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9 thoughts on “Why Do People Join Cults?

  1. Have you ever thought about what church means? Most may say that it means an assembly. But, the Greek word that is translated into church is ekklesia. That word means basically the called out ones or called out from. Those who are in the church in it’s truest sense are those who have been called out from the evil of the world into the government or kingdom of God! So, are you just an assembly person or are you called out from something?

  2. Isn’t it amazing how in cults people will follow a strict set of rules that’s not even in the Bible, but disobey what really is in the Bible? It’s easy for the flesh and the ego to follow man made religious rules because it’s all hypocrisy anyway, just like the Pharisees. In order to follow God’s Word requires only one thing, you must be born again!

    1. Yeah, that’s true. People like Virgo has preached against text messaging and wearing jeans, but he says that he would “respectfully” disagree with God if God said that Denis was not a man of God or basically that Denis was not right with God. Think about that, this “preacher” said that he would disagree with God Almighty, putting Denis before God! He just denied the Lord making Denis his God!

  3. Why would someone bow down to the God In Jimmy when even the apostles would not allow this. Plus God lives in every believer. If the God in him is different, then it’s something else. The worst part is people will be held accountable before God for committing idolatry. They can’t tell God the were just being obedient. Jimmy is the Golden calf.

  4. Oh more information to help on the website. This website is a blessing has helped me and I am sure its helping others. Keep up the labors of love where all are a part no big I and little you. But members of one body working together for the common cause of the gospel. Thank you everyone!!!

  5. I think 🤔 some people’s eyes 👀 are finally opening! Good job to everyone for doing your part in tearing this evil down!

  6. Wow! Yes, Denis is definitely a charismatic cult leader. This man literally has people bowing down to him! (They say that they are actually bowing to the god in him) We know that they are actually bowing down to the demons in him. All they do is teach obedience to the “man of god”, who is Rony Denis, even if he contradicts the scriptures! The one thing I never get tired of saying is: I AM GLAD I LEFT!!!😀😀🤩😉😂👍🏽🙌🏽👏🏽☝🏽🤪😜
    Kiss 😘 that Jimmy goodbye!!!

  7. This is a very informative video that describes how the “Rev.” Ron Denis and his Hop group operates. Sometimes it is hard for people to admit that they were in or are in a cult, but truth is still truth whether we like to admit it or not.

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