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Is Jimmy Really Going To Jerusalem???

Cult leader, Rony Denis aka Jimmy, has been speaking of going to Jerusalem to “prepare” the Jews for the return of Jesus. He has stated that God has specifically chosen him for turning the Jews to Jesus. He has even launched a radio program to help legitimize his claims to his adherents that he is the chosen “apostle” to return the Jews to Jesus. Plus, it’s good revenue for the Church. When Denis canceled his first radio program he kept it quiet so that people would keep giving to it, just like he did when he had the churches give monthly “offerings” for a special lawyer he claimed to be retaining for the church.

Here is Denis’ radio program designed to reach the Jews for Jesus but oddly never mentions Jesus: 

At the beginning of Denis’ house of prayer movement, which he claimed was called a “bowel movement” by a top ranking official in the Ntcc organization that he split from and was accused of stealing money from, Denis claimed to be going to Africa, but stated that the Devil hindered him from going. Denis has stated that he is a missionary at heart, but oddly enough his has not traveled outside of the U.S. since he has been in Hopcc.

He claimed that he was looking to purchase property in Jerusalem and have different ones from the cult to visit and “pray” with him. One young man who had just returned from one of Denis’ church conferences spoke of having a “rapture party” in Jerusalem a day before the coming of the Lord for His church. Denis had made a prediction that Jesus will take His church, which Denis claims his is the only one,  out of this world to heaven on January 13, 2018.

Will Israel allow Denis to go to Jerusalem? Will Denis even go himself or will he send a delegation? Whatever happens please don’t drink the kool-aid!

By the way, Denis claimed that he was Muslim because he liked the radical’s brand of strict asceticism. So, here’ one for you Jimmy:

Jimmy will most likely be traveling to Florida and back to Georgia. Remember he is a BIG LIAR!

So, what kind of “movement” is this anyway?

We’ll let you decide!

10 thoughts on “Is Jimmy Really Going To Jerusalem???

  1. So, denis actually said that he is going a day prior to heaven to prepare it for the Hopcc people and they believe that hogwash?
    lol 😂 😬😂😀😅🤣😬😬😁😆😆😮
    If they believe that then…… maybe the family members should ask their loved ones about that claim. Not the rapture but about Jimmy taking Jesus’ place and preparing a place for them.

  2. Personally, I think Jimmy is too chicken to leave the country. When this guy traveled in the U.S. you had to spray his hotel room down with Lysol and changed the sheets and everything else. It was a big ordeal when the fake man of God came to town. What a contrast with Jesus, who was born amongst the animals in a manger and latter would say that the Son of has no where to lay His head. Unlike Jimmy who Rev. Heidler was right about concerning having to have the “finest of things” in Hinesville. Smh…….

    1. I am wondering if he is in the US legally if his passport is up to date? Maybe he is afraid to leave because they will not let him back in….just thinking out loud.

      1. -Just Wondering- Jimmy is a legalized citizen. But he probably is afraid to fly in a plane even though he talked about purchasing his own private jet because after all, he is the man of god. Maybe they will arrest him at the airport if he flies commercial or hopefully he will be locked up in Israel.

  3. @ No More Jim Jones – out of all the “mission trips the church has made. Rony Denis has not gone?
    He is not even going to Jerusalem? How do you usher in Jesus if you are not going to be there? This has got to be a BIG RED FLAG!!!

  4. This guy is really dangerous. Hopefully they will not go to Israel. He told the people in his group to buy passports. Whatever kind of movement it is…..it certainly is not of God.

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