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The “Evil” Moving Pictures And Rony Denis!!!

One of Rony Denis’ propaganda tools in the beginning of his split was to accuse Ntcc of the unforgivable great sin of compromise, by saying that it is ok to watch the evil moving pictures.  Rony said that in the earlier Bible School Handbook of Ntcc it stated that moving pictures were not to be viewed.  Rony Denis claims that this statement was removed because of the seeds of “compromise”. Many people would agree to the evils of television and media in general as with many things, but Rony Denis and Hopcc has not only restricted its members and ministers from partaking in any from of TV watching they have gone as far as making this a requirement of salvation!

Here are some literature from Rony Denis’ Hopcc on this subject:

If you choose to eliminate television from your life because you find it too time consuming or you are just not interested in what is on it that is great, but can you tell someone that they are on their way to hell if they have one? There are some people who may watch particular DVDs instead of regular television programs, Rony Denis and Hopcc would say that was wrong as well.  There have been people who have  lost good jobs in Hopcc because of being told to not watch mandatory videos pertaining to the job.  One young lady refused to watch the WIC and hospital videos concerning the care of her newborn.  The opportunity for prison ministry was lost because there was a requirement to watch some safety videos, but the Hopcc ministers turned this down because it would “comprise” their standards of “holiness”.

Listen to their radio program on this subject:

The man they interviewed is correct. Notice he said that there was “unholy stuff” on the radio as well! But Rony Denis and Hopcc are on the radio! Should we stop reading the newspapers as well? Is the internet only used for pornography?  Is that why you have Facebook, to look up your old boyfriends or girlfriends?

The fact is if you want wickedness you are going  to go after it no matter what, whether it be entertaining or otherwise. If you want God, the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can guide you without the hypocrisy of Rony Denis/Hopcc and their moving pictures mantra.

16 thoughts on “The “Evil” Moving Pictures And Rony Denis!!!

  1. So, according to Jimmy and company, you are a sinnah (sinner) if you don’t do what they say, but they don’t do what God says.
    Can you say HYPOCRITES!

  2. However, I remember when the nursery was investigated by the city and they had to send women to get first aid and CPR certified at the local fire department. They had to watch videos!!!! And they did watch videos!!!! Tamara Escudero, Kobe Cooper, Ashley Ramos I think, and a few others went. I guess the rest of the sisters couldn’t go because Denis said they couldn’t handle it. But those ladies watched videos for the nursery permit or whatever it was. It’s funny how things become OK when Denis says the church needs it or the government requires it.. just like ladies “working on a job” at the day school. It’s OK because it’s the day school and that’s different …. SMH …

    1. @biggest HYPOCRITES
      That is so true, the only time women can work on a job is if it is for the church, I used to think that was so strange. What is the difference between spending 8 hrs at the church rather than 8 hrs at a job? Your still not actually in your home. And the funny thing is there were some husbands that would complain that their houses were dirty, but it never occurred to the church to have the women stay home, but you place this same women in another scenario and she is working on a job, they would be calling her out, for not being in her so called “rightful” place. A bunch of hypocrisy.

      1. As long as you’re working for Denis, cleaning his house for hours, and not having your own house in order,laden with marital problems because of Denis, then that’s ok. And don’t forget, all for free too!

  3. I remember when we were in HOP my son was taking trumpet lessons from a professional trumpet player at a music store, he told Gerard Roberton’s Son Josiah that he was taking lessons. And his response was: “ Why are you learning sinner music from a sinner? Yes so even classical music is “sinner music” these poor kids are so brainwashed they believe you don’t do ANYTHING outside of the church, because it’s all against the Bible. Perfect recipe for a cult, this child has already had been broken down and conditioned to believe everything outside of the church is for sinners. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. What a miserable life to live….. you can’t even enjoy simple things….. if you read the post that John Rodriguez put up you will see that it is obviously just the members that have to be small brained, because his daughter enjoys those so called sinful pleasures.

  5. It was so bad that Gerard Robertson said you couldn’t even video record on your phone! Because this was introducing your children to TV!! I guess you can’t even look at yourself because that wouldn’t be “Holy” enough either? 🤷🏽‍♀️ These people are so small-brained.

  6. The clowns in Hopcc are no different than any other kook. Their preacher claimed exclusive knowledge of the rapture, everyone knows it, and they live in denial about it.

  7. What I have noticed is that the people with ultra standards and are always flaunting them are themselves involved in things they shouldn’t be, plus many times they are just putting on a front.

  8. One time I heard Denis say that years ago he was watching Swaggart on tv and the message caused a tear to come down his cheek.

  9. I remember how Denis was getting on Bradeen because in the early days of Hopcc Derby had told on him for looking up at a television in a restaurant. What a joke!

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