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The Board Members Of Hopcc!!!

Now let’s look at the lie that “pastor” Rony Denis, the chairman of the board fed all of us.

Do they look to the Trinity for leadership or Rony Denis? If they looked to the Trinity they would find out that the Trinity is not in that place.

Rony will say that the chairman of the board stuff is just for paperwork sake, but if that is so, why is he the chairman?

This is one board that might require that you sell your soul to you know who. I’m glad I’m not  on that one.

So, Bradeen finally got his CEO status, but it looks like he was bumped by Robertson, and Virgo got his CFO status and Bercini the secretary. Good job guys! Now Denis can blame you when it all goes down. As a board you could have stopped him but chose not to.

13 thoughts on “The Board Members Of Hopcc!!!

  1. Have you noticed that all of Denis’ board members are made up of the former Ntcc ministers. He looks at his Hopcc ministers as “church members” as evidenced by how Robertson spoke about Molina.

  2. Rony Denis, the “Michael Jordan” of Ntcc, (as he called himself) will no doubt use these useful “men” as fall guys when his empire comes crashing down. He will say as he is saying now that he is being persecuted for Christ.
    He has banners now that says all men hate him for Christ’s name sake instead of saying that they hate what he has done to them like ruining their lives with lies and manipulation.

  3. What a scam! Every last one of them ought to be ashamed of themselves. It’s a good thing that I am not there, I have stood up to them at NTCC and I would stand up to these clowns to.

  4. Please pray for the men and women of Hopcc, they are in desperate need of deliverance! I have known some of them for some time and can say that their spirit is certainly not after God. If we who left were so wrong, then why couldn’t Rev Virgo call and tell me that when I called him? Why did he tell Rev King that he couldn’t talk when Rev King called him to tell him that his pastor, Rony Denis, is messed up? Denis doesn’t have our tongue but he has theirs in his hand. Virgo and I sat in Denis’ backyard witnessing Denis rip Rev Bradeen and Rev Robertson to shreds. He called them “bastards” and everything else to demean them. It was so bad that Denis told Bradeen, who is his senior or elder, that it was okay for him to lift his head to look at him. These men have made their choice and I have made mine, yet I pray for God’s mercy to be upon them, that maybe God may grant them repentance while they are in jail or something like that. Hopefully they have not gone into full blown apostasy like Denis apparently has. But, they certainly, if they haven’t already, could be in danger of blaspheming the Holy Ghost. How could anyone disagree with God if God says that Denis is not a man of God? This is what Virgo and Anthony Oloans’ new wife said that they would do. Please pray for these lost souls!

    1. Yes Bro Yorke ……..Prayer for those caged in the mess……. as many prayed for ME! Thank God for the prayers of deliverance. As when Peter was in jail the church prayed. There are others knowing in their heart that being there (in House of Prayer) is wrong but feel stuck in their minds because of the trash teaching or because of their spouse ……keep praying God will make a way for others. We serve a mighty big God!!!!

  5. Hugh Virgo, what a sham. These guys pretended like they were bold taking some “righteous” stand for God. When in reality they are a bunch of crooked misguided souls living to please a madman named Rony Denis. These people are not true friends but deceivers through and through.

  6. Denis can not stand without these Ntcc preachers yet he trashes them to no end and they still fall at his feet. Amazing how stupid a person can be! Glad I left!

  7. Do you see how Denis has removed himself from the board. The first one posted is an older one from years ago. These clowns are the fall guys for Denis. Look at Virgo as the treasurer, lol. No wonder he is sold out to the devil.

  8. So glad to be free from all the crazy politics that are not suppose to be in house of prayer according to Denis. He said there were no titles, there was no board and that he was not in charge. So from the beginning it was built on all lies!

  9. I was in a prayer meeting one time where Denis, the law giver, was speaking over the Jim Jones polycom. In this meeting he called for the Trinity to come down in the meeting! He caused the people to think that he can command God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost because he is the supreme anointed of God! I am sooo glad I left that crazy place. Denis is the board in that place. To his followers he is the Trinity. What a shame.

    1. I believe I was in that meeting as well. People were responding to his commands with great enthusiasm. Just picture Denis the menace saying Hallelujah and the whole congregation responding saying Hallelujah. HOPCC is a super cult. This thing is so ridiculous I can’t even put into words. This man thought he could call down the Holy Trinity at his prayer. What a sinner!

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