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Highlights From The House Of Confusion Fellowship Meeting!!!

Here we have the oppressive leader of the cult movement, Rony Denis. He was sitting in his vehicle for a while listening to the sisters exposing his lies and atrocities. (Thank God somebody is calling this man out!) As you can see he is sitting there starring at them probably praying for God’s hand of blessings to be upon him. (probably not) Denis said that he had “power” in his eyes 👀 and that when he starred at you, he was doing something. (probably undressing you) He says that God has given him power to make people sick 😷 🤒. I don’t remember that being one of the gifts of the Spirit. It might be one of the gifts of the Devil.

Now we have Denis’ women making their way out of the vehicle. Yes, we said women! No powerful man can only have one, he deserves another as well. In the above picture you have Gilda Schmidtke’s mom and step-dad greating Marjorie, but they better be careful because Marge is not allowed to fellowship with the commoners.

Next we have Linda Rodriguez. This is the other Sis. Rodriguez who left the cult, but then came back. Her husband, who is not pictured, is the other Rev. Rodriguez who left the cult for worldly fleshy sin, but also made it back for religious hypocritical sin. Pray for this family!

Here we have William Pilkington, the pastor of the Hinesville church. He did an effective job of throwing his wife’s parents, the Bradeens,  under the dump truck. One person who left said that they saw Arlen Bradeen in tears.  He no doubt has had many nights like Esau of old who sought to change the issue with his birthright with tears but could not.  Pilkington is a master at working the crowd, as you see him here, in deceiving the people including the youth! Pilkington told a brother once to look at the bird 🦅 on the church steeple, this was to signify a sign that God was with Ron Denis. (Yes, these people are nuts 🥜)

This is Mike and Janice Patterson. She is the one who kept yelling “NEVER, NEVER”, about her husband’s infidelities, at the Town Hall meeting. (talk about denial)  They are seen here paying close attention to the protesters. 🤔 this looks like what Janice is doing, thinking 🤔, that would be a miracle!

Have you ever noticed how Gerard Robertson is always with CJ Vargas? Denis must have assigned Robertson to him for fear that CJ may bolt from the cult. You hardly see these guys with their wives. CJ is a lot smarter than Robertson and Denis, but the deception of the Devil is powerful against the natural mind, it takes the blood of Jesus and the mind of Christ to overcome the Devil’s lies.

As Robertson and CJ are walking off something the Sisters said gets under Robertson’s skin and he has to confront them. He is also showing young CJ how to disrespect and not show any honor to his mom who loves Jesus and her deceived son CJ.  Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Robertson is a real snake 🐍!

Pray for this family. Denis trashed this Sister because her eyes were opening up to Denis’ lies and she actually questioned him on his false claims! Pray for her husband! These are good people in a bad place!

People are paying attention! Notice the little guy laughing 😂 he knows that Hopcc is a fraud!

Pray for Darnell Emanuele, his mother really loves him and needs him to contact her but he will not, and Denis says Hopcc is a family church! 😢

Bye 👋 Robertson, we’ll see you next time! 😀Please pray for these people!



6 thoughts on “Highlights From The House Of Confusion Fellowship Meeting!!!

  1. Jimmy is angry saying that the protesters are telling people’s business, but what about him lying about the people’s business who left his church. He does this behind the pulpit and at his house. What a hypocrite!

  2. Anybody notice the skin head haircuts they’ve all been wearing? Jimmy, Robertson, Pilkington?
    Wow they look terrible, they are all following Jimmy because he is going bald! I remember pilkington in NTCC, and he used to be (used to be) considered a supposed Ken doll, but now he looks like a skin head pilsbury dough boy! What happened? And Robertson, he looks like he has aged 20 years! Go back to the original hair Robertson, that looks very unbecoming of you.

    1. I think they are wearing the high-and-tight military style haircut to be in solidarity with their pastor Rony Denis because he has been loosing his follicles as well as his marbles.

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