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Voice Of Redundancy Is At It Again!!!

Just when you think the broken record would be removed and another song would be played, Rony Denis and Hopcc are still whining about the same ole trash!

Listen to Bootzin on a rampage!

Really Bootzin?!? Then why does Denis, your pastor, have his goons all over Facebook stalking everyone printing thousands of pictures wasting all kinds of money?!?


Next, listen to the manipulation of the children and teenagers. The same ones would run for hills if the shackles were taken off!

Have you ever heard of Marjoe Gortner?

The great FAKE child preacher from the past! Remember “Jimmy” Denis  is the master of FRAUD!

Next, we have Joshua Markow, the man Denis is using to “reach” the Jews oddly without Jesus! That’s not how Paul, Apollos, and Peter did it. They preached Jesus to the Jews showing them that the Old Testament pointed to Jesus. So, what is Denis and Markow doing? It’ like the Pharisees preaching to the Jews.

Listen to the self-righteous rant about Facebook again and again and again!

Did you hear him talking about preachers being proud by displaying their pictures? Well, look at this!

Is that Markow in this “dreaded” picture? Is he proud? Is he a hypocrite? Could he possibly be both?

7 thoughts on “Voice Of Redundancy Is At It Again!!!

  1. How come they bring these ministers out trashing the others who left but they never said this stuff before when they were a part of this church? Seems a little shady to me.🤔

  2. They are always condemning, downing, bashing. and never lifting up the eyes of the people of the good news of the gospel they are suppose to be preaching. The gospel of HOPCC is a message of gloom and doom bringing about despair and hopelessness. I also know I was there.

    However the word of God declares How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tiding of good things!

  3. We were never called to preach about what we are against. We were called to preach Jesus. These people are poisoned by the pride they they are preaching against. They are blind, but because they say they are not blind thier sin remains. The old testament was thier to show man is lost without a savior. That’s why the priest, and the prophets were to preach against sin, because God was proving that even the strictest sect could not keep the law. The new testament doesn’t teach preaching against sin, it always commanded us to preach Christ. If we get Christ into people, he will do what the preaching against sin ( the law) could not. These people are preaching a religion that’s passed and been fulfilled by Christ. Having Christ is the only way to keep the law. If any think to keep it out Thier own merit, if they do much as have one bad thought, they are guilty of the whole law. Are thier any in HOPCC that never have any type of sin? Or are they like those who James wrote about, telling people not to do certain sins, when they have sin themselves? By the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified. These are those that will proclaim what great “works” they have done for Jesus, and yet be not recognized by Christ for them. Only Christ’s works count.

  4. Rony, signs & wonders, Denis and his crack-pot radio crew are so hilarious 😆, it’s good comedy because we know these guys. However, it’s also a tragedy because we know these guys!

  5. Joshua Markow, you are the biggest hypocrite:
    How come your pastor is full of all these things and all this junk?
    How come you guys know so much about what’s on the internet?
    How come everybody else picture is “Proud” but yours is not?
    How come is everybody is so proud, except for your pastor?
    Maybe you should do a show and answer why your church is so full of hypocrisy?
    Why is the divorce rate in your church higher than those that are in the world?? 🤔🤔 just something for you to Preach about next week Try sweeping around your own front door, before sweeping everyone else’s .

  6. Omg! Bootzin you sound so angry stop yelling at the people. And please get a better script writter for the kids, because it sounds pathetic. You make yourself sound more like the cult that you already are.

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