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Happy New Year 2018!!!

It is a tremendous blessing to start another year in Christ Jesus, and outside of Rony Denis’ cult, House of Prayer. We are still here (do thyself no harm) praying for those trapped inside of what Denis calls the place of help, to receive God’s grace to make it out.

The start of a new year carries with it the sense of a fresh start. A desire to begin afresh and anew, leaving the past behind and moving forward in the right direction as we are looking to Jesus. Every New Year brings in for the child of God the acceptable Year of the Lord!

One year closer to the Lord’s return! It is always exciting when the New Year rolls around. Out with the old (Hopcc spirit-self righteous hypocrisy) and in with the new (the true Holy Spirit spreading God’s love in our heart)! Deliverance in JESUS NAME!

May God bless you in this New Year, and keep praying for your loved ones being held hostage in Denis’ cult, start or continue to thank and worship God for their deliverance. This could be the year that they are set free!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018!!!

  1. Rony Denis, the cult master of Hopcc, accused Arlen Bradeen, the former pastor of the Hinesville church, of lusting pervertedly after his daughter. When Bradeen was confronted with this accusation by someone who left, his answer was that he didn’t know how to answer that question. Why?
    The reason why is Bradeen knows that it really isn’t true, but If he denies it then Denis is made into a liar. So, hence his answer, “I don’t know how to answer that.” Good Job Arlen, the Lord is not pleased, but neither is Rony.

  2. Thank God for freedom and deliverance. The deliverance from bondage and freedom to worship God that created the heaven and the earth that saved my soul and gave me joy unspeakable and full of glory. I am thankful for the air I breathe and every blessing that God has abounded my way. God bless and keep praying as God continues to deliver others for his glory. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

    Bro Figueroa

  3. Someone who escaped from Denis’ cult ran into Eric Jenkins and said hello to him and Jenkins stormed off saying, I can’t talk to you. Jenkins was seen again shortly after that by the same person and Jenkins and Athena Smithwhite Jenkins both left the place.
    It is amazing how these people are so afraid to converse. Denis has told them not to talk to any of us because he is afraid that they might commit the horrible “sin” of thinking!
    I would love to talk to any of these people reasonably. When I talked to Bradeen all he could say is, I don’t know how to answer that. This man has allowed Denis to turn him into a pile of mash potatoes. When I talked to Robertson, he lied repeatedly to me. He had nothing to say other than, I wouldn’t do this to Rev. Davis. I liked what Bro. Rodriguez said that I should have told him which was Rev. Davis was a better man than Denis.
    Denis has turned these so-called ministers into cowards. They purport to have the truth but run when when no one is pursuing them.
    The very image of Denis making faces shows you what kind of man he is. We will see what kind of lies he will cook up in 2018. We have been gone for a little while now, when I was there he talking about moving to Israel. It was all a hoax. He talks a lot of big nonsense and through fear causes people to not question him or even use their brains to think. But not everyone. Some know what’s going on.
    Why be afraid of Denis? All he is, is a little weak man with a loud voice. His strength is his ability to manipulate. He probably made a deal with the devil to gain the ungodly success that he has bragged about. I wonder if his contract will be up January 13, 2018? This is Denis’ supposed “rapture date”. Robertson preached to us saying that the Bible didn’t say no man would ever know, speaking of Jesus’ return for his church. Derby would later tell me on the phone that God reveals His secrets to the prophets, so God told Denis the date of the rapture. Bradeen, Derby, and Schmidtke were on the phone the last time I spoke to Rony Denis. When I questioned him about his rapture claim he answered, you don’t think that God could tell me? Denis lies and the ministers around him knows that he does, that is the bottom line. I left because I realized that Hopcc and him are a fraud. My wife and I received full confirmation from Denis’ own mouth by how he handled the Rodriguez’ leaving. He showed us his true colors. That is one thing I can thank you for Jimmy, thanks.
    Now that we have left, we are still serving God! We are not going crazy loosing our mind or running from anyone like they are. We are still married. I don’t feel far from God. Life has been a zillion times better for us outside of Denis’ cult. I have no complaints or regrets of leaving and certainly no doubts of if I should have stayed. For those of you who have worries troubling you concerning this cult, my counsel to you is to find hope in Jesus, not religion but Jesus. A lot of people found religion in Hopcc but not Jesus! That is just the sad but true reality. If I would have stayed I would have forfeited by relationship with Jesus for a relationship with a Haitian man dabbling in witchcraft. As I said to Pilkington, Denis changed. Pilkington denied it because he is a liar. Plain and simple just like the rest of the “inside” ministers over there. Denis has brought his hidden filth out openly now and has infected his congregation with his foolishness. But, he is being exposed. So, people in there are without excuse. Keep praying and we will see what happens! Those who want the TRUTH will be set free.

    Bro Ray Yorke

  4. Thanks be to God for another year! We made it through. We must not leave the captives stranded in Denis’ play house. We will continue to pray against such evil and see the hand of the Lord deliver them.

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