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HOPCC solicited JRods help to commit insurance fraud 1 month after he left.

I was going through my old emails today, and you wouldn’t believe what I found. Below you will see a screen shot of an email Oloans sent me over a month after I escaped the cult. I left on Sept. 1st, they trashed me and my family to the entire congregation, threatened me, said I was just a toilet paper runner, and really had a good time proclaiming my worthlessness to them. Then all of a sudden a hurricane was headed to Hinesville, and Rony Jimmy Jones Denis saw dollar signs for insurance claims they can make and pocket after the storm. Only one problem, the deductibles I put in place before I left made it hard for them to pocket money above repairs. I’m sure they were seeing dollar sings go out the window as the storm came closer, so they reached out to me to have me lower the deductibles on all of the properties before the storm hit. Now 1st, if you do this knowing their is a claim pending, that is insurance fraud.  2nd, I was already gone over a month, trashed, and supposedly cursed for leaving. What is the state of mind with this nut to think that he could trash me, then put me back to work, for free again after I had already been gone. To lower the deductible on 120-130 properties would be a full time job, and this is the kind of stuff he made me do all the time. SORRY PHARAOH, MAKE YOUR OWN BRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice he signed “ASO” which are the initials of Anthony Samrug Oloans. 

15 thoughts on “HOPCC solicited JRods help to commit insurance fraud 1 month after he left.

  1. One thing that continually amazes me is how Gabe Rodriguez can throw his own blood brother under the bus like he did! I heard about the lies that he told from our insiders. Denis, you really don’t know what’s going on. But, Gabe has got to be the most selfish, conceited, scoundrel of all-time. He and his wife Linda left Hopcc at one time, now look at them telling lies about us and his own blood brother who saved his life! How low can you go?

    1. That’s Denis all the way turning one against another, husband against wife, wife against husband. Children against the parents, brother against sister, all in the so called name of TRUE HOLINESS. Using all he can do divide, seek, kill, and destroy……

  2. Omg…… he was being all nice talking about good evening John smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ Boy….. I tell you these people crack me up 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Sounds like Rony Denis all the way use you for all he can at the expense of your time, your health, your family, and your sanity. Just so that he can make some money. Thinking he can just do what ever he wants when ever he wants. But he is finding out that the word of God says ….. BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT! This website is truly a blessing

    1. The funny thing is, I was trying to really be a Christian, like many hoping they would change. Though I didn’t engage in any illegal activity with them, I did advise them on how to handle certain affairs in my absence. The record of heaven shows that I blessed those who despitefully used me. Even though I knew they were trashing me. So no one can point the finger at me and say I’m only going public because I’m bitter, I’m doing everything because it’s the right thing to do.

      1. Very well said…. Yes your being the grown up in this whole situation…. It’s just I have a sister that attends that attends that church and I’m really concerned for well being so when I see things like this it really upsets me how she can just not see how evil this whole thing is

  4. That shows how proud these people are. Trash you and ask for your help because they want money, with no apologies or anything. Truly pathetic!

  5. If only the church knew how much of a double standard they have on everything. The church isn’t allowed to even wave at an ex member in public or they will be cursed, but jimmy is allowed to make contact with what he considers his top enemy when feels like their is money involved. Rony jimmy jones Denis has lower standards than a prostitute. 💵🙈. What ever happened to Jimmy saying “ I don’t negotiate with terrorists”? That’s just him talking smack to sound tuff, but that email proves a very different story for the man behind the curtain.

  6. Wow! These guys are truly all about the money! How low can they go! I am glad I left! All Denis cares about is money just like the rest of them. Disgusting!

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