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Lies, Lust, Facebook, Football, Rony Clause, and Hopcc!!!

Let’s dissect the latest and certainly not the greatest from the radio ministry of Rony Denis’ House of Prayer Cult.

Here Bootzin is speaking of television as an idol.  Any common sense person knows that spending an inordinate time before the television is not beneficial.  Any common sense person knows that there are a lot of things on television that are not promoting any type of Christian virtues.  There are people who don’t even espouse Christianity who have certain standards of when and how long they allow their children to watch television so that it doesn’t take away from their studies.  I personally don’t regret not owning a T.V. for years, however for Rony Denis and Hopcc to teach that it is sinful for a Christian to have a television is an illogical fallacy.  Anything can be an idol.  In my Ntcc days it used to said that the GIs were waxing their idols, speaking of their cars.  As the man in the clip says, televisions and cars can be idols.  Having said that these people don’t preach about not owning a car or driving a car, but the car can be an idol.  The truth is anything can be an idol.  Just like Rony Denis is an idol for those in Hopcc.  If a person becomes a Christian God begins to clean up their heart.  If they want to get rid of their television great, if they don’t but can control what they watch and how often great.  Christianity is a relationship between the person and God through Jesus Christ, not Rony Denis or some other self proclaimed man of God.  Not everyone watches the pornography Rony Denis always talks about, that is what is going on in Hopcc.  That is why they have services where they have grown men jumping up and down on their cell phones.  The phone is not the problem, the television is not the problem, and the car is not the problem, the problem is the heart of man.  It needs to be converted.

Listen to Bootzin, under the direction of Rony Denis, waste more time speaking on foolishness while exposing the overly sexulized mind of Rony Denis and Hopcc.  These guys see sexual perversion in in everything. Titus 1:15 tells us this about Rony Denis and his cult:


This is a perfect description of the spirit that is working in Rony Denis’ cult.  They “look holy” on the outside but the inside is filled with so much perversion that it staggers the mind.  Even when some people leave the legalism of Denis’ cult the bottled up contents of their heart begins to erupt to form the true person.  The only remedy for a sinful heart is the blood of Jesus not a bunch of rules, rituals, and false standards.  I have seen people in Hopcc espouse the most ridiculous “standards” only to leave and abandon everything including the Bible!  Jesus saves! Not your foolish standards!

Here we have Josh Markow, the man called of Rony Denis to reach the Jews without Jesus.  Here he continually deflects the accusations of Rony Denis’ lies by saying everyone else lies as to promote a great stand against lying even though they specialize in it.  Markow asks the man, “what does repent mean to you?” Markow doesn’t tell the man or us what repent means on his satellite radio program.  Repent biblically means to change your mind.  After a person comes to the knowledge of the truth they can change their mind or their thinking toward God.  Another word used for repent in the Bible means to change your emotions or the things that you take care for.  The reason people do the things that they do is the because of the way that they think.  If you repent or change your thinking toward God you will do things differently.  What lies at the heart of repentance is change.  In Rony Denis’ Hopcc the teaching is more of a covering up and hiding your sin instead of repenting or changing.  When we repent by coming to Jesus and accepting what He did for us, for we can’t save ourselves, He saves us, cleanses us, and sanctifies us.  This is a lifelong process.

Doesn’t it sound like he is describing Rony Denis to the tee?


Again, all common sense people know that Facebook is something that people can be addicted to and that people can act fake on Facebook. That is why you have things like this:

There is a lot that can be said of how people act on Facebook, but everyone is not the same.  You cannot throw a blanket over everyone because people act a certain way with Facebook.  The matter again goes to the heart of the individual and God.  The corruption in an individual’s heart will come out no matter what you do.  The answer is to be born again and allow God to help you, repent.  To say that everyone that has Facebook is a sinner again is an illogical fallacy.  Some people use it for different reasons other than what Denis is saying.

In Hopcc parents lie to their kids saying that Rony Denis is the man of God.  In Hopcc children learn to dishonor their parents from Rony Denis.  I wouldn’t want my children talking to these guys either.  The teenager saying that he is from another planet should have caused Markow to realize that he needed to leave the kid alone and that the teenager could see right through his insincere garbage.  As far as Santa Clause is concerned, what about Rony Clause?



9 thoughts on “Lies, Lust, Facebook, Football, Rony Clause, and Hopcc!!!

  1. One person made a point about how Denis would preach against fornication and so forth and that this is what was different to him because in the church he was raised in, a large church, there was a lot of sexual sins going on but that was the norm and there certainly was no preaching against such behavior, no warnings or anything. So many people would be shocked to hear a preacher call attention to something like that if they are used to just doing whatever and everyone is saved. It would be different if they had any convictions to get out of the lifestyle that they were in, so Denis could influence people because of such things, but once they find out how corrupt Denis is they would have to leave such a place as that.

  2. I have to agree, Facebook/ Fakebook is the same for a lot of people, but that’s their issue. Why is Denis so oppressed with it?

    1. Hmm – I don’t know the man. I do know folks who go to the church. One thing I know, is when Haitian people find your pictures on facebook, it’s for harm – I notice folks say they suffer with PTSD or mental issue from the church. That’s American reasoning talk – it’s far beyond that – voodoo is no joke. When a person who is involved in those things hates you very much, he will find demonic ways to cause harm.

  3. That Rony Clause looks scary, but not as scary as Denis in those videos. He looks creepy sitting in his truck like that, and then that haircut is different.

  4. My question is why do they spend so many hours on FB looking at peoples pictures if it is so sinful? And why do they themselves have fake FB accounts called “Bible Man?” Botzin/Markow are clowns playing in their circus!
    Now there are fake people on FB, (they will pretend they are something they are not, on a public forum, but when you see them face to face there is crickets. Then you have those that are “crickets” on FB, but behind your back they have a knife in it. But if you think about it these people were fake before FB, They were fake when they were sitting on a purple chair in HOP 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s no surprise. It’s not about where you are being fake, it’s about the condition of your heart to have such shady character. So if you have a problem…. I challenge you, be a real women or a real man and stop hiding behind a computer screen or a cell phone screen and do like the Bible says and take it to the person. This is for HOP and whoever else it applies to. There is one thing that you can’t come against and that’s the truth.
    Just like HOP they specialize in changing phone numbers, “ Will the real Christian please stand up?” 🤔

    1. So true Sharita Yorke
      Many people thrive in superficial Christianity! HOP specializes in being fake I.e the relationships, friendships, marriages and such like. Most people that come out of the cult have learned to be fake and that’s how they conduct themselves. Hummmm……..I wonder was there experience with Christ fake? If it was founded in HOP more than likely,

      1. So true,
        Hop was 100% fake, everything about it. Just like most cults they pretend that they are living a “good life” but for us that have seen they behind the scenes it is a bunch of misery. Their radio program is full of doom and gloom, rebuking this one and that, they are a bunch of hypocrites. Every single day around Jimmy all you hear about is how no one is doing right, everyone needs to get right, you hear everyone’s failures whether they were made up or for real, it’s nauseating. I’m glad you’ve made it out!

      2. @So True- I’ve seen so many fake “sisters” trying to pray like Marjorie Denis that it was so nauseating. Don’t they know she doesn’t even pray like that anymore? It was all a show, it was theatrical drama. Thanks be to God that we can pray without trying to impersonate or impress the hypocrites!

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