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Mind Games! Mind Control! The Rony Denis Way!

There was a time when Rony Denis had sent a troubled couple to the church. The couple was troubled because he was the author of it. Both were divorces but one was trying to work things out with their spouse before Denis stepped in and convinced them to divorce from the spouse they were trying to work things out with and to marry the person they were at this time married to. (This was confessed to me as a reason why one of the parties felt that the marriage was doomed from the start) Rony Denis told me to tell this couple something which didn’t go well, he then called me back stating that he wanted to catch me before I told them what he told me because “I messed up”. The thought in my mind was, I just did what you told me to do. But, Denis knows how to flip it and make it appear that you did the wrong and he has come and fix it even though he’s the author of. 

This is how Denis operates across the board. In one recording he says, “You guys are going to jail, not me!” He says this because he blames them for all of the illegal activities that Hopcc is involved in even though he is the author of it all. 

The people in his inner circle have seen him act crazy. Denis deceives them by causing them to think that God has given them amnesty or a blank card meaning that he can do anything and God would still back him up because he is God’s man. He has taught the people that he can say, “fried chicken” and God will move for him! 

Some very ignorant and brainwashed church members will be shocked when Denis goes down but those in his inner circle will be those who actually know what’s going on and would take the fall for Denis if they could.

If you know someone wrapped up in this cult especially a family member, do what you can to reach out to them before it is too late!

Don’t be one of those people!

10 thoughts on “Mind Games! Mind Control! The Rony Denis Way!

  1. Oh this is one of Denis ways to blame others for his own wickedness. He will tell you to do something and when it all falls apart he will say he never told you to do that. Or he will tell one person something and tell another something else, and when that particular couple of people fall out with each other, (brother with brother, sister with sister, husband with wife etc etc) He will place the blame on the people and never on himself. He will say that God told him to say that to bring out something which was Denis plan the whole time. TO BRING ABOUT DIVISION!!!!

    1. Yes, I remember being in a service in Greensboro, NC where the head pastor, Rony Denis, was preaching. There was a woman who attended the Augusta, GA church who was in the service. Her husband was being unfaithful to her and Denis used the occasion to “preach” to her by calling her STUPID. The woman of course left the church but Denis and Randy Bercini, the pastor of the Augusta church at the time, concluded that it was the church members fault that she left because they didn’t embrace her and comfort her after the “man of God” called her stupid for wanting to stay with her husband.

        1. If the woman wanted to stay with her husband, what is that to Denis? Instead of helping the situation he makes it worse. He probably did something to encourage the husband to go into adultery. It has been said that Gerard Robertson, Denis’ kiss up, told someone’s wife not to have sexual relations with them, her husband, because he was not following Denis’ commands. This was all done with the hopes that the husband would commit adultery and then the wife could “biblically” divorce her husband even though she defrauded him to do it. This place is wicked!

        2. This is only one of many times that Denis has destroyed relationships, husband and wife, family members, on and on. A master at causing division!

  2. I just got finished reading Mathew 9-10 over a course of time. It is truly a blessing to spiritually digest the word of God! I find the Scriptures to be so balanced. I can see how people can wrest the scriptures to their own destruction like what Denis is doing and others on the opposite of the spectrum, like the one who says everyone is going to heaven regardless of anything. There are so many options and opinions out there in this world. I’ll choose the Bible and the words of Christ any day.

  3. I remember that this false prophet said that he had the Midas touch, that anything he touched turned to gold! It turned out that he really has a different kind of touch that turns everything to manure. Thank God for those who put their trust in Jesus than in Denis and his foolishness.

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