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What Happened To Honoring Your Parents???

How come Rony Denis teaches his followers to disobey the Word of God?

Where in the Bible does it say that we are not to honor our parents and to downright disrespect and disregard our parents if they don’t attend Hopcc and especially if they express anything negative towards Rony Denis?

It seems clear that God wants us to honor our parents.

What did Jesus say about it?

Here is some good advice for Denis’ followers.

3 thoughts on “What Happened To Honoring Your Parents???

  1. Denis’ upbringing was probably very dysfunctional when it came to a loving relationship with his parents. This could explain why he disdains the normal parent/child relationship. He often talked about being slapped on his bald head when he was a child, and that the women would hit him on the head with the their shoes 👠. These amongst other things no doubt contribute to the mental condition of Rony Denis. He also talked about calling his father one time when he was in Ntcc, and his father was not impressed with him being a preacher and told him that he would always be a bum. We will pray that he gets the help that he needs and that he will stop hurting the people around him.

  2. Denis actually told my wife in front of her father that he was her father! Rev. King did not look happy. I wonder what “father Denis” thinks of “his daughter” now?

  3. According to Denis he can change the scriptures for his own purposes. For he says that he is in the room with God making decisions……oh please!

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