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Spiritual Wickedness In High Places!!!

There is truly a spiritual realm where demonic spirits are working to destroy humanity. God wants us to seek Him for help not these demonic spirits.

Here is Aliester Crowley:

This man carried the title of the most wickedest man in the world! He was an occultist.

Here is Rony Denis:

Arguably, Rony Denis could be considered more wicked than Aliester Crowley. Crowley was not hiding his wickedness, but Denis is pretending to be a good Christian minister, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and deceiving people in the name of the Lord.

This is how the Bible describes Denis:

Aliester Crowley was involved in occultic rituals and exercises which produced an encounter with a demon, which he drew a picture of:

Now let’s look at John Rodriguez’ testimony of Rony Denis:

“The climax of all this spiritism had to be when he called several ministers and there wives over to his house instead of going to church. of those present were Rev. Robertson, Rev. Bradeen, Rev. Pilkington,Rev. Schmidtke, Roscoe, and his last wife. (If anyone wants to fact check this, ask her, she was there) my own son was there also. This meeting actually turned into a se-ance. He came and sat down in the center of the living room, and would be telling us the things that were taking place. his eyes would shift back and forth and he would be saying things he was told to say. Many crazy things went on, but to name a few, he proclaimed himself to be Deity. (He actually said “I AM DEITY”) and he also claimed to be the savior of the world, said that God told him he is above everyone in the bible, and that God marveled at how smart he was, not understanding how God created him, yet he can finish Gods statements when he talks to the trinity about taking care of world events. He also said that he had spoken to Rev. Davis, and that he went to heaven, later, he would change that and say that he went to Hell. (Speaking to the dead is forbidden by the Bible, and is Witchcraft).”

That was a excerpt from Rodriguez’ testimony found on this site. Rodriguez was a minister working inside Denis’ inner circle who blew the whistle on Rony Denis’ wicked schemes. Denis would later say that Rodriguez was just a “toilet paper runner” at an attempt to discredit him.

There was a time that Denis locked himself away in a room he had constructed in his house. He fasted and cut himself off from the outside world during this time. He was performing some occultic exercises much like Crowley and encountered demonic spirits which continue to plague him to this day.

Pray for those who want out but feel trapped under Denis’ influence. There is power in the name of JESUS!!!

Matthew 10:1

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Wickedness In High Places!!!

  1. I would say denis is more wicked because he is pretending and hiding his wickedness and also infecting so many people with lies in the name of his religion. The other guy would no doubt let you know that he was wicked.

  2. I remember Rev. Alexander Schmidtke happily saying that Pastor Denis said that Rev. R.W. Davis went to heaven. And then later I remember hearing Pastor Denis saying that Rev. R.W. Davis went to hell because of compromise. I remember Rev. David Huff saying that he heard Pastor Denis saying that as well.

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