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6 thoughts on “The B.I.T.E. Model & Rony Denis’ House Of Prayer!!!

  1. They should call it House of great burdens and confusion. Tell people that they preach a message of hopelessness, condemnation and despair….then they would be telling the truth!!!

  2. So glad the truth is out in the open people need to make the right choices and not fear doing what is right. Realise that we serve a mighty big God that is well able to help, heal, revive, restore and renew. There is nothing too hard for the Lord House Prayer is a cult and Denis gets mad when he is confronted about his wicked life. He has caused much problems in peoples mind. Tormenting with condemnation over and over again. Where they question the work of grace that they knew they had. People who just wanted to serve God and do right he takes advantage of their sincerity and willingness to do what ever for God. And spins it around to steal, kill, and destroy the work of grace in their lives. Getting their eyes off Christ the author and finisher of their faith.

    However Gods word can heal the hurt Denis caused. Cleansing from all the years of his condemning trash which has polluted their minds and clouded their minds and polluted their judgment,….this is not the gospel that is the power of God unto salvation. Denis lashes out with lies and slander its been his way for a long time. He will have people promote his lies because if they don’t he will lash out at them also. So because they want to be accepted of him they do and say crazy things, things that they know deep inside are lies. I know I was there I went through it House of prayer is a mad house. Denis cares about no one but himself, bringing about all kinds of destruction and division.

    I am glad to be free from all that mess and you can be also, just pack your stuff and leave and let God be God in your life. Have the liberty where Christ hath set you free and experience the joy of knowing you are in Gods will for Gods glory.

    Rejoicing and praising God I left…God bless you!
    Bro Figueroa

    1. Amen, Bro. Figueroa & Bro. Hughes! I am so glad that God has opened our eyes and delivered us from such a destructive cult. It amazes me how Mr. Ron Denis can lie so flippantly and the brainwashed not blood washed, but brainwashed people of hopcc can easily believe his outrageous lies. Someone told me that he told the people that he had to save me from adultery and that Bro. King is on pornography. The amazing thing is that he says this to them while he is walking around with Adam Boles’ wife right in front of them! The B.I.T.E. model is right! No critical thinking is allowed in hopcc. Kirby Stone started to use some critical thinking when she asked Mr. Denis about his claims of knowing everything but was unable to know about the protesters. Denis rewarded her with humiliation before the whole church by “stripping” her of her salvation. Thanks be to God there are a few Good Samaritans left to help those who have been stripped and left half dead by the thieves of hopcc. May God have mercy on the priests and Levites who walk on by on the other side and refuse to help.

      It is fear that keeps these people bound. I thank God that Bro. Rodriguez and his wife were not afraid to record the wicked conversations of Mr. Denis to help expose him to all who love the truth. They saw the real Denis behind closed doors just like Emanuele, Benton, Fryer, Pilkington, Robertson, Bradeen, and others have and know that he is corrupt to the core. The devil’s deception is real! Denis has lied to the people and said that the recordings are fake. Denis can tell the people in there that he is God and there will be some that will absolutely believe him and bow down to worship him as God!
      Our motivation toward God is supposed to be LOVE for God and then LOVE towards others. Mr. Denis has instilled in his followers FEAR towards him. One lady called me from Hinesville recently and then hung up when she heard my name, that’s fear. The people in hopcc change their phone numbers and don’t talk to their parents and family because of fear. Truth is courageous and is bold as a lion! Fear is cowardly and runs when no one pursues them. It changes its phone number and hangs up on truth because truth is to powerful! The biggest coward in hopcc is Rony Denis himself! Denis why don’t you be a real man for once in your miserable life and admit to the people that you are a big fraud? Unfortunately that narcissistic mind will not allow you to do that. This man has been judged by God and is being used to judge those who do not love the truth but have decided to believe a lie.
      I believe that there is still hope! Keep praying and working for the deliverance of your loved ones! The devil says quit but we are not listening to the devil! God is still a deliverer!
      Bro Yorke

  3. Feed the flock of God which is among u taking the oversight thereof, not by CONSTRAINT, but willingly; not for filthy LUCRE but of a ready mind peter 5:2
    Neither as being LORDS over Gods heritage but being examples to the flock peter. 5: 3
    That when the CHEIF Shepard shall appear u shall recieve a crown of glory

    Ministers of house of prayer stop this garbage and just preach the gospel

  4. My my my. . . Hopefully members will read this! It is quite an eye-opener and so full of truth! There’s a million other things we could add about how they controlled us, but this is AWESOME!!!! Way to go FACT!

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