, Sing Sing, waves. (It looks like an S.O.S signal of get me out of this crazy cult!) We must admit that CJ is looking sharp in his lil’ Rony hat 🎩.

Next, we have the always amusing Amy (Jael) or whatever Nostrant. By this time the cult has gone into panic mode by having their panic alarms going off on their vehicles to drown out the conviction, but you can’t drown out the Holy Ghost and Truth. So, our good friend, Amy, who before left because of Denis’ rapture date nonsense, but then came back for some more kool-aid gives us a little show while the panic alarms are going off. Thanks Amy!

Next we have the man, Eric Jenkins, who divorced his wife on Denis’ command, and Athena Smithwhite, the woman whose husband died after Denis proclaimed that his “healing” proved (finally we suppose) that Denis is a man of God. Eric told his wife that he would not divorce her and even expressed to her earlier that it would be unbiblical to do such a thing. His wife’s crime was that she defied Rony Denis. That alone is grounds for divorce in Hopcc. The Bible teaches that Jenkins, who knows better, is living in adultery with Athena Smithwhite! He left his wife who was pleased to dwell with him and filed for divorce and then hopped into the sack with Athena. They are pictured here smiling and were at another time during another rally dancing in front of Jenkins’ wife, a woman Athena was friends with. They were not smiling like this in Greensboro, NC when Bro./Sis. Kings shut them down. The smiling just like the rapture date setting is all a fraud!

Here we have Pamela Robertson driving off her son and Jonathan Hietzman, Veronica Hietzman’s son. As you can see Veronica pushes her children off to spend more time with her beloved cult leader. Bye-bye 👋 little Jonathan we will see you next time.

23 thoughts on “Highlights: Rapture Ready Rally 1/13/18!!!

  1. My ex-wife stopped calling me last fall, when she tried to tell me that Denis is the Last Elijah, and I pointed out there was no Scriputral prophecy for such a person. Now I know why she stopped calling. She was obviously thinking the rapture was imminent and did not want to be tainted by talking to someone that departed the group. That was also the time that she wanted to be forgiven for all the times she told me of the abuse she would get from Denis et al over the years. She was trying to clean the slate for the rapture. With this in mind, I conclude that cult-Leaders employ false prophecy of end-times predictions in order to weed out the doubters and straighten out those that remain. It’s a cult-cementing tactic…

  2. I have to say something about this I just cant. Let me first say I am so glad for this page and the information as I am new to the state of GA overall and had never heard of this cult. Glad I stumbled into this before any of them stumbled onto me.
    I love God and Jesus above all believe the bible fully.
    I am appalled and shocked @ the things I’ve read so far. How can this man mind control so many people?? I think in my opinion that when people dont know the word of God (bible) then yes they can be manipulated but when this people realize what’s really up why is it so hard to leave??? Why isnt this man in jail for fraud period!!

    1. Yes, it is amazing! I watched an episode of a mini series about Waco and David Koresh and thought the same thing. Jim Jones took his following to a jungle in Guyana, built Jonestown and then had them kill them selves.

  3. I seen Jenny Verberkamos today. Shuffling around in Walmart she had on a 2xs to big skirt, with a pin in the back. She looked me up and down and her face Locked up. I spoke to her and she hurried off without speaking. The thing that saddened me the most was that she had about 5 items in her grocery cart. She headed to the self check out in Walmart, I noticed she was talking to an attendant, but then she was gone. Her basket was still there with her items. I asked the attendant what happened? She replied that her card was declined so she had to leave her groceries! Omg! HOPCC is so ridiculous, they sent this poor girl and her husband to Greensboro, and are sucking every ounce of money out of their wallet, she couldn’t even afford the simple 5 groceries that were in her cart! Im so saddened for the HOP Church In Greensboro, no one ever attends the church and the people are obviously being drained of every $ they have. Her clothes looked as if they came from the Goodwill on a bad day. She looked so sad. Wow I’m so glad I left that God forsaken place!

    1. Yes, it is sooooo sad to see the hop people running from the truth. They can’t even speak to you and must run away because Denis is so afraid of their minds being enlightened with truth! I remember a fellowship meeting in Hinesville for Hop, and a lot of Ntcc people were in town. Schmidtke said that one of the Ntcc ministers were staying in the hotel that he was staying in. Schmidtke’s solution to this “problem” was to HIDE in his room like the great big BRAVE man of fraud that he is. If you so-called have the truth, why are you in hiding? Why not shout it from the housetops? The reality is Hop is running from the truth while their beloved cult leader is changing the scriptures right in front of them!

  4. To @Purple Fear,
    I wouldn’t want to be that uncertain about my salvation. “My Faith May never be recovered” 😲 I’m thankful that God has established my goings and has strengthened my Faith since leaving HOP. I know that everyone grows in Christ differently, but to say that your Faith may NEVER be recovered to no fault of your own is not Biblical, that is saying that God and the Bible is not enough. We do have some responsibility in Christ.

  5. I see how they downgraded Robertson, Bradeen, and Virgo, but one person Denis will never be able to downgrade is Gilda Schmidtke! I saw them still driving their pearl white Infinity, and Denis knows that Gilda is not gonna step down from that. That’ In her name, I guarantee you that!

    1. Yeah I saw the white infinity about 3 years ago, when I stopped by the church (my bro goes there). It’s a very awkward environment.

  6. “Denis leaves a day early to help prepare a place for us” – that is down right laughable. If your following this goofball you deserve him. Time to grow up and get your own walk with God.

  7. Veronica Heitzman, please take that hat off.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤭 And one more note, since when has Jimmy followed a woman? Is she his new body guard? I wonder where Veronica would be, if she were around Jesus that much? 🤔🤔 She might not be in that cult. Just a thought.

  8. Everybody take another look at Amy 🤪 Folks this is what happens when you stay in the cult to long. You will begin to revert back to your childish ways. Because, after all if your going to stay in a cult like that, your brain can’t be that big! It’s time to let those neurons of the brain begin to grow, so you can properly use all of the adult brain that God has Blessed us with.

  9. My husband said, Wow CJ looks like a baby mob boss. I said a mini Denis. Hubby says….Now why he told them to wear suits all the time so they could look more sophisticated to boost their egos. It gives the impression that they’re clean good people, but on the inside their soul is decaying. A wolf in sheep’s clothing….smh

    1. I thought that I had sent a recording talking about how their outward clothes doesn’t save them but I think it got cut off or maybe deleted or something. However, they believe that their suits of clothing and skirts will save them from the wrath to come. What they need is to have a relationship with God. They have not earnestly taken heed to gospel of Jesus Christ therefore they have allowed the truth to slip away from them. They have themselves drifted away from truth. It is shockingly amazing to witness what has happened to these people. It is the mercy of God that we are trying to help them my exposing Rony Denis as the fraud that he is, hopefully the sincere will flee that wicked place and find the will of God for their lives. There will always be those who are hardcore kool-aid snorters like Will Pilkington and Veronica Heitzman, but there are those who have questions on the inside who know deep down that something is not right. My heart does break over those who have walked away from God but one thing is for sure I will stay faithful to Jesus no matter what. I thought that these were good people and justified too many things on their behalf but it turns out that they were actually wicked. Hugh Virgo turned out to be a huge disappointment. Gerard Robertson was also somewhat weak but I did enjoy his company. Arlen Bradeen seemed pretty bold for God but I found out that he caved in to the powers of darkness. Even though these people are wicked it is God’s will that they repent and turn to God. Hopefully they will get saved before it’s all over. As for Rony Denis, there may not be any hope for him. He seems to fit the definition of a reprobate. It seems as if God has given this man over to uncleanness that he may fulfill the lust that is in his own heart, dishonoring himself. I pray that he will confess his wickedness before the congregation. Please pray for the broken families of hopcc, those who are still there and those who have left.

      1. It is beyond amazing that people will follow a man that close, Veronica is completely over the top and out of place. Every picture you see of Rony DENIS he is followed by this little Mexican girl Veronica, he can barely get out of the car without her hovering to get her “some blessings from Rony” Even her husband isn’t like that. Veronica is not any better than the working Mom who neglects her children and leaves them to others to raise them. I remember when we were there she would leave her kids with people for several nights, just so that she can get her some coveted time with Rony! She’s hardly ever with her children…….. She is so determined to be with Rony DENIS. I’m not sure if she is jockeying for the next position of Julie Boles? But I’m 100% sure she would sleep with Rony if she could. One time we were at Ronys house she was kneeling on the floor before him!!!! This lady has totally lost her Mind! Like I said previously, if she followed Jesus as close as she does Rony, she wouldn’t even be in that cult.
        She has a husband by the name of Joshua Heitzman and if you notice she is hardly with him, as a matter a fact she throws him under the bus every opportunity that she can. She runs that house like she is a Spiritual warrior or something. When Rony DENIS goes to jail, people like Veronica will be in the psych ward. If you can be that stupid, then you deserve all the wrath of his pure foolishness.

        1. Rony Denis cares nothing for these people. I also remember seeing Veronica Heitzman get on the ground before Denis. It was a weird experience. It was something that looked as if she was accustomed to doing. Denis played it off because not everyone who were there were accustomed to Denis worship. One thing that I have come to learn is that many people affected by this cult have developed a false sense of salvation. For example Veronica Heitzman would claim to be one of the most spiritual women in the world because of her association with Rony Denis. However, she neglects her basic biblical responsibilities as a wife and mother. People have thought that they were close to God while they were in Hopcc jockeying for Denis’ attention. Fake praying, “holy” clothing, fault-finding, weird standards, and so-on were the norm for these types of people, that is not salvation. Salvation is liberty in Christ. Being shackled by Denis’ foolish religion is not salvation. The real person is revealed when you are released from the bondage of hopcc. If you can’t live for God outside of Denis’ control, then don’t be in denial about it, maybe you were never saved. God created you to have a relationship with him. If you leave hopcc and you decide to toss God off and live to fulfill the lust of your flesh, then did you have God at all in hopcc or did you just have rules and rituals? It’s not a popular subject in today’s oversensitive feel good religious world, but Hell is still real. The words of Jesus are still real as well. Jesus said, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Jesus wasn’t taking about people who didn’t call Jesus Lord! Paul states in I Cor. 13 that without love we are nothing. Love must be our motivation in our relationship with God. God is still a God of Judgment, to think that you can do anything and still claim God is not biblical. I have seen people ACT supper devoted to God in hopcc only to see them act as if God doesn’t exist when they left hopcc. We all have faults and flaws, but we can still be saved by the blood of Jesus. There is still no excuses to not be saved. Rev. R.W. Davis didn’t save me, Rev. R. Denis didn’t save me, Jesus did, so I am still living for God, by His grace, because of what Jesus did. And you can too!

          1. I don’t think it’s right to judge anybody for how they behave in that group, under his control. Obviously what she is doing is wrong, but haven’t we all done wrong things while “under the influence” of HOP? I know I did, and I thought I was doing right. I wasn’t in as long as many here, but I was in long enough to get hurt. I was in long enough to get confused. Obviously there are “key players” that are continuing to intentionally destroy others. But there are others that are genuinely behaving how they are because their brains are completely washed over and manipulated.

            Also, spiritual abuse is a real thing as we all know. People react in different ways. Some will say-“that group does not define my relationship with God and be able to pick up and move one”. Some are damaged and confused afterward and cannot decipher truth from lies and are never able to recover any type of faith. It does not mean they never had faith or never earnestly prayed for Salvation. Someone abused what faith they had. It is not their fault if that faith and trust is lost. Maybe one day it will be rebuilt, maybe it will not.

  10. he lies lies and lies and people in their foolishness continue in the mess knowing that deep on the inside all is foggy and muddy. The House of prayer, House of help message is unclear, a mass of confusion. The bible says it is high time to wake out of sleep!!!!

    1. @ Purple Fear- Thanks for your response, may God bless you. I must agree to disagree with you and still hold to my position of exposing or “judging” righteous judgement on those wrapped up in a group that I was a member of. Maybe you misunderstand, but if you behave in an ungodly way regardless if you are under Denis’ influence or not you will be held accountable for your actions. We need to cast the demonic influence out of them.You may not have been around enough to know what is really going on and how wicked Denis is. If you are doing wrong but you think you are doing right, wouldn’t you want someone to try and wake you up, in hopes that you may humble yourself and repent? The lady that you are defending, who worships Denis, do you know her? If you saw her would you say anything to her about worshiping Rony Denis?
      As far as faith is concerned. Denis has coerced his following to have faith in him not God. The way Hop is now is not the way it was when you were there. It is far worse. Our faith must be in Jesus Christ not a man who claims to be something he is not. Jesus warned us of false prophets, it’s up to us to listen and obey what Jesus said or neglect the scriptures and follow every wind of doctrine. The Bereans searched the scriptures on what Paul said and was commended for doing so. We should follow that same example. I don’t know if you have, but I have talked to people who said that God warned them about not doing something the cult wanted them to do but they did it anyway. So, are we responsible for our actions or not? Thanks be to God that we can repent and live for God. Thank God someone is saying something! Thanks for your input.

      Ray Yorke

  11. It is truly amazing how this man can lie like this and these people continue with such nonsense. The only explanation is that they want this foolishness!

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