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Rony Denis always has a way of explaining why he acts the way he does, and treats people in the most abusive matter. He would always say ” it’s good for people not to have money, because all they do is waist it. “. It’s good for people to have bad credit because it stops them from making bills”. Or ” I’m the only one who God can trust with money”. This is why he can’t get saved, every place has done something wrong to someone, he gives himself an excuse of why it was OK to wrong someone. He once told me that one of the reasons he took up so much of my time is because if he didn’t I would use it to goof off. Notice the reasoning of a guilty conscience? He never will ever address if it’s wrong to take people’s money, ruin their credit, or make a slave out of them, but he will always say ” I did it because”. For this reason he has a seared conscience. Even as he reads this he is fuming mad, because no matter how much his victims paint a picture of how bad he treated them, he will never ever take it as a matter of prayer to examine himself before God. He will always retaliate in his mind and make an excuse. Rony Denis, before God, I served you with the best of my ability for the greater part of 10 years. Many times you had me in great fear, and many tears. You used me, and hurt me. But I forgive you, and am sorry that I could never bring you the happiness I was so naive to think that I could. I forgive you because I have a heaven to go to, and where I am going you cannot follow. I forgive you, even though you promised me that you would never forgive me. I forgive you for becoming the monster you thought you could save us from. I forgive you even now as you tell lies about me to cover your sin like David of old. Sir I love you and forgive you because everything you have done to me isn’t worthy to be compared to the glory that is set before me, and it’s not worthy to be compared to the looking to of a fiery indignation that is set before you.
I forgive you sir.

Brother J.M. Rodriguez

7 thoughts on “A DIVINE REBUKE!

  1. I forgive Rony Denis. Now, can the police hurry up and say, “Mr. Denis you are under arrest!” Maybe he will try to resist the police.

    1. Yes, how is this man not been arrested yet with all the written evidence provided by this forum, his fraudulent real estate business exposed and under off limits lists on several military installations, and the information provided to the Press?

  2. Denis- why did you use poor Sis Bulger to lie and twist half truths about sister Janessa Wright?!!!. She loves that girl like her own daughter. And you know the real reason Janessa left… but you won’t tell your congregation the truth. You’re just like your father- a liar & a deciever, and you despise everything GOOD. No worries- You’re time is short. Sister Janessa- if you ever read this – PRAY through this, like never before. God’s got you- HE WILL FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH. WITH GOD YOU ARE ALWAYS THE MAJORITY. Keep serving God. He has saved you for such a time as this!! Forgive Rony- he’s went CRAZY.

  3. I’ve been keeping up with this blog and what I’ve read is at the height of mentally disturbing and that’s putting it mildly. Aside from this blog being created which was an excellent idea to educate and expose fraudulent activity and cultic practices I would suggest that you guys create a financual support network as a safe haven for those who want to leave but are afraid and/or have no financial means to do so, publicize it online and/or present it to your local communities and you would be surprised at the overwhelming support you get from doing this, people who are informed of these type of things going on are usually moved with compassion to want to help, take your stories to the media, it will surely aide in adding validity to your cause. My Prayer is that the truth continues to spread like wild fire so that others can be saved from that impeccable madness In Jesus Name I pray Amen

    Who can stand before him or against him, absolutely no one!!!

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