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“Not withstanding I have a few things against thee, because though sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetes, to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.” Rev. 2:20 KJV

Here we have the New Testament description of what and who Jezebel really was and is. It was common for the religious leaders in Jesus’ time to misinterpret things from the Old Testament, and thus in Christ’s time on earth he set forth to correct these false interpretations that gave birth to religious groups who strayed from the path such as the Pharisees.

The spirit of the Pharisees still lives today in groups who think they become holy by their garments, observance to law, and having strict judgement on others, and also, by not knowing the scriptures or the power of God.

Rony Denis, is one who is quick, to say that because Jezebel painted her face, that it makes you holy to not wear  makeup. But, Christ sought to correct this very notion in his visit with John after his ascension.   He states that the true spirit of Jezebel is to teach his servants to commit fornication, adultery, and to make matters worse, by claiming the right of a prophet to gain the trust of these little one’s.

Rony Denis has been known to teach certain types of fornication are ok! Anthony Oloans and Tamerah Escudero were told that they were married in the eyes of God, and were free to consummate one month before Gerard Robertson was dispatched to make it all legal to guard against controversy. In the meeting we were in before he proclaimed himself to be deity, he made a statement that God created marriage and Christians did not need to talk to the court. These are the things polygamist groups such as the FLDS (Fundamental Later Day Saints) teach, and once you accept this it makes it easier to have more than one wife if it no longer needs to be legal.

He has also become more bold over the years to split  marriages, and before the divorce becomes legal, he already has the spouse courting their next spouse. Now according to our Lord, outside of certain circumstances divorce becomes fornication if the person remarries. Rony Denis has become more bold to just divorce people because one doesn’t follow his cult teachings. He knows this is not biblical, and this is why he has stated that God has given him the power to divorce. Who should we believe on this matter, Rony Denis or Jesus? To make matters worse, he has a new person in the old spouse’s bed before there is adequate time to change the sheets, and go though a proper divorce.

This is Rony Denis embodying the spirit of a true she devil, painting his face hiding behind a false religious façade. This is the mask he wears. He holds on to the fact that he preaches against makeup, but under the lies and deceit he is the one truly wearing the makeup.

He often would wonder why God doesn’t back him up and judge the people who have sounded the alarm. Well, Rev. 2:21 explains plainly that he is the one God is more interested in judging. He was given a space to repent, but now the judgements have started for this false prophet. He knows he has been exposed and has set forth to destroy as many lives as he can before the final blow from God comes. He knows his time is short, so he will act like his father the devil.

12 thoughts on “IS RONY DENIS THE JEZEBEL OF REV. 2:20?

  1. Another trick of the false prophet, Rony Denis, is to say or do something foolish like rapture date setting and then say it was a test. The simple minded believe this nonsense and his power over their lives are intact.

    1. Religious lies have power to deceive on both sides of the religious spectrum. Once you fully embrace the religious lies you will not listen to truth. Jesus said to beware of false prophets. Not all of may appear as you think they would.

  2. So did JEZEBEL get called up today? Is he finally gone from our kids lives? Someone please tell me God is calling him home today so he can send him down to the devil where he can Burn in hell for all he has done!

  3. Rony is certainly a spiritual whore, who is being pimped by Satan to teach his cult to commit fornication. He has sold himself to work this wickedness. He is no different than the prostitutes you find along Bragg Blvd. infecting the naive soldiers with their STDs.

  4. This is so sickening, Jimmy no longer has any dignity (not that he had much anyway) There was one Sister that told me that when she moved in with her new “pre-selected” husband, his previous wife’s underwear were still in the drawer!! How low can you get in a Holiness/Phoniness Church?
    It boggles my mind how these women can easily swap husbands like they do! Or vice versa I’m mean seriously they don’t even let the sheets cool down before some other person has taken there bed.
    Jimmy is running a Whore House! And to think he had the nerve to try to talk about NTCC and their divorce and remarriage status, Sir you have taken it to an all time low.
    To think Jimmy has his own sick prostitute living in his house going by the name Phebe Denis. This is astounding, divorce papers have become normal commodity, they are delivering divorce papers like they are delivering pizza!
    These women that would accept being used like checker pieces for these men are so dirty and filthy! Why don’t you wake and stop being treated like a cheap piece of meat, and have some dignity about yourself.

    1. What is wrong with these Hop women? Why are they so quick to hop in the sack with another man? They change spouses like changing socks in that cult. They hop in the bed with “this and that”. One spouse opens their eyes and stops attending the cult services and the other brainwashed spouse treats them like trash to run them out of the house and then Denis, the lord of divorce, has Mr. or Mrs. Brainwashed file for divorce. (They have been known to use false documents)

  5. Yes, mr Denis definitely should be renamed mr jezebel . Oh mr jezebel, the mountains of blood that cries out against you will be frightening on judgement day! Take heed to the beams that continue to grow from your eyes, before you judge the specs on others.

  6. Is it true that Athena Smithwhite was already in the bed with Eric Jenkins after he left his wife, while Johnny’s ashes (her husband who passed) was still at the funeral home?

    1. Yes, that is TRUE! BROTHER SMITH-WHITE’S ashes were sitting on someone’s desk at the funeral home FOR over 6 months. Athena would never answer the phone for months. Finally, After months of phone calls Athena finally answered and told the funeral home that HOP took care of the expenses so they would need to call HOP to find out what hop wanted to do about the ashes. HOP, obviously, never returned the funeral homes phone calls. Someone else got involved and finally Athena went down there and picked up the ashes . What a shame!!!! WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!! Brother is in heaven now and doesn’t have to depend on her anymore! 😞So sad for his babies having to live in that mess!!!

      1. I liked Bro Smithwhite, he was a good guy. Maybe God took him home early before Jimmy could really mess him up like Athena is right now.

  7. Yes, I heard that someone got married over there and when she got to the home the old wife’s underwear were still in the drawers! 😱😮

  8. This is a great description of the scheming of Rony Denis. I was just telling a brother the other day how that some years ago Denis told me over the phone that he didn’t know who was going to heaven in House of Prayer, because of all of the divorce and remarriage!
    He was the cause of many of them but he blamed Robertson and Bradeen for them. In my humble opinion, Denis has stolen, if you will, a page from ole Balaam. Balaam, who like Denis, was greedy for filthy lucre and used seduction of the Midianite and Moabite women to get Israel wrapped up in sexual sins bringing God’s judgments upon them.
    Denis is actually practicing this himself with Julie Boles. If you didn’t know, her name has been “changed” to Phebe Ruth DENIS! Her last NAME is DENIS and she wears a wedding ring! Hellooooo!!!! Polygamy anyone?

    PS: I am sooo glad I left, aren’t you?
    Ray Yorke

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