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The Hypocrisy Of Hopcc And Facebook!!!

Look at “Jael”, can you believe this? Now look at her here:


The happy flower 🌸 is representing Hopcc all the way even to the point of sticking her finger in her mouth 👄, “holiness” style of course.

Notice her comments on her Facebook page:

I was wearing jeans-thank God!”  And “pulled up my pant leg” Ladies and Gentlemen do these people really believe in what they have been peddling for all of these years? Apparently Amy (Jael) Nostrant left the church when Jimmy (Denis) said that he knew when the rapture was to take place, but they eventually conned her into coming back. After all she is the one with the money!

The husband, Dennis Nostrant, the back room bookkeeper for the cult.

13 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of Hopcc And Facebook!!!

  1. Amy wasn’t playing! That short time she was already in her “Jeans!!” And a short time later, back in her HOPCC skirts! That is so hilarious that shows you how fake all that stuff is. Just following a bunch of rules and rituals!

  2. Amy in her jeans 👖 pants! I sure hope they fit right. Denis and his Hopcc crew taught some weird stuff when I was in. My little girl couldn’t wear shorts under her skirt because the shorts (short pants) were a man’s garment. I would think little girls running around playing would be more modest with shorts or something like that under their skirts, but according to Denis and Hopcc it was ungodly. Even the newborn baby girls are not allowed to wear the sleepers, they have to be little gowns. Is that really holiness? It seems kinda ignorant to be.

  3. I believe as time continues we will find out more and more about all that is really going on in HOPCC. As they say just give it time and God and the true colors we will see.

  4. I got supper aggressive and obsessed with having others follow God. I even got in trouble for being so aggressive for other to follow God. I wanted everyone to know God. I got real messed up after I got to know God through House of prayer. I could not live a normal life.i wish it would have been different for me. I knew right of the bat when I first got saved that something wasn’t right, I loved God so much but something didn’t add up in the way that some things were or were said, I left soon after I got out the military. And because of them my Christian life was and became a mess for me. I was already saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit,listening to God but I was a brand new Christian. I had to deal with a lot of stuff, I wanted to almost force church to others when it’s really not like, I learned all this from House of prayer. I had struggle all on my own. What happened their is not right and the worst of it is that of all things we are failing in God. One person I know that is a blessing and love brother Martale kaymore and that’s why I’m looking for him

      1. Martale is still in bro. How do you know him? I was with him in San Diego. He probably won’t respond to social media or even an e-mail. Your best bet is to call him directly. I would ask for his number from the ones still in if I were you (if you really need to get a hold of him). Tell them you need some help with things and he is the only one you trust right now.

        Also, another person won’t get you closer to God. The only person to do that is Jesus. Trust in Him, and patiently wait for what you ought to do next. I felt the same way leaving that church because I devoted so much of my life into it, and I can only say, so did you. However, when I left, what solidified my belief in the right direction was back home in Chicago. I remember I prayed for an old friend who did not have a close relationship with God, and since that day, he’s grown closer each day. If I wasn’t there for him at that moment, he probably would not have been saved.

        It’s not up to us to baby feed the newly saved Christian because that is the Holy Spirit’s job. We direct what they see visible, and the invisible is left up to the Holy Spirit. We can’t control their lives. Remember what the Word says, “One plants and another waters and God gives the increase” (Corinthians 3:6)

          1. I lost his number a couple years ago. They don’t consider you a brother if you are not in that church. I went to visit them, just visit and say hi-after service Tommy Price tells me he needs to talk to me and says I have to leave because I have my own ideological ideas. So I did and never came back.

            What about the prodigal son who returned to his father and his father forgave him of all his sins. It was the brother that got upset. Price had that exact spirit of the brother in the Prodigal Son.

            Actions speak louder than words. I don’t trust any of them with my life. (Like they do)

            Jesus is the only way.

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