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Dissecting The Foolish Teachings of Rony Denis And His Cult House of “Prayer”!!!

Let’ dissect the teachings of Rony Denis & Hopcc by rightly dividing the Word of Truth.


Here we have Rony Denis using Bootzin to give the people an excuse for being exposed, and calling it persecution. The Bible commands us to try the spirits to see if they are of God. Having known Rony Denis for quite some time we have found him to be a very skilled deceiver, and his teachings are extremely faulty in light of the Holy Scriptures.

Those who fled Rony Denis’ cult have been persecuted and maligned by Denis and his group. Christians have taken a stand against his wickedness and he has lied repeatedly in order to destroy their character, but God has caused the Devil’s plans to backfire again!

Peter also speaks of Christians not suffering as evil doers.  This is the real reason why all of these things have befallen Denis and Hopcc. They are suffering because of their wicked ways. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever you sow, you will reap.


Next we have another hobby/dead horse Denis likes to ride. The one that deals with jewelry and makeup on women.

The question is asked, “Why does this bother you?” But, the real question is, why does women wearing jewelry and makeup bother Rony Denis and his cult?

Again, these people have a problem with God and His Word! They would rather hold on to a doctrine of man instead of the Bible. What do they do with this?

So, is God Almighty a sinner? No, I don’t think so. Rony Denis is wrong and the Bible is right! What Peter and Paul was talking about in 1 Peter 3:3-4 &  1 Timothy 2:9-10 is excessive concern about one’s appearance over what was truly important such as godliness of heart and works of love in obedience to God. These verses do not teach that you are sinning if you wear makeup or jewelry. Notice how Rony Deni$ & Company NEVER deal with the scripture concerning the costly array or the expensive clothing. If they were consistent with their false teachings then Rony and Marjorie would be the biggest sinners in Hopcc because their clothing is more expensive than anyone else’s. The fact is what is spoken against is extravagance not the wearing of any of these things. By the way it’s not Rony & Marjorie’s clothes that makes them the biggest sinners in Hopcc, it’s their heart of viscous corruption that does that.


Next we have more propaganda and child manipulation. Why don’t they at least prepare these children before they put them on the air like this?

At least they took heed to our exposing of them and stopped talking about, “Obeying the man of God.”


Last and definitely least is Rony Denis through Markow speaking of the great abominations of the world and idolatry.

It’s the same ole shuck and jive about Facebook, YouTube, and the Internet being the greatest evilness the world has ever known. Never mind the FRAUD, LIES, and ABUSE perpetuated by Rony Denis and his not God’s ministers!

Notice the definition for an idol that Markow gives, it fits their devotion to Denis to a tee!

8 thoughts on “Dissecting The Foolish Teachings of Rony Denis And His Cult House of “Prayer”!!!

  1. Rony Jimmy Denis is just like the extremist Muslims. His LUST is so out of control that a woman must wear a burka to be modestly dressed. The Bible does say dress modestly and Christian women and men are not to have a lascivious spirit but what about Denis’s lust problem. Most churches don’t speak on modesty so Denis capitalizes on this, but he is certainly adding to the word of God!

    1. This is a good cause to give to for giving Tuesday. I want Denis to full well know that I am against his wickedness. What about you?

  2. These guys major on things that have nothing to do with salvation. I of churches that have standards, and that is what they are standards not salvation. Cults like Hopcc says your sinning if you are not doing what they are doing, but they are sinning left and right!

  3. Has anyone ever thought about their fraudulent Bible School that they are using to rip the government off with? Someone made a great point how they charge all of this money to attend their school, and for what? There are no text books, the teachers don’t get paid for teaching, they use their fellowship hall for a classroom, and you don’t get a degree. Where is the money 💰 going? I bet Deni$ knows! 😬

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