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“Have you ever lusted after anyone in the church, or had strong feelings for anyone in the church?”

This is the question that Rony Denis asked a minister’s wife who was in Hopcc. At the time Denis had this minister’s wife on the phone with other people listening in to the conversation without letting her know that others were listening in on this very personal conversation. The ministers wife answered “no”, and later realized that it was another one of Denis’ traps of wickedness. The sister never came to Denis for any issue with her marriage or so-called lust problems. So, why did Denis ask such a question with people on the phone? The sister was on the phone with Denis again, this time Denis called a brother while the sister remained quiet on the phone. Denis began to ask the brother if he had lusted after the sister. Why did Denis ask this question with the sister on the phone?

Denis is a master mind manipulator. He has gotten the Hopcc ministers to confess that they are either gay, lusting after their own daughters, lusting after the women of the church, and even lusting after Denis’ own wife. Once he accomplishes this confusion he acts as if he swoops in like some super hero preacher to save the day. Never mind that he caused it. The wiles Of the Devil 101!

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