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Jim “Crow” Denis Must Go!!!

Isn’t it time to claim your freedom in Christ! Whom the Son has set free is free indeed! God’s will for you is not to be in slavery serving a cruel taskmaster, whether it be Rony Denis or anyone else. Denis’ Jim Crow laws are destroying you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Jesus is the Bishop of the Christian’s soul not Rony Denis.

If you are going to be a slave be one unto God, a slave of Christ Jesus, not Rony Denis. Denis leaves deep wounds and emotional scars by his destruction of people’s lives.

Denis has a way of oppressing people and keeping them depressed and down trodden.

For Mike Patterson to not be wearing his suit with his white shirt and tie to service must mean that he must be dwelling in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Thanks be to God for the Underground Railroad out of the slave plantation of Hopcc!

Escape to freedom in Christ! If He can deliver you from a sinful, selfish lifestyle then He can deliver you from the slave master Ron Denis!

Trust me, I have sat where you sat. It is so much better to be a Christian and not enslaved  to the lust of the flesh. I promise you, life for God is zillions of times better outside of the Hopcc cult! No, they are wrong. God does not love it when His children feel like they are going to hell. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, which is different than being in Hopcc. The truth is God loves it, and heaven rejoices when His children are looking forward to heaven because He has set them free!

9 thoughts on “Jim “Crow” Denis Must Go!!!

  1. Cults like these use a little truth to bait you in, but once you’re in they switch it on you and start lacing the truth with error. Some who escape get disenfranchised with it all and throw the baby out with the bath water so-to-speak. But, did you know that the Spirit of God, if you allow Him to, can lead you into all truth? The Bible is truth! Don’t throw the Bible away.

  2. When I left NTCC, I sincerely prayed and waited on God and He led me to a good Bible believing church. He will do it for you to but you got to see these charlatans for what they are and be willing to put God first and above these people.

    1. Yes, Denis and his following are true charlatans. There’s nothing wrong with identifying false prophets. Jesus said that you will know them by the fruit that they bear, lies, hypocrisy, etc.

  3. The Truth is enough to set you free! You don’t have to to drift away from Christ. This time you can have a personal relationship with Christ.

  4. You definitely don’t want to leave and head straight into sin like what one person testified about what happened to many in Denis’ Woodbrook church. The key is to stay humble and not be a fault finder. God is real. Just because Hopcc are filled with actors it doesn’t mean everyone who claims Christ are playing games. You can hold on to the Bible and what God has given you. Everyone has not bowed their knees to Baal. You can allow real love to grow in your heart. Humility can be real instead of something that was begrudgingly done in Hopcc. Your attitude doesn’t have to be, if you leave, that I’m not in Hopcc anymore so I’m going to just act out and I don’t care what anyone thinks and so-on. But, what you could do is love God and receive His Spirit and grace. You’ll be able to love others and do what God wants you to do instead of what Denis wants you to do. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life and FEW there be that find it. We still have a responsibility to let our light shine! You can do it, for we can do all things through Christ who gives us the strength to do it.

  5. Yes get off the Denis Plantation! The people there are so miserable and they think they are doing it for Christ! It is true slavery you all are being controlled by the Cruel taskmaster denis!

  6. Freedom is a blessing! I live for God because I love Him, and that’ only because He first loved me! It doesn’t get any better than that! Jimmy doesn’t have that kind of love.

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