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The Madness of the False Prophet

Don’t just take our words only but hear for yourself the babblings of FALSE PROPHET RONY DENIS:

The false prophet is still bitter at New Testament Christian Church. He acts as if there are only two churches in existence, his CULT and NTCC.
He is also fascinated with the “BACKSIDE” of the brethren as you can hear.

Is lil’ Rony GAY?

Do you hear the love, I mean anger in his voice. He accuses everyone else of being gay like Jim Jones did but he can’t take it when we put it back on him. You deny this like everything else Rony. Just repent and get right. God can help you with your issue of the “BACKSIDE”.

Did Yorke go crazy for leaving or does Rony sound crazy? You decide.

Can anyone make sense of what this man is talking about?

40 thoughts on “The Madness of the False Prophet

  1. The false prophet puts such a spell on these people that their testimony is that they are so confused until he comes by and they are then delivered.

    Wow! Who needs Jesus when you have the false prophet?

  2. A few years back I was on the phone with Mr. Denis and the Augusta, GA pastor at the time. Mr. Denis had twisted the story as usual and was going off on me in a tirade of foolishness. When I answered back, a big sin in the pharisee cult, he then made a statement that explains it all: he said to me, “This is GOD talking to you.” I thought, maybe he is trying to say God is talking through him but no this man actually, like the cult leaders before him, thinks he is God.

    Thank God he is not!

  3. Balaam was so messed up and up that he was willing to kill his ass (let alone not even moved by the fact that the ass was TALKING) that was trying to keep him away from the angel that had his sword drawn. The bible says the ass soeaking with man’s voice forbad the madness of the prohet, but he stubbornly tried to go his way anyway. It seems like Denis is going this way too.

  4. The way you defeat the madness of this false prophet is with scriptures. The same way Jesus Christ defeated the Devil in the wilderness.

    When scriptures were given to Denis the deceiver/defamer/divorcer/destroyer, he folded over in the name of JESUS a name that is above even his MANY names.

    1. Awhh… is the Rev now frightened that all his filthiness (darkness) is being exposed/brought to forefront(light)?? Running to the police now huh,…..
      He mentally and verbally abuses those who love him now he runs to the police…..what’s to fear, I thought he was DEITY, and equal with God himself, since when does God need to call the authorities ??? What a chump….smh

  5. Isn’t it crazy how crazy the things that Rony said sounds really crazy now since we are outside the cult?

    When we were there he spoke how God was amazed and even in awe that he even made lil’Rony.

    Rony would speak of his intellect being so superior to us mere mortals that he could finish God’s sentences as God was speaking with him while he was “in the room”. (Not sure if it was a padded room or not)

    Rony is suffering from being rejected by R.W. Davis of NTCC of turning not over the resigns of that organization to him which he and others coveted so much. Now he must elevate himself to the Godhead, the highest position in the universe.

    Were you there when he commanded the TRINITY to come down in the scare I mean prayer meeting to swoop the place with their divine presence? One brainwashed pastor said to someone that the event was so great that it is not even recorded in the Holy Bible! (Ladies and Gentlemen that should tell you something right there)

    Please pray for them.

  6. Does anyone remember the “Ordinary People” conference? We were told to bring our families and so on. The children were to have their part in singing about ordinary people, testimonies were given in the Prayer Force magazine, we were made to believe salvation and Jesus would be focused upon to help our families who travelled, some from the west coast, only to become disappointed by the madness of the false prophet.

    All you heard was sister Gibbs and others speak about Jesus right, no I wish I was right, all you heard them exemplify was “The Man of God”. If you did not know this is the catch phrase for referring to Mr. Denis.

    Even I was carried away like Barnabus with this dissimulation. Please forgive me of my error of lifting up “The Man of God” instead of King Jesus Christ at that conference.

    At that same conference Mr. Denis took me outside to see “Signs and Wonders” in the air like airplanes and clouds, no I am serious. Brother Bolger was with us. (I may have his name spelled wrong)

    Pray for those family members, my mother was one of them, that God would lead them to truth instead of the shannanagins which took place at that conference. Pray for me as well.

    The irony of it all is that sister Gibbs was explaining to her mother, who was in El Salvador, of the wonders of Mr. Denis “The Man of God”. The mother was so excited to come to America to meet the one she was being told about. When they got her to Hinesville she asked Mr. Denis a question. The question was, why do these people WORSHIP you? What sister Gibbs apparently didn’t tell her mom was that you are not supposed to ask or state the obvious, just follow, just OBEY.

    Well, that mom sent BACK to El Salvador and the rest is history.

    May God bless you all.

    1. God I ask that you continue to reveal, expose and uncover the truth of this evil man named Rony Denis, if that’s his real name, who knows because he is seemingly so full of fraud and endless lies. Thank you for these fellow Christians who are making a stand for you. Lord though I may not be among their physical congregation I stand with them as a body of believers, I believe in your principles Lord. I stand on the same beliefs that only Your Name should be lifted up above all names, and above all nations. I pray that you continue to unveil the truth that it may soon be received into the appropriate hands and this man be placed in a pair of silver handcuffs (or maybe a pair of gold handcuffs being he thinks he’s all that) behind prison bars and will never be able to destroy another family or hurt another soul during his lifetime. I ask these things in your son Jesus wonderful and glorious and mighty name..AMEN

  7. Jim Jones Denis is obsessed with everyone’s backsides. He is constantly taking about how big or small someone’s is. On top of this he coerces everyone into agreeing that they have done something in their backside or their wives….. he is obsessed with this topic!!! This is what he talks about all day long!!! He makes call after call asking the same thing…… this man is sick!

  8. I’ve noticed that with all cults I’ve ever heard of or read about its always the same, sexual impurity involved. Satan takes the word of God and presents in almost well precise and fashioned form then gradually begins to sprinkle his perverted/ spiritually demonic dust all over to deceive God’s people, he’s pretty crafty but he’s still a light weight when the people of God come together in prayer and unity. Satan you are no match when it comes to the power of prayer and proclaimING God’s word against you. Things are taking place in the spiritual realm and manifesting itself in the natural. God always has the last word. And we he does the ebe my will know without a shadow of doubt it was The Lord thy God!!!!!!

  9. Powerful statement Bro Retana. You summarized it precise and correct. May God continue to bring to his remembrance the vow he made to lead God’s sheep. May God also put a continous reminder of what his own prayer was concerning playing with God and his children, exploiting their willing hearts. That day has come upon him concerning the prayer He himself prayed.. As he was always famous for quoting “God has to honor His word.”

    1. Denis the menice! Lol you sir have gone LOCO! Hearing you “speak in tongues of devils” you are a liar ans a deceiver just like satan himself! I still have the recorded phonecall sir, between you and I from almost 3 yrs ago of the night we left your nasty twisted cult! And i told you in that phone call (which bro Rodriguez i can email it to you if youd like) anyways i told you straight “you do NOT have the Holy Ghost” and all you could do was stutter and change the subject! You have no power lil denis, just like the the devil you are a bully! But the bible says “resist the devil and he will flee”

      And sure enough the moment we stood up to you amd resisted your lies and evilness, all you could say was ” rev robertson i cant talk to george you handle this” lol your a bully sir and you have lost your control! I hope you read this ! Real Christianity isnt what you have. You are a false prophet! You hid behind your fancy suits and fancy cars, the scream and bash souls and rebuke everyone and thier mommas lol sir the bible says ” he would give us Pastors after HIS (Jesus not lil Rony) own heart! You dont have the heart of God denis.

      Your man made empire is crumbling down, you have lost it! You are going crazy! Calling and leaving messages of you singing and speaking in devilish tongues! It must be the 2’9 spirit huh?! Sir do you remember what you use to always say?? If not let me refresh your memory,:
      Denis would say: ” my prayer is that if i ever play with God and God’s people i hope He judges me and makes me go crazy like a crazy man Talking to himself running around naked in the streets”

      You would always say that at your house during the friday night teachings! Do you remember that sir? You have blood on your hands! Judgment has come upon you sir!

      EZEKIEL 13:1-8 (amplified bible)
      And the word of the Lord came to me saying, 2 “Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel who prophesy, and say to those who prophesy from their own inspiration, ‘Hear the word of the Lord! 3 Thus says the Lord God, “Woe (judgment is coming) to the foolish prophets who are following their own spirit [claiming to have seen things] but have [in fact] seen nothing. 4 O Israel, your prophets have been like [a]foxes among the ruins. 5 You have not gone up into the gaps or breaches, nor built the wall around the house of Israel that it might stand in the battle on the day of the Lord. 6 They have seen falsehood and lying divination, saying, ‘The Lord says,’ but the Lord has not sent them. Yet they hope and make men to hope for the confirmation of their word. 7 Did you not see (make up) a false vision and speak a lying divination when you said, ‘The Lord declares,’ but it is not I who have spoken?
      8 Therefore, thus says the Lord God, “Because you have spoken empty and delusive words and have seen lies, therefore behold, I am against you,” says the Lord God. 9 “So My hand will be against the [counterfeit] prophets who see (make up) empty and delusive visions and who give lying prophecies.

  10. So I see he is still so deceiving after all these yrs, sounding all spirtual speaking in tongues which at one time God’s spirit did dwell strongly in him…but it’s all counterefit now, the holy spirit no longer dwells in him. He has really lost his way and sounds like he’s lost his mind. He sounds like he may be on some type of drug. Folks don’t be deceived, Satan also has a prayer language, satan has a counterfit for everything that’s of God, Satan does a good rendition of speaking in tongues I see. I pray that those people who are still under the spell, wake up, read your bibles and open your spiritual eyes, this man is demonized, spiritually dead!!

  11. I have heard him say on multiple occasions while going through his hypnotic episode calling on 2’9 that God told him when you’re in 2’9 you can do secret things because they belong to the Lord. These were the voices that told him to touch his daughter. He would tell me he didn’t listen, but ever since that time he has gotten so perverted, even my wife noticed it before we were even trying to leave. It’s almost like he did something that messed up his mind worse than how it was. I’m not saying he did, but I’m laying the facts out that I heard him say. Why would he keep bringing up the time he heard voices telling him to touch his daughter? It’s like he could never let it go.
    Rony Denis sir, you know what I’m saying is true. You said these things about touching you’re daughter. I proclaim this statement before God almighty and his son Jesus Christ. Sir, you lie, and cover up. But everything I said in my testimony is true. Sir you are the author of this Web site. You birthed it, and now you want to act like it’s not yours. Haven’t you noticed sir, that things can’t ever seem to go right for you? But you keep pointing you’re finger at others. Look at your self sir, all of this is because God in his long suffering is trying to get your attention!

  12. He always asks people things like that, and someone tells him no, he sais they are lieing, and then continues to ask the same question until he breaks you down Into to a false confession. Then once that happens he will bring it up in conversations with other people and say ” didn’t you tell me you did this?”. Eventually people just admit to things just because they are afraid of being kicked out.

    1. Getting kicked out of that place would be the best thing that could happen. No one needs or even should be around someone so toxic and poisonous. Being “in” at one time, I can understand how scary it is to venture out of that influence and pray and read the scriptures and decide for yourself the course God wants for you. Aside from what the Bible says that God wants for our lives, the everyday decisions concerning where to live, work, worship, who to marry, where to go to school, having children, what to do with your finances, and so on should be between an individual and God. God can guide you. Psalm 25v9

  13. Why would he ask about something like that(“putting stuff in his backside in Iraq”)? If that happened while he was a sinner why bring it back up? Sounds like the accuser of the brethren instead of God who said he would forget our sins.

  14. He really enjoys hearing stuff about backsides. It’s so ridiculous. To hear all these recordings of these so called men of God talking about, did u put anything in your backside? And yes house of prayer booty bandit preachers, there are recordings of a couple of you pervs talking like this. Stop and think about how ridiculous you sound. Wow. Someone should show those to the media. You so called holiness preachers. Frauds. Jokes. Perverts. I wonder how long it will take for denis to convince you to sleep with him.

  15. for the love of money and rony worship Clinton Daniels straight out lied on me and said i am in pornography to my mom when she was in Savannah to see my little sister and when she got stirred up and told him WHAT DID YOU SAY! (which God and my mom know it wasn’t true) then Clinton being the coward he always was changed his lie with fear and said my brothers were in pornography and didn’t mention my name again (I say coward not to throw stones at him but for the mere fact that all that preaching he did for years and acting (which he should have gotten a Grammy award for best acting Christian). now he and his wife who also was sending my wife all these scriptures while she was still in Greensboro saying and showing my wife that denis is a false prophet) is worshipping rony now? CLINTON WHO BEWITCHED YOU?
    Where is then the blessedness ye spake of? for I bear you record, that, if it had been possible, ye would have plucked out your own eyes, and have given them to me. Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?. rony talked to me on the phone one time during his exposure of wickedness and started to bring up all the things he did for me in the past which wasn’t much because he would act like he was God because he gave you money and then throw it in my face (oh and rony which i pray that you are reading this but that night i called you i never at one time in that call ask you for a car because you didn’t even let me finish what i was going to say so if you decide you want to continue lying on me at your denis-ship meetings please remember that Jesus Christ has the record and no you can’t get away from him in Florida either).he then tried to put me against my pastor who i noticed through out the years didn’t cower before rony denis like bradeen huff Pilkington heiztman etc,( and pastor yorke did not tell me at all to change my phone number or to stay and not leave Greensboro all he did was open up the bible and preached the truth like he always does and exalt Christ and not rony and pastor yorke never tried to bribe me into staying ). not only that but he did the same thing to rev greene and Clinton saying i don’t know about Clinton he might go back to his dreads.i thank God every day for delivering me and my wife (which have been married for 10 years now and the lord foiled rony’s plan on trying to break up our marriage)from under the umbrella of unrighteousness that rony has made out of hopcc, and I’m still praying for those over in hopcc that they would get a hold of the God of their bible and turn from denis to life and i have a special prayer for the ministers of hopcc that God would rip out the twisted twig that masquerade as their spines and stand for jesus Christ and give no place to the devil or rony, and if you are afraid that rony will kick you out of his property which they did to me and take the car that’s in someone else’s name from you like they did to me then don’t worry because our beloved brother in the book of revelation chapter 1:9 said I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.so for all of you who know what’s going on there and continue to follow it until the ground opens up and swallow rony and the stuff that he stole e.g.wives money illegal practices glory from God etc please please please repent and turn for it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.and i thank God for brother and sister Rodriguez for making it out because if you notice which you pretend you don’t every time someone leaves hopcc rony hood and his men in tights instantly start trashing that individual but never ever tell the truth about why they left,God has the record and God also said concerning korah Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment.I pray that people escape from this cult before that moment comes

  16. He said John Rodriguez started this mess. The fact that he called it a mess shows you he’s losing it. Sounds like a big baby. I heard Jim Jones ordered everyone in jones town to be killed just because 4 people chose to leave. That’s how power hungry these cult leaders are. So some people left, big woop! And now they only Preach about people and don’t even really have church anymore. Jimmy let it go, you have more money and worshippers than you can count, let it go!

  17. Denis, you started this mess, not me. You started this mess when you used God’s people for your own gain, and when those who served you begged for mercy, you mocked them. You started this when you started messing with spirits and witchcraft claiming God gave you the secrets of the universe. The only one that is a pervert is you. My wife and I have heard you say on multiple occasions that the spirits told you to touch you’re daughter. What have you done sir? Your on record for being perverted in your mind and then blaming spirits. I’ve never heard voices tell me to do anything inappropriate with my own kid or anyone else’s. But you sir admitted that you heard voices telling you to “touch your daughter” and ” all men touch their daughter”. My question to you sir, was that really the 2’9 spirit that told you this, or was that straight from you’re sick heart. Anyone who has been around you knows you have a history of being sexual in your language, is this why, has your perversion reached the high heavens? No one else I know, including myself has a record of being perverted in language besides you. Look in the mirror sir! Though art the man!

  18. Get over new testament good grief. Leave them alone sir. You are like a psychotic, scorned ex. Still stalking them online and everything. Just shut up.

  19. I guess he thought the Holy Ghost would move through his singing and speaking in tongues over the recording. Hahahaha hahaha. Woah did you feel that?

  20. Wow, Rony Denis called just to leave a message to say he is not gay? Ever heard the saying, the guilty dog barks the loudest? He says everyone that left is either gay, or a child molester. But he gets mad when he has to take some of his own medicine. This is how Jimy works:
    Questioner : “sir did you read palms?”
    Denis: “tell me this, are you gay?”
    Questioner: “did you get involved in spiritism?”
    Denis: “have you ever done anything to your back side?”
    Do you see how childish this man is? I remember about 10 years ago he kicked a lady out of his church because she said he was a fallen angel, you guessed it, he said she was gay too. This is the only defense he has.

    1. “Putting self in his back side” this guy doesn’t make any sense. Rony your a sicko always inappropriate. I remember being at your house once and you told sister Liz ” looks like your getting thick, are you gaining weight”? What kind of preacher says these things to a child of God? Only a pervert who’s abusing his office, a false prophet.

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