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The Psychosis Of Rony Denis.

Psychosis is:

Mental illness is real. All of us may suffer from one degree or another with some form of mental illness.  Many are living in denial like Rony Denis appears to be of his apparent mental illness. Mental illness has unfortunately been negatively stigmatized in our culture. So, people live in denial and don’t seek an obvious need of help.

At least one of the disorders Rony Denis appears to be suffering from is the Narcissist Personality Disorder.

Another one he appears to have is this one:

The Narcissist plays many games designed to throw you off of their trail of tears that they have caused to so many.

This is one reason why Rony Denis lies unbelievably about the people who have left his cult and are actively opposing him.


Mixed with religion this mental illness can hurt and influence many people. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing deceiving people. It can happen to anyone if you are not being vigilant!

Rony Denis, the Narcissistic, has people helping him in the ways, some directly and others indirectly. People like Gerard Robertson and the other Hopcc ministers are helping Denis directly, and those who have the power to fully expose and put Denis away but refuse to act while he continues to abuse people including children are helping him indirectly.

One thing is for sure, God sees everything!  And He is a just And holy God.

4 thoughts on “The Psychosis Of Rony Denis.

  1. Robertson has got to be the biggest “flying monkey” in Hopcc along with Virgo and all the other Senior ministers of Hopcc.

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