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The Great Sin of Gift Exchange and Rony Denis’ Hopcc!!!

Listen to the ultra crazy doctrine of Rony Denis presented by Bootzin introducing “God’s heritage children ministers.”


Yes, ladies and gentlemen you heard correctly! These children have not been given Jesus and the “twelve dudes”, whatever that is, and they haven’t been given “Christmas trees and gift exchange.” Why does Denis hate Christmas and “gift exchange” so much?

I understand the arguments that people make about the pagan origins of Christmas, but there are many things that have pagan origins like Sunday, but we call it the Lord’s day and traditionally go to church on that “pagan” day.

Don’t let the Rony the Grinch Denis steal your Christmas! 

Did you know that these guys didn’t like Christmas either?

Fred Phelps, from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church who also did military veterans wrong.

Herbert W. Armstrong, the longtime leader of the World Wide Church of God.


Charles Taze Russel, the Jehovah’s Witness.


For unto the cult members was baby Jimmy born!

2 thoughts on “The Great Sin of Gift Exchange and Rony Denis’ Hopcc!!!

  1. Jimmy the Grinch has played both sides of the fence. He acted “super holy” in Hinesville where people actually acted as if you were singing in participating in anything Christmas while at the same time Jimmy would give my wife money to get the kids something for Christmas. They would also have Christmas dinner at Jimmy’s, but they don’t celebrate Christmas. God is not the author of confusion.

  2. The reason, I believe, that Jimmy the Grinch does not allow gift giving is that it takes away from the money that you give to him.

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