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What Shall The End Be?!?!

What will the faithful kool-aid drinkers do when the Denis ship sinks?

Whether they want to accept it or not, this evil is going down! They have been lied to about the Denis ship causing them to believe that it is unsinkable, just like the Titanic!

You better worry about the lifeboats and get off the Denis ship because it’s going down. What will happen to those preachers over there who have invested their whole life into a fraud?

Yes, there is still good news for you too! You need to get saved and abandon Denis’ sinking ship. 

You do not have to obey the so-called “man of God” if he is really a devil!

What will older ministers like Bradeen, Robertson, and Virgo do? Will Robertson go back to flipping burgers 🍔 like he did in Arizona? Will Bradeen’s wife finally believe him about Denis? Will Virgo go back to insulating houses? Will they survive the sinking ship?

Whatever happens it won’t be pretty if you wait too long. Maybe Denis will do one of these:

Whatever you do, jump ship and head for the gospel ship that’ headed to heaven! Don’t go down with Denis, it’s not worth losing your soul over!

Rony Denis said that he wanted to turn up the heat in hell for the preachers who were going there!

These people went down with the Jim Jones ship, will you go down with the Rony Denis ship?

8 thoughts on “What Shall The End Be?!?!

  1. The sad thing about this cult is that they give people a false sense of security. When these people leave this cult they go into the world and leave God behind. Could it be that they didn’t have God anyway while they were in the cult? As long as they had Denis they thought they had God. I had a friend from years ago who welcomed me to the world when he found out that I left the cult, and he started questioning the validity of Jesus. I had to let him know that I was not going to the world and that I still believe in Jesus. I have never believed that one group of people are the only church right with God on the planet. Just because the one I was in turned out to be a cult doesn’t mean that all of them are cults. It’s not about being a weak/strong Christian, it’s just all about Jesus. I got done wrong by some crooked preachers but Jesus never did me wrong so why would I throw him away? Hopcc is wrong but the Bible isn’t wrong. You can still live for God without Denis telling you what’s right and wrong with your own convictions. You can still be led by God’s Spirit outside of Denis’ influence. You don’t have to agree with everyone else to be saved. Everyone else may not be right with what they are saying. But whatever you do serve God, the Bible is still right. It is still the word of God. It teaches that you must be born again. God gives you a new heart ❤️! A new heart affects every area of your life. You will find that His commandments are not grievous and that you can live a victorious life for Jesus having crucified the deeds of the flesh by the power of God. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

  2. The human mind is truly amazing. The heart of an individual is amazing as well. Rony Denis has successfully manipulated the weak minds the older/former Ntcc “ministers” of Hopcc. He has also, with the devil’s help, thoroughly corrupted their heart.
    These men have and will continue to LIE for Rony Denis, damning their soul to hell. All to please a man who cares nothing for them. Denis is no different than any false prophet of the past. The Bible exposes him perfectly. These “preachers” of Hopcc are walking around carrying Bibles that don’t even believe.
    I sat with these men and WE ALL heard the false prophet, Ron Denis, try to convince us that he had inside knowledge of the exact time that Jesus was to return for the church. Denis said that he had “tangible proof”. No one openly challenged him on this unbiblical claim. I listened a little to a Bible Study in the Sound Cloud/ audio files section of this site titled, “False Prophets”. In that Bible Study, we were still in Hopcc at the time, we exposed to the congregation the hypocrisy of Hopcc. (It’s a miracle no one there called Hinesville to turn me in for exposing Denis with truth) I said to them that we would laugh and make fun of people claiming to know and set a date on the Lord’s return, but what if someone in your church did the same thing ( which they all knew Denis did) what would you do? The response was silence, and that is what I told them, silence would be their response. What cowardly hypocrisy runs through Hopcc!
    Such is the character of the former Ntcc ministers of Hopcc. They are pure cowards, I have no respect for any of them. They can lie and trash me all they want in Hinesville for their god, Rony Denis, but I dare any of these cowards to speak that trash to my face or even dare to call me speaking that foolishness! My phone number is still the same. They are the cowards who changed their number. I incorrectly heard that Schmidtke called me a false teacher, so I called him right away, when he answered he denied saying that he said that. I guarantee you Denis has him lying now and that his phone number has changed.
    Think about it, they have what they call the truth but they can’t tell you about it. I called Virgo and left a message on his phone. He never called back because he just like the others are afraid of the truth. Rev. King actually talked to Virgo, who told Rev. King that he couldn’t talk, and then got off the phone. He sure could run his mouth at other times. He sure could talk when he stood up and interrupted the service in Graham when Rev. Kekel was preaching. Why can’t he talk now? Is it because he is a coward?
    I talked to Bradeen not to long ago on the Prayer Request phone line. All Bradeen could tell me is, “Ok Yorke, you just need to hang it up”, and then he hung up. When I saw Bradeen face to face he had nothing to say except, “Yorke, what are you doing?” When I asked him about desiring his daughter sexually, something Denis accused him of, his response was, “I don’t know how to answer that.” What in the world is wrong with these people? I don’t believe Bradeen was lusting after Jennifer, his daughter, but he wanted to protect Denis’ lies even the ones against him. Now Denis is saying that Bradeen is gay! Would you know how to answer that question Bradeen, if someone asked you if you were/are gay?
    Denis had coaxed Rev. Figueroa into making audio recordings trashing us. We knew that it was Denis all along and that Rev. Figueroa was just being used by Denis to make the recordings to sound as vile as possible. Rev. Figueroa has since left and admitted what we were saying all along was and is TRUE! Denis is a straight up LIAR!
    One of the biggest cowards over there is Gerard Robertson. He was probably the kid who got picked on and beat up a lot growing up and kissed up to the bullies. What kind of man is he? When I saw him face to face all he could say was, “You didn’t do this to Rev. Davis”, and “Nice purple shirt.” And then they get on their crack-pot radio program saying purple shirts are gay. What did Denis do to make Robertson into such a snake like Sister Gladys called him?
    That’s okay, I feel like their time is coming soon! Happy Veterans Day!

    Brother Yorke

  3. I listened to the snippet of forced/fake conversation between the child and the phony/insincere preacher(?). Why would he ask the kid about cartoons, knowing the kid would give those coached answers? It’s a put on. A script. Almost like actors acting out a scene from a movie.
    And the part about obedience to the “man of God”, was just too much. They received a miracle for giving Elijah something to eat. That is how they knew that Elijah was a man of God. So if you are in hopcc and obeying the “man of God”, and all you are getting is confusion, turmoil, hatred, gossip, lies, no peace, bad attitude, discord, corruption, families being broken up, perhaps it is time to ask yourself if you are obeying a “man of God” or just a man who has his own interests at heart. (Not God’s interest or the congregations interest.)
    So are you supposed to obey a “man of God” if he tells you to DO, SAY, or BELIEVE something that is either not in the Bible or against the Bible?

    I am now addressing the ministers on this blog who have left ntcc and hop. WHERE DO MEMBERS OF A CHURCH DRAW THE LINE?
    Obedience to the man of God is drilled into you in these two churches. Seemingly, more so than obedience to the Scriptures or God. While there are scriptures to apparently support this, look what happens when it is taken to the extreme. All manner of threats of no blessings, estrangement from God, God not answering your prayers or even loss of salvation are hinted at or outright preached at you when you dare not “obey the man of God”. Maybe people who have left these two churches (and those who are still in) are in need of much clarification.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. @GoneGirl

      The radio recording is the epitome of Rony Denis/Hopcc, fake! As far as obeying a man of God, the New Testament teaches us that Christians are all men and women of God. However, we all have different functions in the body of Christ. Hopcc believes that you are to obey “the” man of God no matter what! This is not biblical. Each Christian is to be led by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit Of God. We are instructed to try the spirits of individuals because not everyone is of God. There is order in the church with those in authority but every believer by God’s grace has the liberty to discern what is abuse or lording over God’s people or what is in accordance to God’s Word. The Berean’s didn’t just take Paul’s word but researched for themselves and was considered noble for it. It’s hard for most to admit it but we didn’t have to allow Denis and his abusers to do what they did. The Bible says let the prophet speak and let the others judge. You will be surprised of how many people have been ignorant of that verse of scripture and how many times the Spirit Of God was warning us and we didn’t take heed. I certainly understand how people can be taken advantage of because of various reasons. Some people however are motivated by something different than knowing Jesus, who is truth, and is satisfied with Denis. The preacher is supposed to be giving truth from the Bible, that’s what we are to obey, not lies!

      Hope this helps- God Bless!
      Ray Yorke

  4. I’m glad we got off that sinking ship! Those people are in denial, there is water pouring all inside and they are still trying to convince the people that the ship is not sinking, that’s Robertson, trying to convince the church people that the church is not sinking.

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