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The Poison ☠️ Of Unforgiveness

I don’t recall Mr. Rony Denis ever teaching/preaching about forgiveness. How can he when he practices UNFORGIVENESS?

Forgiveness is what God has done for the children of God and He has given us through His grace the power to forgive others. We have all been hurt by someone, but have you ever considered the hurt you caused someone else?

Have you ever been in a position where you want someone to forgive you but you will not forgive someone else?

Do you remember this story in the Bible? The servant had received forgiveness but when it was his time to forgive he chose not to.

If anyone should understand the power of forgiveness it should be the child of God. Maybe Mr. Rony Denis and company haven’t ever experienced this with Christ.

An unforgiving spirit leads to many other issues of life that are damaging to you and others around you.

 The lesson to be learned is to just let it go!

The only person you are hurting is yourself and those around you and those you could have helped.

You can have the VICTORY over Unforgiveness through Christ Jesus!

Don’t listen to Rony Denis or the lies of the devil, yo can forgive and move on with your life in peace!

PS: We forgive you Rony Denis for the wicked atrocities you have inflicted on us and humanity. However, it is our God given duty to expose you to help liberate the oppressed!

10 thoughts on “The Poison ☠️ Of Unforgiveness

  1. God is so good! I just read in the Bible (yes, I still read my Bible, pray, and go to church since escaping from hopcc) where Jesus told a paralyzed man to be of good cheer because his sins were forgiven. It is truly a blessing that we can rejoice that our names are written in heaven. I do not and by God’s grace will ever regret the day Jesus washed my sins away. I am still rejoicing that He has set me free from the wicked passions of this old man flesh and sinful nature. I can have a biblical pure love working in my heart rather than an ungodly sensual wicked lust dominating my heart and mind. God can truly set a person free to worship him in true holiness! I don’t need a demonic preacher calling me every so often to keep me indoctrinated with his foolish doctrines of extra biblical legalism and cult entanglements. I can have a personal relationship with Jesus like God intended it to be and desires to have with all who would come to Him! My High Priest and Bishop is Jesus, He should be that for every believer. Our Mediator is Jesus Christ, not a preacher empowered by Satan trying to control every aspect of your life as if he is God himself. The Christian life is the best life to live. You don’t have to agree with me and I don’t have to agree with you, but if you are going to be saved you need to at least agree with God and His Word. You need to be sincere with God, He knows your heart. You can pull the wool over many people’s eyes, but never God’s eyes. The reality is that a lot of people in Hopcc never knew Jesus. They knew Rony Denis and the system of the church/cult but they never came in contact with the True Deliverer of their soul. If they did it was very short lived. One person testified to me that their experience was such, they knew that they were not a Christian while in Hopcc and named a certain minister that they relied upon for their salvation. That person’s case is not an isolated one, but one of many! If a busy cult control schedule is what keeps you from “worldliness and sinning” then that is not salvation. Another person testified that they were not saved in the two churches that they were in previously to their testimony at the time. They thought that the busy schedule was what their salvation was even though they were doing things totally against the Bible. One pastor in Hopcc told me about the soldiers in Hopcc getting deployed and being caught up in all manner of sin. ( I have also heard of some soldiers testify of this themselves) I told him about when I was deployed and how God kept me. His reply was that they didn’t have the internet back then, to imply that I would have been caught up in all manner of sins as well if the internet was around. I was surprised by his answer. This probably explains while he is still in Hopcc. People were in living in all kinds of wickedness before the internet was around. When I was deployed people were wrapped up in pornagraphy, fornication, and adultery just like the Hopcc soldiers. The internet has nothing to do with it, it is your heart that is the problem. God is greater than the internet. One person in Hopcc told his father that he couldn’t come see him or his family because they might cause him to sin. That’s not salvation. Hopcc and Rony Denis produced a group of people who were wholly dependant on a program and not God. If their is no program then there is no God, so they go headlong into sin. Since the Word of God is so powerful, some people who sincerely wanted Jesus got saved and then left. There are people in Hopcc now that may be saved, (only God knows) but really want out of that crazy place. There is no way that you can convince me that any of the preachers especially the ones who crossed over from Ntcc are saved, I know personally that they know to much to continue with Denis’ lies and foolishness. I knew that if I stayed I couldn’t be saved, on my way to heaven, loving Jesus, and be apart and partaking in such wickedness. Why would you live a life of misery when you don’t have to? We had a wonderful service yesterday where the preacher preached about Jesus coming to give us life. There is no life outside of Jesus. That’s the kind of preaching to led me to getting saved. Many people don’t really believe that they are going to hell when they die, but Jesus said that the vast majority of people will be going there including religious people that call him Lord. (Matt. 7:21) Jesus told some people that unless they repent that they will perish also. Repentance is turning to God and turning from your lifestyle of sin. I am thankful that Jesus didn’t come with a message that made me a decent sinner or a religious sinner, but one that transformed my life through godly sorrow that led to repentance, a change from sinner to saint. I don’t want the sin, I want Jesus! Don’t you?

    1. I want Jesus as well and not some made up religion full of man’s doctrine and not after the spirit of Christ. I was talking to someone and telling them how many in hopcc were of the mindset that they can do whatever to sinners because the sinners were against God. People actually thought they could lie, cheat, disrespect, and under mind the sinner because, I guess, they deserved it for not getting saved. While at the same time only giving respect to those that call on the name of the Lord out of a so-called pure heart right. All the while forgetting that Jesus said if you love those that love you what thanks have you for the sinners do the same. If our righteousness only goes as far as the sinner, what do we really have? Do we really think we’re doing God’s service by treating people this way. Or maybe we are being used of God as instrument of punishment to those who oppose God’s will. Too often, I think we forget how we once opposed this same God and it wasn’t so-called judgment that won us over to the winning side but love. Love still works. I’ve been repenting before God for not loving the way he does. If I call myself a Christian there should be some qualities I share with Christ. People are so busy looking at what other people are doing that they fail to see where they are not even like Jesus. I wonder if we focused on being like Jesus that maybe someone else may realize where they aren’t being like Jesus. Either way I am endeavoring to get this beam out of my eye so I can see Jesus like the preacher was talking about yesterday.

  2. Rony Denis doesn’t portray any type of Christian character, so what does his followers really see in him? For one, there is a particular element in hop that is enamored with a gangster, hip-hop, and pimp image. One person from hop said Denis’ red eyes 👀 reminded her of a rapper named DMX and she thought that they were beautiful!
    Denis walks into the church like it is his house. He has the money 💰 and the bling bling. He has the women, one on each arm. He talks like a thug, he buys people. A perfect mixture for those who still love the ghetto mentality.😧😱

  3. Rony Denis is the biggest false prophet on the market. Soon his kingdom will be coming down. The question is, what will the die hard Denisites do when their false prophet goes down? Unfortunately, many of them will unashamedly jump headlong into the world. Hopefully, some will turn to Christ realizing that they have been deceived the whole time. The preachers of Hopcc have been lying to the people throughout this whole ordeal. They are toast, burnt on both sides! I pray that God will have mercy on the people still following this false prophet. If they can’t see by now how wicked this man is then they are truly blind!

      1. I think your opinion about Pilkington is 100% accurate. He’s trashed his wife like Denis has, he has usurped control over people’s lives like Denis has, he has a history of homosexual tendencies like Denis has being infatuated with men’s backsides, and lying like Denis does all the time. A true Denis wannabe.

        1. Yes I’m glad I left that place he tries preaching the same way Denis does to his poor wife must have been thrown under the bus alot she hardly talks like Denis wife and why is it it’s only certain ppl she would talk to

  4. These people of hopcc are following a man who is leading them into a ditch of damnation. I would say that this man is blind but that fact is, he is not blind. He knows exactly what he is doing. The people following him are blind and many of them are willingly blind. Even someone who doesn’t profess Christianity knows that the basics of Christianity is forgiveness. Rony Denis says, “You know me to be that way?” This man is a known false prophet and produces severely deformed fruit in the adherents of his religion where holding a grudge is the norm.

  5. Rony’s example of forgiveness is; I don’t forgive and I don’t forget! Wow! Sounds like a fake Christian. That is so bad that they are following a man that won’t forgive and the Bible says God won’t forgive you if you don’t forgive others, that shows you where he is going with sins unforgiven. And they are all following him into the pit of hell😱😱 with the Bible in front of them!

  6. I don’t recall Rev. Rony teaching about forgiveness either. I do remember him severally rebuking Brother Benroth for asking about being bitter against Ntcc one time when Denis was ranting about Ntcc, even though he is doing the same thing.

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