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The Hypocrisy Of Hopcc And Facebook 2!!!

They preach against having a Facebook account but they have it themselves! There are even people in Denis’ cult who have an anonymous Facebook page for fear of Jimmy finding out.

4 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of Hopcc And Facebook 2!!!

  1. A member is prohibited from speaking to a former member but whenever I run into her father-in-law in public, he always speaks to me with a positive response. I believe he wants out too. Prayers going out to them.

  2. To those wanting out:

    We are prayingfor you! You are Strong! You are Loved! You have God on your side! Do not fear for their are people on the outside waiting to help you. I understand not wanting to leave a spouse but your salvation depends on you, not Rony Denis, Not your husband or your wife and kids. God will work through you for spouse. To receive Gods gifts you only need to reach out your hands. He is waiting for you to reach out. Have faith that your love for God is real and he will not let you fall. A mother’s love is never ending. And Gods love is 10 fold that.
    You have been taught to believe in God. Now is the time to show you BELIEVE! You are a pawn in an evil game. Walk off the board. Show the evil you are no longer under his control! God is Waiting!

  3. People deep within want out, they are realizing the need for the truth of what is really going on. All the prayers and labors are not in vain. Yet they feel trapped because they do not know how their spouse will respond because Rony Denis has caused a division between husband and wife. Lets keep praying!!!!!

    1. This is true, they want out of Denis’ trap. He even had a service awhile back telling people to come up front if they ever thought about leaving that hell hole. A lot of people came to the front including Gerard Robertson’s wife, Pamela Robertson. If they were honest the whole congregation would have came forward.
      Denis asked me if I ever thought about leaving before, and I told him yes, and not only did I think about it I did! He pleaded for me to come back at the time and apologized to my wife and I for his foolishness. But, he was acting like he never knew this when he was asking me these dumb questions on the phone. He then got upset at my wife saying that she never told him about the incident. Thank God my wife realized how ridiculous Denis was acting. So, his divide and conquer scheme didn’t work this time.
      I pray for those still trapped in Denis’ house of horrors to with God’s help find a way out before it is too late!

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