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13 thoughts on “Why Do Wicked Men Like Rony Denis Triumph???

  1. What did the long time members of Hopcc learn? No TV, no internet, no movies, no sports, no love, no forgiveness, no voice, no freedom, and no Jesus! I am glad I left. Can you imagine being in an elitist “holiness” group and all you learned were some standards but your heart was never converted! That’s Pretty Serious!

  2. its been a blessing that people are speaking out against the lies of the cult House of Prayer, where people are realizing that there is life outside of the cult. Freedom not to sin but to truly have an experience in God, learning to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost. Answering the call and sending out the light of the glorious truth of Gods great grace! Thank God

    1. Send the light 💡 🔥 the blessed gospel light, let shine from shore to shore! Let people see 👁 👀 your good works, obedience to God, By letting your light shine that they may glorify God Almighty!

  3. In house of prayer people learned how to play church and espoused things to others that they really didn’t believe in. Now, that they are out of house of prayer it shouldn’t surprise you that people are revealing who they really are, whether it be Christian or not.

  4. Don’t be scared of Denis when he threatens you not to talk to the Rodriguez’ or the Yorkes or be associated with this website. If you do you are allowing him to still control your life. When you leave he is going to lump you with them anyway.

  5. Rony Denis and his propaganda ministers had a knack for causing people to think that they were “on fire” for God. People jumped through hoops that you thought was for God but in reality it was for man and the praise of man just like the Pharisees. When you remove the man and the cult system the same so-called “on fire” people are on ice because, if their honest they would have to admit that all their zeal was ill motivated. But, if you are sincere you can seek and will find, you can knock and it will be open, and you can ask and it shall be given. You can actually come to Jesus instead of coming to Denis. You can have a personal relationship with God if you desire one. If you get one you will treat people differently. You will treat your spouse differently. You will love different. You actually would love people especially those of the household of faith. If you allow God to transform your heart you will let go of the bitterness that you have carried for years which affects every area of your life. These are things people held on to in the cult where fake standards were the priority over clean hands and a pure heart. Instead of making an excuse to continue in your sins your attitude would be like that of Jesus who told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more or to go and live for God, don’t get caught up in that lifestyle anymore. Don’t go backwards, back to your lifestyle of promiscuity, but to move on to a life of virtuous victory! Why leave house of prayer and go back to what you were before? Life for God is so much better!

    Jesus is the perfect balance of grace and truth. John 1:14

  6. I am sooo glad I left that place to continue on for Jesus without all that wicked drama in Hopcc. There was so much contention and confusion in that place as well as competition. People trying to be like you or out do you, it was nauseating! People doing all kinds of things to be recognized by Denis who if they didn’t have anything to offer him couldn’t care less about.

  7. I am so glad I left Hopcc. That place was filled with so many fake people. Fake friends, fake prayers, fake standards, and fake period. I’ll gladly call Denis out! He is a phony.

  8. I’v heard Rony Denis say that if you go against him that angels will fight against you. Maybe he was talking about the fallen angels, but God has been truly good since I have spoken up about the wickedness of Rony Denis and Hopcc.

  9. Paul informed us that Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light and that it is no great thing for his ministers to be transformed as ministers of righteousness! The Devil doesn’t come as a big bad boogie man but as a preacher of righteousness. He appears to have great zeal for God working miracles but Jesus will say to them I NEVER knew you! God does not endorse the wickedness of such people like Rony Denis who claimed that all he needed to do was say, “fried chicken”, and God would move. What God does endorse is his word. A wicked man masquerading as a preacher like Denis can speak something from the Bible and it be true and someone whose heart is sincere before God can receive it and God can move in their heart through the truth spoken endorsing His word not the hypocrite who spoke it.

  10. That is pretty deep, unfortunately it’s so true. And if you do say something you get criticized for it. Amazing! And Denis keeps rolling on abusing others along his merry wicked way.

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