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5 thoughts on “Eye 👁 Opening Article Revealing The Heart Of “Pastor” Rony Denis!!!

  1. Praying that those that remain in the great darkness of House of prayer, that they will allow the Holy Ghost to help them see the great light and be delivered from the power of darkness. For many like myself walked into house of prayer looking for greater light and found ourselves in the midst of great darkness. BUT thank God as the song says…..I saw the light! There is freedom and deliverance in Christ Jesus.

  2. People got wrapped up in Hopcc for different reasons. Not everyone got involved for evil intentions. Some did, of course Denis did, but some like myself and others didn’t join looking to do what Denis did. We were sheep in the midst of wolves. Maybe all of these things were and are being done for a testimony against them. Pray for people like Bradeen, whose hands are dirty, and some of the church members to muster enough humility and courage to repent and stand for Jesus one more time. People like Robertson have been bought and paid for by Denis who he claimed was his life.

    1. I have come to see that some people were wrapped up in Hopcc for material things and status and just wanting to be in a group. It wasn’t about Jesus at at all or doing what God wanted or being where God wanted. It was all an outward show to hide the wickedness within. Hopefully these people come to Jesus and not religion before it’s too late. You can get caught up in church with all of it’s programs and still not have Jesus, just like Hopcc all over again without the madman up top running the show.

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