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This Man And His Associates Are Liars!!!

What you will hear in these audio clips is once more the revealing of the “Rev.” Rony Denis as a flat out liar.  The man who fancies himself as the greatest and only man of God on the planet and of all time was played by the mother-in-law of Michael Best, a long time member of Denis’ following.  So, she asked him a simple question: “Why did  he [Pastor Yorke] leave?”

Rony Denis knows full well why Rev. Yorke left.  His testimony was already delivered to Denis and whoever cared to read it.  Denis had Tony Oloans submit a complaint citing that the Hopcc emblem that Rev. Yorke used on his original testimony document was copyrighted.  So, he changed it to what it is now. A play on what they have behind their pulpit: Humility Before Honor. (Which they have for propaganda purposes)


He could not legitimately answer the question because it would indict him, so he lied, and he called three others to add to his lies also.  He can not give Best’s mother-in-law the real reason why Rev. Yorke left.  The proud man tells her, “You don’t know who you are talking to.”  He doesn’t know how to answer the question.  That is why there is so much silence after the question is asked as he is scrambling to call some liars on the phone.

He kept pressing her to ask him any question, but all she wanted was to be in contact with her daughter and granddaughter, but Rony Denis said, NO! Not even a phone number.  Rony Denis is not a pastor but a dictator.  God did not call this man to do this.  Can you imagine being the mother or father and this man has the power to separate you from your own child only because you will not bow to him, because he thinks that you are “feisty”?

Still no answer. He then makes a plea deal, “I’ll answer your question, if you answer my question.”  So, he begins to question her religious background.  He asked, “What kind of church did you go to in New York?”  She replied, “A Holiness Church.” He continued by asking, “What kind of Holiness Church?”  What does any of this have to do with Rev. Yorke leaving Denis’ cult?  Absolutely nothing!  Denis is a master manipulator.  He would later go on to trash all of the New York churches.

More hem hawing around.  Rony Denis finally gets to his “answer” on why Rev. Yorke left.  He starts my lifting up himself again by lying about Yorke’s mother saying that he is the reason that she came to church.  He then says that her questions are like a “Soap Opera and he doesn’t do Soap Operas.”  Mind you, he wanted her to ask questions, and she asked a very valid question.  It is painful to hear  a man act like this before a mother who was just wanting to have a relationship with her daughter and granddaughter but have to put up with such nonsense from a mentally deranged man.


Rony Denis’ third and final attempt to answer this woman’s question ends with more foolishness.  Rev. Yorke and his wife NEVER called asking Rony Denis what their kids can or cannot do.  He has put out enough don’ts throughout the years and the Yorkes were smart enough not to ask for more shackles from this cruel taskmaster.  The Greensboro church dayschool played kickball and other things that was prohibited in the other Denis influenced cult churches.  Why would the Yorkes ask Denis for what their children could do?  Denis finishes with a rage of foolish talking being upset at the mother.  He now talks of bringing a sword of division from the Lord since the mother does not want to “do right”.  And, still no answer on why Rev. Yorke left.

I left House Of Prayer, Denis’ cult, because I want to serve God not Rony Denis.  I knew that if I stayed, that there was no way that I could remain a child of God.  I would be forfeiting my salvation by being a straight up liar and defender of what I have found to be the work of Satan.  There is a real possibility of a Christian drawing back on God and going into apostasy, erring from the truth. (James 5:19-20, 1 Timothy 1:19-20, 1 Corinthians 9:27 2 Thessalonians 2, and Hebrews 6:4-8)

I and my wife were not going to be liars for Rony Denis against John and Jennifer Rodriquez who left before us, or anyone else for that matter.  Denis claimed that they were coming back SOON a year ago and they still have not returned.  John and Jennifer’s testimony of the behind the scenes actions of Rony Denis tied up all of the loose ends and confirmed all of the red flags I had about Rony Denis.  Denis himself confirmed them as well by his clear cut lying on the phone about John and Jennifer to me and my wife after John and Jennifer left his cult.

After we left Denis proclaimed that the Greensboro church would never come back and that the people would just fizzle out.  He knew that some people had religion, what he fed them, and not salvation.  By God’s grace some of us had salvation.  According to Roscoe Stanley, he said that Rev. King may be able to come back, but Yorke will NEVER be able to come back.  Denis has trashed my wife and I so much since we have left, and we have proceeded to expose him relentlessly and still promote loyalty to Jesus Christ.  The people of Hopcc may believe his lies about my wife and I and may hold some type of feeling  toward us and don’t want to have any association with us.  That is all fine and well.  We never asked for any association anyway.  We left because we want to continue to serve God.  People leave for different reasons, not everyone who leaves Hopcc leaves because they want to serve God. Some people left because they were being treated bad.  I was being praised by Denis before I left, but by God’s grace I don’t live for the praises of men, but for the glory of God. Some people just don’t want to have anything to do with God, and that is their prerogative.  I will let you know straight out that if you contact us, we are still Christians and will encourage you to serve God and to enjoy His grace and freedom to live in obedience to Him out of Love.  Those who are most appreciative are the family members of Denis’ victims who have reached out to us.  We are not in this thing to make a name for ourselves, but to simply let people know what Denis is doing is not of God but of the devil period.  A devil, believe it or not, can tell you the Word of God.  And if you believe it and call upon Jesus you can be saved.  That is how powerful God’s word is, the thing is what are you going to do after you get saved?  Are you going to follow the Word of God or the devil who starts lying to you now?  Years ago before I became a Christian, a man who had nothing to do with Christianity told me that I was going to hell for what I was doing.  He was 100% correct! This man was not of God but his words that he spoke at that time were true, and the truth is of God.  After I got saved I didn’t follow this man and believe everything he said, I started following what I understood the Bible to say and what God’s Spirit spoke to me about.

I am humbled and grateful that Satan’s man, Rony Denis,  knows who I am, and that I am not ashamed nor afraid to call him out for who he is, and I am honored that he and his associates hate me so much.  I have fellowshipped with and have been around many of the pastors, especially the Ntcc ones in Hopcc, and can say from personal experience that these men are absolutely corrupt to the core.  I am convinced that they know what I know about Denis and much more.  I defended Denis ignorantly when I was over there, but now since I know what I know about him now, I will expose him, so that as a Christian I will right the wrong that I have done.  I do not understand the mind of one who supported this man, but will not speak against his atrocities after they have come to the knowledge of the truth and at the same time claim Christ.  (1 Peter 3:15, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Philippians 1:7, Titus 1:9, and Jude 3)  We all have different ways to contribute, we are not all the same, we all have different gifts and abilities, but there is only one body, one Lord, and one Spirit.  I can’t be silent.  One thing we all can do is pray.  That’s better than just sitting around in anger and having a perpetual pity party.  If you pray it will lead to action.  What we do may rub some of his followers the wrong way, but that’s life.  I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone the wrong way, but the truth is the truth and sometimes it hurts, but if you receive it, it will set you free!  Rony Denis and his associates are liars and all liars shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire.

No Fear or Lie can stand against us because we have JESUS!!!

Ray Yorke

6 thoughts on “This Man And His Associates Are Liars!!!

  1. Masters of lies and deceivers indeed! Are these ministers of an adulterated gospel able to sleep at night? Guys like you Pastor Trell in Texas, faking a brotherhood love, stringing the minds of young soldiers like my son into the falsehood of HOP, taking advantage of their sincere desire to serve God, and them being naive. How dare you claim there is nothing wrong with your organization and Rony Denis? It is a reality that you willingly divide families, you instill fear of the possibility of losing salvation to these young men if they call their families, you forced them to change their cell phone numbers, closing the opportunity for families to contact their love ones. The Scriptures state that satan and his demons know the Word and distort it in order to deceive those who want to serve God, and that is what you are: demons, wolves in disguise. Your day will come and God will demand each and every wrong doing from each and everyone of you.

  2. Hahahah this is too funny. Lil D denis said the same thing when I left on the phone “ you dont know who youre talking to, im not one you could play with” haha what a joke. I still have that 12 min recorded call if any of you wana hear it. All i told that fake joker was “sir you have No Holy Ghost” after that he had nothing to say lol. Denis is a joke and dont be afriad of that 4ft 3in man lol. He is no one and he is nothing. Your time is up lil D. 😂😂😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  3. There is power in the name of Jesus! It’s ridiculous how Denis lies and says my wife runs the show. (His life is a horror show not mine) How come he didn’t tell her, the lady in the recording, that I left early on regardless of what my wife thought and came back only after he apologized and admitted finally that he was wrong? Something he would never admit to now. He just did a good job hiding his wickedness before the congregation then, but now is bold enough to spit in the people’s faces as they gladly receive his lies. I left for good after I found out all of this garbage, if my wife wanted to stay, she would have been staying without me. Denis just hates the fact that I LOVE ❤️ 💗 💕 my wife and he doesn’t love his. If you have to buy Lois Vuitton and Prada as proof of your “love” while your shacking with another woman, then that isn’t love. Especially when Marjorie has “suspicions of the infidelity” 🧐🤔🤫and is saving her money to jump ship, or so it was said. 😉

  4. Amen Brother Yorke I too was caught up in the cloud of myths in House of prayer under the cult master Rony Denis. I left also knowing within my own heart that I could not serve the God that saved my soul being in the House of prayer cult. I was tired of the lies, the condemnation and multitude of other things. (Not enough time to share all now.)

    John and Jennifer shared many truths about Rony Denis and all the mess he has created and because of that they have been trashed, as well as your self and your wife. But the truth musts be told Denis lies must be exposed. I am thankful for the freedom of true salvation and purity of spirit.

    All Denis does is lie about anyone that leaves the cult to stir fear in others about following their heart in knowing that House of prayer is a cult. I appreciate the labors and efforts place in this great effort to expose the House of prayer cult. once my eyes were opened I could not longer stay with the lies and corruptness in the cult.

    We have been in prayer and there is a stir the truth must be told, in no way wanting to offend. But knowing that the truth must be told. And it has been a blessing others have been set free. Yes some may not understand, but through prayer God will always prevail. Its a blessing to be in fellowship with true believers.

    Stay in the fight God is so good!

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