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For There Shall Arise False Christ…..

Jesus warned us of this hour!

This is what Rony Denis wants but we have seen through his lies and deception!


I’m sorry, but I am not opening my door to this guy! If I did it wouldn’t be good for him!

Tell Jimmy I’m not coming!

12 thoughts on “For There Shall Arise False Christ…..

  1. Well that little weasel, he ain’t all that and a bag of chips! I remember him from NTCC walking around like a little Moses 😂😂😂, a real legend in his own mind. Just walk up to him and tell him you’re out of his little circus and walk away, trust me, you can make it out here, I am still preaching and serving God and I left in 1990,s.

  2. Yes, I remember Denis saying that God was amazed that He made him, and that God was amazed that he could finish God’s sentences. I wonder if he will finish God’s sentence when he says, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work……..”

  3. I remember one service, the choir was singing the song: “If you love my Jesus, let me see your hands. If you love my Jesus, take a stand.” Denis told everyone not to sing that song anymore.

  4. You need to escape from this false Christ! At one time he said that he was Elijah and then he said that he can clear you of your sins! Only God can do that. This man is delusional at best. Run for your life and your children’s lives.

  5. Exactly and the service when he was singing “Angels bow before him, Heaven and Earth adore him” he screamed at all the preachers and pastors to bow!! And all over the building everyone began to bow, and he was the only stupid person standing up! He was setting an example everyone is to bow and not him 🤔
    Then he preceded to sing “Proud people bow before him” and he had the nerve to still be standing, he definitely setting the tone for man worship and we were foolish to even follow this.

  6. I have heard this man say that he can change the scriptures! He is definitely purporting himself to be some type of messiah. He liked to have his choir sing, “Messiah Cometh”, but he no doubt was singing about himself in his next scheme. I am glad I left, just like the North Korean defector.

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