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EXCLUSIVE!!! What is Denis/Hopcc Teaching Your Children?!? Parents Beware!!!

The Wright family fled from Rony Denis (Pastor Denis) and his cult, Hopcc, and this is what their daughter was being taught by the head of this cult, Rony Denis!

Notice that it says, “When you call Pastor a liar his heart is against you”! This is taught because Rony Denis, the pastor, is a liar 🤥! His fear tactic, especially for children, is that he will turn against you.

Notice again how Rony Denis, the lying pastor, is teaching these children that he KNOWS everything about them! Only God knows everything about us! What is Denis doing to your child’s mind?

Lastly, when he says leave it alone( i.e. the apparent wickedness that he is involved in) then leave it alone. Thank God the Wright family saved their children from this wickedness by leaving Rony Denis/ Hopcc alone!


This audio clip is taken from the Rony Denis/ Hopcc radio propaganda program. It is Bootzin and the little child is Ezra, Arlen Bradeen’s grandson. Please pray for these children and for these parents to wake up!

  “Pastor” Rony Denis- “I am Deity”

16 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE!!! What is Denis/Hopcc Teaching Your Children?!? Parents Beware!!!

  1. The focus of Hopcc is obedience to the so-called man of god (lowercase because we are referring to Rony Denis) instead of God! We are to obey God! Not a self appointed false apostle who says that he can change the scriptures! A man who divorces people instead of marrying them, and If he does marry them it’s according to his design not the will of God. I have heard too many testimonies of people saying that they didn’t even want to marry the person that Denis married them to! The solution to all of Denis’ evil influence is to be in love 😍 with JESUS! You will then be able to love others including yourself. You will love even Denis and his victims in his cult. You will love 💗 them so much that you would want to see them set free from Denis, their idol, so that they will taste of JESUS like you have and see that He is soooo good! You would love 💕 Rony Denis and his insiders so much that you would like them to go to jail and think about their wickedness and hopefully repent and get saved! If Jimmy gets saved maybe he will return the money 💵 he stole from us like Zacheus did. That might be a stretch for him, Zacheus wasn’t as bad as Denis.

  2. Do you see where he is deceiving them by saying give all glory to God? We are not supposed to glorify God over your evil! But we are glorifying God over you being exposed! 😀

  3. WOW….. this is so sad 😢 So apparently drawing
    defiles your Brain this the dumbest thing I’ve heard smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ But I bet Mariah has a whole room full of art supplies and games, cartoon character books. Didn’t she have a Disney princess bounce house at her bday party? YUP sure did!! And Sydney’s room when she was younger was Disney princesses. everything in her room was Disney I mean EVERYTHING!! IAM FOREVER THANKFUL TO GOD THAT I DIDNT HAVE CHILDREN IN HOPCC🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 GOD is so GOOD to me.

  4. Denis doesn’t want to be called a liar because he hates the truth because he loves darkness because his deeds are evil

  5. Arlen Bradeen’s grandson? No! Is this the same Arlen Bradeen who hunted down bears in Washington state? You mean to tell me that he is standing by as his family is worshipping the “Haitian Sensation” Ron Denis?

  6. Denis sucks!!!! I remember when he said that Hillary Clinton was going to be President. 🤣 GOOD JOB “MAN OF GOD” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Couldn’t even get that right!!!!👎🏽🤦🏽‍♂️ AND HE CLAIMS TO BE LIKE MJ🏀 LOL

    1. Yeah, I remember when he said that about Hillary Clinton too! But when she lost all they said was, God changed his mind! What! I’m sorry but if you want to be stupid then that’s your fault!

  7. Tony Oloans, Jeff Derby, and whoever else Denis has reading this site has to be so hard hearted that no convictions are able to penetrate it. The Bible prophesied of people like this in the last days! Were these men EVER saved? There’s no way Denis could have been. These men have seen the evidence of Denis’ wickedness and they bow 🙇‍♀️ down 🙇 and continually worship the guy! Unbelievable!

  8. Rony Denis says, correction cleans you up, but no one can correct him. So, does this mean that he is filthy? I am so glad that he didn’t trap my son in his garbage, if so, it would not have been good for him or Robertson. I promise you.

    How is it that he says if you call him a liar? He obviously is one, that’s why he is teaching the children not to call him one. Can you imagine what they are being taught now? The so-called “man of God” is a superhero or a Santa 🎅 Claus 🤶 over there. It’s more like a super villain or a Grinch! 👹🧟‍♂️

    You really stepped in it 💩this time Jimmy!🤠remember my 🎩 I still have it.🤠 But I don’t where it as much, I just thought you would like an update, oh…. I forgot you already know everything…..(But I don’t think you know what’s coming next)
    Bro. Yorke

  9. That is so sad! I’m glad I got my children out of there, you don’t realize the corruptness when you are there, and the affect it has on your child’s mind . My son the other day told me, that when he was there he thought Denis was like God! 😱
    Omg! That is terrible! These kids actually believe that denis is diety, that is so against the Bible. He constantly brainwashes these kids.

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